Thursday , December 3 2020
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Lewandowski: 'Everyone wants Hillary to run one more time'

Former Trump 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski discusses the 2020 election and the advantages and disadvantages Sen. Elizabeth Warren would face if she receives the Democratic nomination.

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  1. Who in the hell wa to her to run. No one can stand her except joy behave. She belongs in jail.

  2. C'mon, you Democrats! Hurry up and get this impeachment vote through. Then the President can declassify all your dirty little secrets when he makes his defense in the Senate. This is how the swamp will finally be drained. Been waiting for a long time

  3. Oh, please let her come back, this is hilarious! I give her credit considering everyone hates her and she is going to lose again…… that will give her further embarrassment! We all know President Trump is going to win again and this will put democrats down for good…democrats will cease to exist forever. Go Trump 2020, our terrific President!!!!!😁

  4. Hopefully She Will Be In Prison Soon !!

  5. Omg Hilary again ! Hope God help us get rid of her …evil, greedy and immoral witch!

  6. we all want to see her RUN when she CANT HIDE

  7. Socaialism is the modern word for feudalisim

  8. Omar and Tlaib are a curse on our America like the Joshua matter about the accursed item that Achin had hidden when he was not supposed to take anything in one of the battles and Achin did and hid it, therefore, Joshua was not able to win his battles. Once they got rid of it and him, things got better. Joshua chapter 7. Those Democrats also remind me if Numbers 16. 📖🔥🇺🇸❤

  9. Treasonous impeachment. The American people should rise up and slay the people that scream impeachment.

  10. In order to commit treason, we have to be at war with another country. If potus is such a genius, how did he miss that little detail. Meanwhile he is endangering their lives stirring up his base to start acting hostile on social media against Dems,whistleblower now under gov't protection.)It's Trump thats declared war on our democracy, every american who calls themselves one should be alarmed by this behavior. This more serious then just a school game rievery, this real life and people die for lesser reasons. If another crazy commits another haynus act naming Trump as their inspiration, Tx, CNN FL BOMBER, Az shooting, blood will be on every American hand that thinks someone else will resolve the problem, so far thats not working. Unite for the truth and only the truth. Prove your comments are not gibberish,prove alligations with credible sources. Trump destroys most of what he touchs as only elected by his ability as a salesman and others.
    Jumping off this crazy train, I need a leader who represents American
    Ideals & values, second best not good enough.

  11. You mean this lying clown was allowed on the show when he told the house that the only time he tells the truth is when he is under oath. He is done for his chance to be a senator. 🤣

  12. Cory… are very, very confused!

  13. She will never win ever never not in a million years!!!!

  14. Everyone??…I don't,…I want to see her get shot between the eyes with our military's abrams tank.

  15. Newt Gingrich laughed and said there is no impeachment process underway and that it is another hoax basically.

  16. Jean Shaheen is a crooked senator she’s like what Bill Clinton was to Mena Arkansas drugrunning in the 80s.

  17. Not everybody wants her to run. Well, I want her to run to jail.

  18. She is physically unable to run.

  19. If she runs it will be with Warren!

  20. Anyone with brain issues can't run this country. America is sick to think that she should run again. After she did her demonstration getting in the van This is how deadly and idiotic the democratic congress is. And anyone who vote for her; is just as sick as her.

  21. All Hillary's CHEATS and Alliances have been CUTOFF. She won't run, that would require her to play fair and Hillary doesn't know how to do that! LOL could you imagine the humiliation if she did try it?! Ain't gonna happen. There is NOTHING to impeach! Watch Judge Janine's commentary.

  22. Just so we can have MORE LAUGHS!!! Fun seeing the old buck toothed cow waddle in to campaign rallies where she had so few people she had to crowd them all around the stage and take pictures as if it was a full house. I know because that happened in GROVE CITY, OHIO.

  23. she should do her time in jail first for her crimes.

  24. U dont enter lame. Horse in. Next. Race. !!!!!!!!!

  25. Yes so we can see her strike out the third time

  26. she's like nixon after losing over and over she thinks like him she may win this time. biden would be beat before the first ballot cast. she is their only hope but Trump would wear her out and win by landslide and the other's? couldn't do it even cheating..

  27. Are y’all smoking drugs! Not one person I know wants her to run!! Everyone I talk to wants her to face justice!!

  28. Let's watch her run….

    Down a flight of stairs….😀 boink boink boom boom bam bam 💥💥💥

  29. Let's hope she runs! It will assure President Trump's reelection!

  30. Please run, Hilarity! It will be a pleasure to cast a vote AGAINST YOU!
    It will be even more fun to watch you try to spin a 2-to-1 loss!

  31. Good, Bring it. She'll be RUN OVER! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  33. She would still come up with some excuse and claim that she was sabotaged by Trump or something else

  34. Hillary Clinton is not eligible to run for office under her current status of Enemy of America, Head of a Criminal Coup de Tat, and traitor with a plethora of crimes in her 40 year crime spree of illegal activity.

  35. The only reason she might possibly run again is that she thinks it will keep her out of jail, good luck with that…

  36. I hope she has a mental disorder because she is evil and needs institutionalized

  37. over the hills and far away

  38. Let the dems try and impeach President Trump. You will have millions storming Washington with pitch forks dragging the dems out.. CORRUPT DEMOCRATS!!!!!!

  39. Lying and grinning in your face ….. the new normal🦇💩🤪

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