Larry Kudlow: This will make America prosperous

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow breaks down the importance of U.S. energy independence on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. Man will not be able to change global warming with EVs windmills and solar panels it's a scam

  2. Thanks Larry, for the occasional glimpse of hope and sanity.

  3. You look at the Global debt which is about 335% debt of GDP so we're all in the same boat …the U.S. is currently 120% were raising more debt when you do that when you reach 90% studies have been done the impact is long term negative growth. So this is never healthy "How do xietys Collapse when they're very complex ' ….when they try to maintain the status quo the marginal cost increase while the returns decline it just never gets any better …at what point to we really become uncredit worthy as a nation ? Because in 2011 they did downgrade our sovereign debt and now they are all threatening to do that so this s why there's talk of debt restructuring and reset . We're gonna see more of the same here public debt is really an inflation task ..we're stuck with this two party bipartisan effort stagflation more debt slow growth and it doesn't really matter at this point which party is ruling in Washington . The middle class has been hollowed out you have this huge gap now between the wealthy and the poor …the high end stores are going broke people can't afford inflation that's the CPI inflation is running about twice more than what they say it is . …and who can afford a house anyway at these interest rates . When nations get into this kind of trouble they either default or they pay off the debt.

  4. Trump raise the national debt by 7.8 trillion. National debt is 31 trillion now. If trump win add 31 to 7.8 equals 38.8 trillion if trump is elected again.

  5. Like it or not our economy lives on oil! Trump 2024!

  6. What will make america prosperous is getting kudlow and Fox News off the air

  7. Democrats will never acknowledge Trump's good work. They will go broke and homeless rather than appeal to him to take over the White House. So I say let us allow them to go broke and homeless.

  8. Bidenocide is working fast and furious to ruin the USA and to keep patriot Trump from the WH.

  9. Crypto market is so volatile right now how can I make more profitable investments in the financial market right now?

  10. Larry. If America started drilling again would America STOP STEALING OIL FROM SYRIA AND IRAQ ???? because america are just robbing Syria bling — n illegal occupation by force of arms AND america has the CHEEK you complain that Russia made a limited incursion into Ukraine to stop genocide ———- didn't steal anything but they are wrong. America needs to look in the mirror BUT never mind american Bullying and corruption throughout the world is coming to an end and it;s about time.

  11. America will never be prosperous again.
    1: too much government.
    2:too much debt.
    3:too many regulations.
    4:too many IDIOTS

  12. Joe Biden, his administration have waged War on Everything , Anything and Anyone making an Honest Living , any wonder why people are going Broke.

  13. All those in our Government needs to take their heads out of their butts and take care of OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

  14. What do you expect, Biden'S ALLWAYS BEEN a TOTALLY WORTHLESS, POMPOUS, PUTTZZZZ!!!!!

  15. Trump will make us American citizens prosperous again period!🙏🇺🇸

  16. I'm a Republican man my friend's.

  17. Fox's is Great my friend's.

  18. Help me money 💲 2 50 billions of dollars support money every months support money every years support money Abdullahi Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim please

  19. Oil is a fossil fuel meaning it was left by dinosaurs so if we had oil we still have it. We don't make oil it's already here. Did you see May job numbers they're great why won't Mr Kudlow talk about May job numbers

  20. Luxury fully loaded safe and durable vehicles should ALL be under $7,000/vehicle by now!

  21. DeSantis will drill for 2 (two) terms. 8 years. 96 months.

  22. Why Americans are so gullible? Everyone around the world knows the reason for US inflation is having a Trade War with China. And as result, the world supply chain is disrupted. That is the root cause. Oil means nothing if there is no products.

  23. Bring Sarah Palin to the stage 🤔🤔🤔🤔💕💕💕💕💕💕✍️👀

  24. Sounds good. Whatever. Just don't ever tell us again it's China!!!

  25. The petrodollar is being dumped. More banks will collapse. Global series soon.

  26. I miss my 10 cylinder Ford Excursion. Best SUV we ever had. I dream of the day Ford changes it’s mind.

  27. Yes. Getting rid of the rethugs will make America prosperous.

    BRING THE THUNDER⚡️🌩️⛈️🌩️⛈️🌩️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🌩️⛈️⛈️⚡️⚡️🌩️⛈️⚡️⚡️

  29. Correction: This will make America MORE prosperous. But then how can we call ourselves prosperous when we still have kids in our country that go to bed having had nothing to eat? And how can we identify as prosperous when we have a situation where the wealthiest one percent of our society has more than the lowest 50% COMBINED and that one percent are the greatest contributors to the climate catastrophe? You either need to re-define prosperity or, better yet, address the incongruities.


  31. A strong country must be self-sufficient!!


  33. It's not about green….it's about kohmmnu-nysm.

  34. The only thing that will make America prosperous is voting all Democrats out of office

  35. Any person with a brain knows America's economy is based on fossil fuel ! Except the Democrats !

  36. $7.69 a gallon in California!!!!!!

  37. It would have put a dent in Russia's war.

  38. Larry Kudlow endorses Biden's plan for America. Who would have thought

  39. What is the use of a debt ceiling if the government can just keep raising it every 3, 6, or 12 months. Having a limit should be that you can spend up to that limit not just keep raising it every time it's not convenient to stay within the limit set. It's just command sense and sound economic responsible practices. In stead of keep raising the limit.

  40. I don't know what is more conservative. Save our natural resources for an inevitable world war III or turn our liquid gold into profits today

  41. Trump seems to be the only one understanding what mostly drives Inflation. And i don't trust anybody who does not say it clearly like Trump does.

  42. Hit 200k today.Thank you for all the knowledge and nuggets you had thrown my way ovey the last months. Started with 14k in August 2021

  43. If a large majority of Conservative voters would only leave their emotions outside the voting booth, and vote on the issues and policies that will benefit America, Trump will be elected in a landslide. I couldn't care less that trump is a bully or that he runs his mouth. SO WHAT>

  44. Biden has been an epic fail.

  45. Biden Agenda — Run the Oil Reserve to ZERO

  46. Trump should run on the " drill baby drill" agenda but with an eventual slow shift to green energy in the future!!

  47. He lies! Ask any Demoncrat.