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Little boy's happy place is with Disney characters | Humankind

This little boy has the most pure, joyous and magical reaction to Snow White at Disneyland. 😍👑
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Diagnosed with Autism and microcephaly, four-year-old Evan finds joy and comfort in all the cast members around Disneyland.

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  1. To the people attacking this parent the things y’all are saying is what wrong with the world today in fact it’s what’s been wrong with the world the years people need to stop judging and respect others for who they are and in case y’all was to judge mental to see at first she is trying to let him be himself and not how she see fit, y’all see fit, how the world see fit but how he see’s fit……thank you

  2. Let him wear those baby girl I love it

  3. To everyone who is hating and not being nice, the kid is happy. The child is happy and that’s always the goal. Would you rather him be unhappy? Would you rather him not be himself bad not be wearing what he wants? He’s happy, that’s what matters and she is a great mother to him. Would you want your kid to be unhappy and not be themselves and not wear what want or would you want them to be and be themself. I think you would choose the second option. Same thing when it comes yourself. Would you rather be unhappy and not yourself or happy and yourself? If you still think that it’s not good parenting or that she is a horrible mother, you can just leave. Have a nice day

  4. Terrible to treat children this way. That’s not parenting.

  5. Poor kid. He will be confused and possibly bullied in school. 👗

  6. Rapture Awareness – God Uses Golden Key to Unlock Undeniable Harpazo Confirmations!

  7. To start, to the parents well done you are doing great and can see the love you have for your children in there smiles, and well done for letting your son be want he wants to be. With you as his parents and with you supporting him through life he will do fantastically. To those who say negative things to this video, learn to see we are all different,and we should be aloud to choose how own way. Again GREAT PARENTS, FANTASTIC CHILDREN. XXX

  8. wearing a dress isnt making him less of a boy its clothing

  9. anyone commenting that she is a bad parent yall are so wrong

  10. When you are early and there are no funny comme ts

  11. you don't force the child to wear a dress but idk if a 4 year old has the best judgement. i was under the impression you are supposed to be guiding your son

  12. I feel bad for the kid. But putting him in a princess dress is only going to add confusion and unneeded stress in the future. He doesn't need that on top of his autism. I know the woman loves her child, but this is bad parenting. You're making him happy now, but also depositing misery in the bank for later.

  13. This is what democrats do. for shame !!!

  14. Pathetic people put that little boy in a dress.

  15. This kid deserves all the love. And seeing all the cast members recognize him that’s adorable

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