Live: Alex Murdaugh Trial for Murders of Wife and Son – Day 2 | ABC News

#alexmurdaugh #alexmurdaughttrial #abcnews South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh goes on trial for the 2021 double murder of his wife and son. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN OFFENSIVE CONTENT READ MORE: SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: Latest Updates: Watch FULL EPISODES on Hulu:

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  1. He did it. The jury will see through all his antics. What a cruel selfish heartless humanoid.

  2. The offensive material is Alex Murdaugh and his attorney!

  3. I heard about this case on a true crime channel before and it seemed like he would have done it but, if you do as the judge said, and assume he is innocent until the prosecution PROVES it to me, at this point, I don't see him as guilty. He seems to have been the appropriate amount of upset – tears aren't necessarily involved in shock. No bloody clothing, not guns he owned used to kill, 2 guns used and the previous threats to Paul!

  4. Anyone know who the woman was sitting and seemingly breathing or talking into a mouth piece is? You see her when the 1st officer testifying gets up to point out the dead chicken?

  5. Murdaugh's lawyer should have retired 20 years ago. He's exhausting.

  6. The tears he sheds are not for his family they are for him!!

  7. If I were the defense I would have asked way better questions to the first 2 officers.

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