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Last words heard before Bryant helicopter crash | USA TODAY

Audio and radar catches the final moments before the helicopter crashed killing Kobe Bryant, his daughter and 7 others.
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  1. Nothing is rite about anything !!
    I’d hold my family and say it’s in Gods hands now !!!

  2. That wasnt just a crash nothing about it makes sense. check your gut feeling it tells you something else happened here.

  3. He wasn’t replying to the tower while falling

  4. Based on ground reports, I think it might be possible that pilot suffered a medical emergency that caused this situation.

  5. Not worth your life to fly in that kind of weather. This should of never happened. R.I.P to all 9

  6. At 0:53
    Notice how much faster the helicopter is going despite the bad vision
    I believe this is when the pilot thought it was safe to fly at a faster speed. I’m surprised because he should have know he was too low…hence him flying into a hill.
    They had no clue whatsoever that they would die.
    Rip Kobe

  7. So, if visibility was that bad, why were they allowed to fly at all?

  8. In all due respect, I will NEVER understand how anyone would want to fly when there's bad weather, especially fog, unless there's no choice which is never the case really.

    Just take a car and be a lot safer if you have to be somewhere in bad weather, they would still be alive today.

  9. I would hate to be in that flight tower when this happened. Collateral damage. 😢🕯

  10. Kobe Bryant and the other 8 souls on that helicopter were murdered. Here's why:

    He really wasn't playing…! People stuck on basketball.. This is what he has been doing since retiring from basketball 4 years ago.. Big Business!!!!!!

    The media had people thinking he was laying around on the couch; resting and coaching his daughter's girls basketball team………. That's incorrect! He was battling with the big boys and they cheated.. Took the cowards way out.

    Gatorade shareholders were scared of him.



  11. Rapist finally got a visit from Karma.

  12. They have yet to find some of the bodies and part of me is hoping some of them are still alive 😞

  13. Takes a LOT to be an air traffic controller.

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