Saturday , October 31 2020
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Lindsey Graham: Dems could have called anyone in the House

FBN correspondent Hillary Vaughn reports on impeachment proceedings from Capitol Hill. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Graham vote Republican and shut your mouth. Waffle queen.

  2. Congress was responsible for witnesses. They were to lazy to do their job. Listening to Schiff spew platitudes on an effort to look intelligent, easy punishment enough for all of us.

  3. Adam Schiff and his cronies were not fair with President Trump at all they didn’t give him a chance to defend himself. And now Chuck Schumer he saying that the Republicans are not given Dems A fair trial , 

  4. He’s absolutely embarrassing for congressman or any office in the federal government. The public doesn’t like liars.

  5. Lindsey Graham is on the cusp of committing Treason against the United States of America…

    He's violated his Constitutional Oath to protect America from its enemies, both foreign and domestic by ignoring the facts and allowing Trump to take a dump on the US Constitution.

    We all now know – as fact- the president conspired with a foreign entity to rig this year's national election.

    The facts are indisputable – as evident by the fact that not one Republican Congressman has stood up to dispute the facts when presented to them in sworn testimony, government documents, emails, phone records, and texts – not one.. or haven't they reported that on Fox Entertainment Network?

    So what does that tell you? Seriously, put down your phone an ask yourself "why isn't anyone on our side disputing the facts?"

    So, given these facts – Trump should be considered an Enemy of the State, a clear and present danger to our democracy, worthy of being protected from…

    So, why isn't Graham protecting us like he swore on the Bible he would?


  6. OOOPS! MILK?!


  8. If those 4 republican senators vote against Republican they will get voting out of their jobs next elections by American ppl

  9. It's all hearsay and slander.
    It's a hoax and a scam to coup against the President

  10. The democrat party is full of communists and satanists.

    They seek a one world government.
    They hate America and our god given freedom

  11. Always blaming everyone else for them sucking and making excuses for whenever things don't go their way. It's pathetic

  12. So Chucky Schmuck believes it will only be a fair trial if Republican Senators vote with the Dems? What planet is he from?

  13. Dems are so dishonest they not playing by rule they decided not to have Republicans have any witnesses in the now they are playing a different card, how can people trust the Dems and the media

  14. Romney is going to stick his knife in the back of America. He is a Globalist at heart. The reason he could not beat O'Bomber is that he is the same as O'Bomber and all ties in politics go to the incumbent.

  15. It looks like Schumer wants not only impeach the President, but also impeach 4-5 Senators also and then take over the Senate Majority Leader. Good Luck !!

  16. When did dems talked about fairness? Its odd when the House Refused to allowed GOP have they own witnesses and now you are begging in the Senate? How stupid dems can be. Dems are finished

  17. on top of the very substantial pile of horseshit that the democrats already have ! lol

  18. Mitt Romney is a two face scumbag

  19. Don't show your liberal slant Neil

  20. Lindsey Graham, Did you ever think that the eight years working with obama may have changed joe biden from being a not so corrupt friend to a totally corrupt politician?

  21. All Linsey want to do is stop the Biden's going to jail stop being stupid cunts

  22. Democrats and their supporters are not only enemies of America but treasonous sons a bitches.

  23. Schumer it is not the Senate's job to bring in witnesses to help you make your case . Get that through your dumb head.

  24. All they have are opinions, no solid evidence.

  25. Did he thank her for knowing how to do her job there at the end? Jesus, man.

  26. Any Republican Senators who vote against the Republican party on this need to be kicked out out of the party!!

  27. Don't these republicans like collins and the rest lnow the democrats wouldn't let republicans have subpoena power and ZERO wittnestes.Are they drunk?

  28. The Republican party has turned into a cult. Trump wouldn't let anyone testify because they would let the cat out of the bag. 72% of Americans want him out.

  29. Hey Graham, the Dems tried to. Trump blocked everyone from testifying. A few brave and honest souls — the only brave and honest souls — defied him, and testified.

  30. Lindsay, how will you compete with your younger self on video doing the argument for the Dems?

  31. Trump released the transcript, HELLO, this is getting ridiculous, no senator could be convinced to prolong this scam further, if they do, they wont last long.

  32. Schumer – What a complete waste of oxygen. Lying sack-o-crap. You have had no inciteful witnesses for three years, why would we expect any different now?

  33. Schumer is the worst kind of joke…worst disgrace among the disgraceful.

  34. Well let's end this charade …..Republicans claim they were denied any and all of their witnesses in the house inquiry while Nadler flat out called them liars , yes he outright called them liars, let's find out once and for all who is lying. I would think this is going to be addressed by Trump's attorneys. My guess is Nadler is going to amend that to they could have called anyone that we deemed relevant.

  35. After dems made fools of themselves during Justice Kavenaugh confimation hearings, they doubled down on the title of fools.


  37. Here’s a dumfuk argument: I’m being impeached, so I want Hunter Biden to testify. Try that in traffic court…
    “I wasn’t speeding but did you see Hunter speeding last week.”

  38. Lindsay is a deep state's just like his girlfriend no name. Please primary him. He does not believe Biden is corrupt. Watch the video Lindsay

  39. They dont want Republican to vote on letting president stay on job..

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