Saturday , July 31 2021
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Larry Kudlow: America is working

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow discusses the August jobs report and the latest on China trade negotiations. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Keep America working. Tell America to support your President Trump and No on drugs.

  2. Add MORE tariffs! Trumpholes love paying more. Idiots.

  3. Too bad America will eventually bankrupt themselves trying to keep up with other countries' military technology.

  4. This guy is so painful to listen to

  5. Our economy is doing great, stop trade with China.

  6. There should be no trade deal agreement until China shuts down their companies from shipping Fentanyl into this country.

  7. Trump plans to gut food stamps. Ironically, it will hit his own voters hardest. Nearly 800,000 people of the Bible Belt states will lose their access to food stamps.
    Trump’s food stamp cut will hit his single, white, male base the worst.

  8. No agreement will honored by the CCP. It's just pillow talk to get back to status quo and buy time.

  9. Meanwhile, the US has been gutted of it's manufacturing. And they are not returning. The supply chain is now in China. Bush Jr and Obama really screwed the US. Traitors.

  10. B"H… Your a non-modest opinionated commentator who just has to go first showing your ineptitude.

  11. AOC, Hollywood and the Dems are the Soylent Green movement, the Peoples Burger. Replace the American Patriots with illegals and immigrants in 12 yrs the new Green Deal and Climate Change all in one all they want is power and control of your life.

  12. Awesome reporting from Mr. Larry Kudlow 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Please do not push for CCP that is murdering HK people

  14. Fluff story. Economy on the brink Deficit going through the roof Larry out of touch again but still employed I don’t know why ?

  15. Love Larry Kudlow. always well said.

  16. Trading with a communist country should be a no-no. We should look for boosting our trade with other countries more in tune with our capitalistic ideals. What does China have that we need ?

  17. Even though we are 21 trillion in debt. That needs addressed in next 5 years or we are in big trouble . Baby boomer generation n top politicians expanded the debt so much cause of social security and free healthcare for people. It has to stop or itll bankrupt the world economy.

  18. I'm proud of our president. I didnt vote for him in 2016 cause I was on probation but hes doing great!! China needs to cut a deal or they can suck it and the supply chains will go elsewhere. The usa is the economic engine of the world. The usa is carrying the world

  19. Kudlow is s master salesman and closer, he’s a big hitter from Wall Street turned taking head for the winning party.


  21. DemocRats can't stand successful people what so ever. They want China to take us over.

  22. More job opportunities than available employees. Never in my lifetime had this been the case until now.

  23. Thank you idiot Kudlow provide useless advice to your stupid boss Trump! Remembered your 2008 prediction about the economy Kudlow? You are an idiot! He has no clue about how to deal with China and I am wondering where are the easy winnings he was talked about? Where are the money from Mexico to build the wall?(other than he took from US Army) Where are the damages from hurricane in Alabama? Trump is the creator of FAKE NEWS and category 5 Idiot !


  25. It's like the establishment is saying to president Trump you are not invited to our party, but president Trump is trying to make America great again vote for Donald Trump 2020

  26. What those numbers really say is America Wants to Work- migrate that supply chain baby!

  27. The Democrats are so pathetic they are finding any thing that president Trump does wrong even the most smallest of things. The establishment has been doing these things for years but a non establishment guy come in and they just freak out

  28. Jobs coming back, Americans working, stock market only less than 700 points off the all time high. Democrat liberal socialist want a crash so they think it will allow them a take over if the US government. They really didn't think this through.

  29. Neil Cavato and Shepherd Smith also report Fake News when they're not giving each other Blow Jobs in the broom closet .

  30. Of course CNN reports totally different numbers and opinions , however , we all know that CNN is the champion of Fake News .

  31. Selling perishable foods to lands that can sustain their own ag, across the oceans is ridiculous. Europe can grow their own as can China and the US. And LOCAL is best for all.

  32. TRUMP'S economy is great!!!

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