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Law enforcement officials reflect on Derek Chauvin conviction, policing in America

ABC News’ Janai Norman meets with four prominent U.S. law enforcement officials to discuss key challenges facing police officers today.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I think the defense made a huge mistake and missed an opportunity in
    trial. They rested too early. They also made several mistakes during
    jury selection. Will appeals be accepted? Will there be a new trial? I
    posted in length what I think on my
    home page video. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

  2. Derek Chauvin was going to go away for the rest of his life one way or another: DOJ had secret plan to arrest him if he walked…

  3. Amerikkka is bat ish crazy to cover crooked pigs as heros

  4. I am still amazed and amused that the party that touts this country to be so racist and yet they were the ones that wrote the crime bill. And racists don't want to give you more freedoms they want to take your freedoms.

  5. Maybe it was always this way, but I can't believe what I hear politicians and other public figures say. They're all worried about getting re-elected or getting the next promotion or keeping the masses appeased enough that their jobs don't become more difficult. You think what happened (Floyd, Chauvin) was wrong? Then ACT. Transform your own departments. I'll believe the change narrative when I see evidence of consistent positive change.

  6. These actors on screen sure know how to fool you people

  7. I now own 7 online BLM merchandise websites. Best thing that ever happened to me.

  8. Di you Blacks win anything with OJ the killer?

  9. They could rule it a mistrial as one of the jurors attended a BLM protest despite denying it on his declaration.


  11. Where’s the “bombshell” on the biased lying juror?

  12. George Floyd was a violent drug addict… Justice was served when he lost his life.

  13. …and now we know that juror Brandon Mitchell lied about his participation in a BLM-affiliated rally. He continues to lie, saying that he was just there to encourage voting even though the photo evidence shows him wearing a "get off our necks" shirt and a BLM hat.

    No doubt that there are some bad police officers (some of them even support lgbtq!), but the far greater fault lies with the judicial branch, which is hopelessly corrupt at every level.

  14. Should've be a mistrial cause this is a very unfair trial.

  15. These people are talking about middle class neighborhoods. Every weekend I hear gun shots. No asians or white people neighborhood. We have a lot of bad but its not just the police

  16. ALL law enforcement should go on strike! Instead you all feed the Media as accomplices to your defunding.

  17. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  18. People taken into custody and brutalised or killed by police enforcement? Who should be accountable for that ? When ever citizens are approached with guns drawn , it can put people on edge for a minor offences. Police job should to arrest if crime has been committed with proof and let the judiciary to decide whether to charge or not .George Floyd"s case proved , he did nothing yet his life was cut short in 9 minutes and 29 second , who gives police enforcement the right murder an innocent citizen In broad daylight.

  19. You need to get rid of the Second Amendment. That is the root cause of much of this

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  22. Where is the outrage over the White Female Veteran Murdered by the Capitol Police???

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