Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Lindsey Graham: 'We'll Consider' A Subpoena For Giuliani's Testimony | NBC News

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told reporters that his committee would “consider” a subpoena for Rudy Giuliani to testify before his committee.
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Lindsey Graham: ‘We’ll Consider’ A Subpoena For Giuliani’s Testimony | NBC News


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  1. Impeachment isn't over a phone call. It's the Illegal actions that Trump & Rudy did that coincided with the call. You can't send your buddies all over the world to start bogus conspiracy investigations by foreign countries to dirty up a political opponent.

  2. Is your meeting with Rudy going to be under oath or just another TV appearance from a man who brags about lying to reporters?

  3. We need a President and congress, that ingests a lot of pot.

  4. Time to admit……We were stupid and wrong Lindsey! Don't wait be a man n lead your party! We can see it in your eyes that you know what the President is doing is wrong!

  5. Trump has Linsey Graham by the leash.

  6. Lindsey are you a Republican? No – Impeachment.

  7. To Russia with love, from America's President!

  8. Lady Lindsey is the biggest two-faced Hypocrite in Washington. Lawless lying lowlifes. The corrupt Republicons has married the mob.

  9. It's not negotiable. He will.

  10. Corrupt hypocrite… his words are strung together like real thoughts… but have zero value.

  11. … "We may consider a subpoena for Giuliani… butI'll have to check with Trump first." (Lindsey Graham)

  12. Lindsey we see you as a flip flop after 1980

  13. how embarrassing for the gop

  14. hmmmmm…is he conceding that the impeachment investigation is duly legit and authorised??- Something Trump, Pence, and Rudy are denying and stating as a reason to not cooperate?? Lindsay might be stepping out of line.

  15. Lindsey has been kissing Trump's A$$ so long he should have expected his lips would burn soon or later, but then he is so addicted to butt kissing he can not stop doing so.

  16. Please stop running the same Ad.

  17. Lindsey Graham said "a transcribe of a phone call want fly in the senate" What about Donald J Trump's own words out his own mouth do those words have wings? I'm wondering if Lindsey Graham agrees with Donald J Trump on China investigating Joe Biden. Can that fly in the senate?

  18. This POS is subhuman. Not even capable of rational thought.

  19. Lindsey Graham thinks he can influence Donald "baby" Trump. It will not work. You ruined your reputation as a Senator and now your career is over. Also, did you say that Donald "baby" Trump has to play golf with women's golf clubs because his hands are so small.

  20. They'll put it to a vote when they're ready. Right now they're trying to secure witnesses and their statements without contamination from the GOP and preventing those apart of the conspiracy to divert and obstruct the investigation any further by knowing exactly what it is they should be destroying and whom they should destroy. The President himself publicly threatened the whistleblower. Clearly undermining this investigation is not beneath these guys.

  21. John McCain would've had more balls than this female.

  22. McCain would have wiped out the friendship with Graham !! Who follows the chaos of a madman and loses his own values, McCain would never have understood!

  23. lindsey you should buy a pair of glasses

  24. #trumpslug with no b@lls. "I see nothing wrong here with the president"

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