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Langer revels in triumph but turns an eye towards The Oval

Coach Justin Langer talks through what securing the Ashes means and the difference between wins as a player and coach before turning attention towards a potential shift in the bowling group for the fifth Test and the pressure on the batters


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  1. Smith playing beautifully all series, best player in the world but JL and Tim don't get enough credit for what they got us out of last year. To come and retain the ashes in England means everything, enjoy it boys!

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  3. Plz media persons behave good he is a black belt holder in karate.

  4. Very softspoken and honest coach…beyond words…love from India..
    Ravi shastri must learn something from him

  5. After seeing the improvement of Steve Smith over the last few years, I am convinced Steve Smith will make a excellent coach when he has finished his career.

  6. What a coach. Get him working with the best u23 batters in Australia and watch their batting improve! Excellent man manager, good tactician, and a high quality technical coach.

  7. I don't see anyone replacing Justin Langer from coaching chair, maybe for an eternity!

  8. This is really a changed Australia..isnt it?

  9. Speaking as a England and Wales cricket supporter. Justin langer has an honesty and he’s very humble.

  10. What a soft spoken guy…he belies everything u think bout the aussie culture… KUDOS TO U!!!… U DESERVE THIS!!!

  11. Who will be openers in next match langer?? Anyone ask him..

  12. Steve smith was the difference cummins and hazelwood were the best bowlers – maybe drop warner down the order next test , below starc and cummins as they have made more runs

  13. It's crazy how people are talking about Langer turning the team around from maybe a year ago. The difference here compared to the India series is that Smith is able to play. Without him Aus would be in the same position as before. England are also a really poor test match team nowadays and beating them should be expected imo. I still see so many flaws in this side and if Smith takes a dip in form the house will come tumbling down again. Aus need to look at the development of young batsmen or they will be left behind by India even more so than they are now. There is a huge gap between India and the rest of the nations at the moment. England who were thrashed by the West Indies are arguably at the bottom of the pack with SL and Bangladesh.

  14. This man is epitome of everything good about Australia and hope he is our coach for a very very long time and tbh that goes for paine aswell. Let smith just concentrate of becoming an absolute great.

  15. I love this man. He is the best.

  16. England started to trashtalk before the 4th test started. remember,It’s already the 5th test and he hasn’t got Steve Smith out

    There’s been a bit of talk that he’s got the wood over me, but he hasn’t actually got me out


  17. He may not be the best coach in cricket history but surely he’s one of the best if not the best. Thanks Langer!!! Good luck for the last test!!! ❤️

  18. Justin is a good coach & speaker.

  19. My favorite coach in cricket. This man was a legend as a player and is now becoming a legendary coach too. Love you JL.

  20. Justin Langer is such a brilliant media performer. His honesty and authenticity is beyond comparison.

  21. I am pretty much sure that the next match is gonna be a dead rubber pitch so that England doesn't loose

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