Lavrov Walks Out Of U.N. Meeting As West Confronts Russia Over War In Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called Ukraine a “totalitarian nazi-like state” before walking out of a U.N. Security Council meeting. Prior to that, U.S. Secretary Blinken called upon assembly members to send a clear message to Russia to stop using nuclear threats in the war against Ukraine. NBC News’ Erin McLaughlin reports. 

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  1. Mr Lavrov speech was addressed to those who want the true. Every explanation and answer was supported by facts. He left UN Assembly meeting because he wanted to keep a safe social distance from a bunch of stupid & hypocritical idiots

  2. do you know that there are 150 000 Hungarians livining in western ukraine they were cut from their mother country in 1920 by treaty of trianon. Do you know that if you speak hungarian there you are beaten by Ukrainian nationalist and you cannot use your own language and you cannot learn in school only in Ukrainian? Many houses were burnt by ukrainian semi military groups there as well as Russian houses in Donbass but you do not hear these because u are in the western bubble. I am hungarian living in Hungary 60 miles from ukraine and we know. From personal experience. Do you know that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries? 3 weeks ago we sent a truck full of food and sanitary goods as help for people fleeing from east Ukraine, the truck was stopped by ukrainian border officials and they confiscated the goods for their personal gain, same happens with weapons half of them end up in the black market.

  3. Us media are the biggest A holes on the planet.

  4. Even Putin's friends turn their backs on him. China and India are asking Russia to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine. Russia saw itself almost completely isolated at the last UN General Assembly, where none of the major countries came to its defense, The Guardian writes. China and India have called for an end to the war in Ukraine to be negotiated as quickly as possible and have refrained from showing support for their traditional ally Russia. And the fact that Lavrov avoided direct confrontation with his counterparts in the US and Ukraine and stormed off immediately after giving his speech only shows the diplomatic isolation Russia is sinking into.

  5. One word for NBC. Biased.

  6. One word for NBC. Biased.

  7. Only fake and vomiting news on western sodomite media.

  8. They should have put super glue on Lavrov seat.

  9. USA and NATO should stop pussyfooting with Putin, but just blow Kremlin off the map in one Big Bang.

  10. Ukraine will win and prosper

  11. " If he walked in he probably walk out at some point. "
    #NBC News

  12. Lavrov and those two goons behind him should be sent to the Russian front. That would make their day, maybe they should take Steven Seagal to guard them. From Poland

  13. When Lavrov dies, he will go to the same fiery inferno as everyone else that left a terrible life behind.

  14. You cant even get your title to accurately indicate the video. NBC you are not honest professionals with any integrity.

  15. "And he basically peaced out." ??????? Did she just say that? lol. Cringe.

  16. Lavrov the Putin lapdog runs scared. Russia is a criminal state for sure.

  17. When I saw that I assumed it was a sound bite for russian TV to assist with tying there Nazi BS to the legitimacy of the UN.

  18. Russian please run run as fast as you can. Putin is Crazy! Philadelphia USA

  19. Who is going to hold the USA responsible for it's war rampage of death & destruction across the middle east ???

  20. There are no Nazis in Ukraine. The 14,000 Russian-Ukrainains civilians of the Donbass were killed by the regular Ukrainian army. And now they are being annihilated.

  21. Only scared person I see is reperteemr, no brain no worries, lucky her, and I find both hot, but propaganda turs ne off

  22. Hmm, I wonder who else goes around invading foreign lands on the pretex of "liberation" and human rights.

  23. US has no credibility to talk against Russia. USA is mother of all wars and conflicts and destruction around the world.

  24. If this message gets out I love you sister go against your president change your president I love all of you for taking the risk my support in Canada is to the citizens of Russia the people of Russia the poorest who are struggling the way I am

  25. Does Russia realize they are violating copy rite laws with Ambassador Potato Head ???? 🥔 is potato

  26. He left because someone else went to sit in the chair. Weak contribution of Russophobia media again.

  27. That Russian foreign minister is evil incarnate, Perfect supporting cast to a psychopath ruler

  28. The Dude said that the REservists coming are Fresh mead for em … CLOWN your ARMY is Grinded up … All you have is WEST WORLD mercenaries, Old people as soldiers, Juveniles and women … 150 000 Russians shrinked Urkaine 30% and literally obliterate you … Thanks to the WEST WORLD Interests over there you are still on the geopolitical MAP … and when those 300 000 came … they wont came alone … they will came with more ARMOR, Technology … Its not about Ukrainians anymore …is about Russia vs NATO … that's all .

  29. 0:34 and if the West allows Ukraine to capitulate, the Ukrainians will live and have 80% of what was Ukraine to live in.

  30. Calls them nazis yet they’re the ones acting like it.

  31. Russia will show you fresh meat. I’m going to love it to see Ukrainians suffering when Russia starts to mass shell your cities.

  32. Lavrov and Putin are delusional to think the 🌎 believes whatever they speak about Ukraine.GLORY TO UKRAINE.KEEP FIGHTING

  33. Yeah yeah distraction. Uhh TS abc Dem reporter is 1 well educated LIAR, B*** is such a Dem🪳.
    Love our🇺🇸😎👍🇺🇸

  34. Sure they can show people fleeing russia but they wont show the mexico border crisis.

  35. The Russian people can die in Ukraine or they can fight their psychotic, paranoid leader. We are rooting for the latter.

  36. He was the VERY first visitor tRump had on day one in the West Wing he may feel he has all info he needs


  38. That church was occupied by Ukrainians not Russian Forces. Ukrainians are fighting like Iraqi Insurgents, they have the smaller less equipped force, despite what our Western Media is telling us. Don't fall for this propaganda.