LIVE: Biden delivers remarks on support for Ukraine | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Biden delivers remarks on continued support for Ukraine.

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LIVE: Biden delivers remarks on support for Ukraine | NBC News


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  1. Folks keep your powder dry

  2. Biden, Best US President since 2016!

  3. Last resort when you've ruined a country and are caught breaking the law – start a war. We all know what we're praying for …

  4. The Guardian called Ukraine "the most corrupt nation in Europe".[11] According to a poll conducted by Ernst & Young in 2017, experts considered Ukraine to be the ninth-most corrupt nation from 53 surveyed.[12] According to Transparency International's 2021 Corruption White Racist Nazi KKK Ukrainian Nazi

  5. 31 tanks can't take out Russia Biden can't even speak we are not at work why even try Russia has China to back them up. Biden has to go

  6. I swear some of these people asking the presint questions are as stupid as the people commenting stupid comments all the time😂

  7. I’m no Biden fan, but agree 100% with this decision. This is a war for freedom and democracy, plain and simple. Putin calls this a war against the West, and he believes that, but what that means is a war against freedom and democracy by totalitarianism. Of all the things America has fought for, none are above the fight for freedom and democracy. This rests at the very core of who we are, be we Democrat or Republican, and that’s the hill on which we must make our stand.

  8. Biden deserves to be impeached and convicted for his fraudulent, clueless and reckless actions in Ukraine.

  9. I love Bidens Love for Humanity.


  11. Once you know the truth about how the World really works, Listening to a Senile Corrupt Sick Politician like Biden wants to make me Puke !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Don't forget 10 percent fir the big guy..proxy war

  13. As Ukrainian living right now in Ukraine I can not express how grateful I am to the American government and to all American people for this huge support. God bless America! Glory to Ukraine!

  14. These very weapons and money provided by the US will be used against US, not by Russia but by Ukraine if they lost this war. Look at the weapon America provided to the Al qaeda. If America want to help Ukraine, they should just send in the US troops to invade Russia.

  15. Just a curios question..

    In 1960s when Russia was moving missiles to Cuba, USA threatened nuclear war. Thankfully it was averted.

    How come the same US and it’s allies are totally fine, when NATO keeps encircling Russia, taking their weapons ever closer to Russian borders?

    Not a case of, if I do its okay. But if you do, its not?

  16. Thank you President Biden and Cabinet for defending Democracy here and abroad. I salute you sir.

  17. "They got money for wars but can't feed the poor." – Tupac

  18. The War will Stop with the First Nuclear Bomb…at the War Fields…

  19. All those tank being blown up you see on your tv were actually from Ukraine regime. I guess, with US made tanks, the media will not be able to lie anymore.

  20. Give Putin & RUSSIA anoter reason bro. REALLY?

  21. I have never seen so many lost and blind people, o that they would wakeup. World war 3 has begun.

  22. By fighting for their own freedom, Ukraine defends ours.
    Putin is our common enemy. Everything we send to Ukraine benefits us, as well.
    Ukrainians are doing the fighting and the dying. The very least we can do is supply their efforts.

  23. If China says they will be sending in weapons to help Russia Joe will start singing a different tune

  24. Tank you so much JOE🇺🇦🇺🇦💪🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  25. Hahahahaha…. What a joke….won't even answer one question….. Trump was hammered daily for hours wirg questions and always answered them

  26. Let me guess he's not going to answer one question and his handlers will shut everyone up and push reporters away

  27. Americans are not United

  28. There are numerous other countries suffering with Swann around the world but we can care less about them people should think twice about why were so invested in Ukraine

  29. Grandpa Biden doing anything to keep his Top secret document's found all over. Off the news..what a double standard..

  30. Gosh I wonder how much that has cost the American people besides the hundreds of millions of dollars we've already sent them

  31. We as a world should be beyond war We need new world leaders We all should be working together sharing our strengths and helping the weak

  32. What about the millions of Afghanistan people that you abandon our being slaughtered women and you abandoned them…..

    People should realize Biden pelosi and friend have billions invested in Ukraine business…they are evil

  33. Cmon generals, M1 were tremendously good at the middle east desert, so will they in Ukraine!!!

  34. Translation, I won't get you a living wage, healthcare reform, or fight to codify Roe,but look at the pretty tanks as I slouch toward ww3

  35. 2 suckers can relate their self-humiliation to each other.

  36. I hope the Ukrainians have better luck than USA did, with these gas guzzlers, against Afghanistan.

  37. What models are we sending? I heard M1A1's which were fighting in Iraq and probably are sitting in Sierra Army Depot in California.