Saturday , November 28 2020
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LeBron James takes heat after calling Rockets GM 'misinformed'

The NBA superstar has sparked backlash on social media after saying that Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s tweets supporting Hong Kong were ‘misinformed’.

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  1. He is all about ' Greenback ' with big payout contract, a very well informed basketball player, nothing else matter.

  2. White Politically Correct vs China Politically Correct!LBJ stand with CHINA!I LOVE LBJ SO MUCH !

  3. Karl E: Lebron, Shut up and Dribble
    Lebron: We will definitely not Shut up and Dribble

    CHINA: Lebron, Shut up and Dribble!

  4. He said he was informed about the backlash. Not the Hong Kong situation. Like honestly what does LeBron specifically lose from China pulling out? His contract is garunteed with the NBA AND NIKE

  5. Morey literally said he was misinformed about the repercussions of his tweet. Go on his twitter account it’s right there. Like come on.

  6. Lives matter as long as it is black, other races can go to hell. Lbj 2019.

  7. I don't watch NBA and if it wasn't for the news, I wouldn't know who LeBron James was.

  8. LeBron the greedy hypocrite moron

  9. Lebron would sell Spongebob Squarepant's soul for 62 cents

  10. Labron will donate money to schools because he has plenty and be called a hero but he just showed his true colors, he's a coward when it comes to standing up for something when you have alot to lose. And he has the nerve to call out that owner!

  11. Exactly! It's called being a real hero Labron, because your standing for something even though you have something to lose!

  12. Dumbo Lebron's James a true idiot he should stick to playing basketball…… he puts down our president of the greatest country in the world this country has given Lebron's is wealth and freedom and he craps on our country and our president….. He should move to China I lived in China it's a communist regime look what they did to Lebron's they shut him up quickly… Go to hell Lebron ……. go Donald Trump

  13. You definitely will be on the wrong side of history on this Labron.

  14. That last line though!!!😎 he needs some thug life glasses immediately!

  15. freedom of speech?hypocrite …hahaha

  16. Never forget warriors blew 3-1 lead

  17. I don't think even China likes him, only the Government and his own money.

  18. Hey it's all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  19. james you right the genocide of falun gong can certainly wait a week the league certainly wouldn't mess up a good contract over a little organ harvesting where do you think rockefeller got his 4 harts ?

  20. Lebooboo is a FOOL I've said it forever, all about his $$

  21. The same Way the NFL marketed themselves as Middle-Rural America and Military, NBA should Go with Inner cities-midWestern And Wall Street. Be cause These NBA players are looking confused and don’t know what they’re trying to be

  22. China sure has a way of testing human nature and exposing fakes.

  23. Ill informed LeBron James is caught up in money. He knows nothing about how evil Communist China is. The NBA needs to start getting out of China. China is going to be a deadly opponent of Freedom as the years go by. There will be a new Cold War with China. The NBA and James need to think about whether they're Chinese stooges or not.

  24. Time he goes and plays in a China Labour Camp to become informed. # Boycott "NIKE"

  25. Now Lebron James is taking the heat for his freedom of speech/expression …..thats how the democracy and freedom works in the country of Hypocrites.

  26. Oh the high school graduate speaketh again.

  27. LeBron PROVES that even one who has the intelligence God gave a slug can also play basketball.

  28. Lebron is a dingleberry🚽

  29. Misinformed about what exactly?

  30. Ignorant asshat 🤮

  31. Who the f cares what lebron does or thinks? Just play ball and stfu

  32. Dr. Lebron James, PhD in How the rich pander to the elite who made them rich – money talks – morality and ethics walks….

  33. 🎵Money money mo-ney, Chinese mo-ney🎵

  34. Fox News and its viewers do you know the history of china/Hong kong/Britian?

  35. "Basketball….been berry berry good, to me." (Chico Esquela)

  36. Now when I hear Lebrun speak it sounds like a handful of silverware falling on the floor.

  37. Love the last word from anchor… Used their own words against them..

  38. LeBron very Obamic.
    So many basketians, footbalians, hockians, basebalians got removed their mustache and having beard. That's very Islamic facial craft's.

    Chinese influence of obamination has made the player's and gamer's pay off as donor's and transfigure. For many athletic game's/sport's took ideology of trans Michael Jackson to make cool move's.

    Loose nuts for penny's😂🤣

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