LIVE: Kevin McCarthy House Vote – On the 2nd, the House adjourns until 8 pm ET

#housespeaker #kevinmccarthy #congressmankevinmccarthy #abcnews Republican leader Kevin McCarthy suffered three losses in his bid for House speaker and the fight turns into a chaotic second day. A fourth round of voting for Speaker of the House is expected to resume on Wednesday at 12 pm EST. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: Latest Updates: Watch FULL EPISODES on Hulu:

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  1. I think we have a right to see what's going on especially if you make 32 million in a year in the White House a speaker there's something wrong there.

  2. I think if we didn't have any of these issues going on Trump would have still been president to this day. We have thousands of servicemen still in Afghanistan We need to close these borders up right now we need to get our men back home and you need to put bite an in jail

  3. Another thing Ukraine wasn't one of those documents. Another one China set 47 either million or trillion to Penn State over a year ago. Then it was transferred to Biden's account where he took it out and split with Garland and other unknowns but we could probably guess. We already have proofies corrupt I don't know what they want. I want Trump back I never wanted him gone He was a best president we ever had I don't know why you all are so jealous of him except for your selfish and you want money

  4. The mental patients have taken over the asylum. Total chaos, total corruption. RIP constitutional republic.

  5. He is a POS. What a narcissistic asshat.

  6. It’s about to get ugly for the Democrats and liberals get your popcorn 🍿 ready

  7. No more RINOs!! The people don't get to choose their leaders. It's a uni party.

  8. The campaign finance racketeering system not only wins it soars.

  9. That why republicans lost 2020

  10. Trans Lives Matter!!!

  11. 14 times Mccarthy going hold the committee hostage until they vote for him.

    Where's the capral police at encourage him out?
    Remember Mccarthy doing the same thing J6. 14 times and counting

  12. African minerals belong to Africa. My forces protect their claims.

    Vote accordingly. This is a fight you don't want, but you can have it. Remind me, what happened to that Indonesian sub?

  13. Kevin McCarthy would do better with total honesty for the American people!

  14. Look at sleepy joe, unaware of anything.

  15. Now the money has been wasted. The democrats can do for what the Republicans well do for the democrats.

  16. Matt Gates is Putting Hakeem in office .. we at rongo Matt !
    Now you can quit as You promised you would.
    Or was that part of the deal ?

  17. Republicans flip ur votes…or…speaker will b a democrat!!!!!

  18. Rest is holding out for more money.

  19. Biden does not have time to look at this clown show.

  20. Buden has focus? Since when?

  21. ABC is firmly behind Kevin McCarthy, a DIABLO – Democrat In All But Label Only.

  22. Truth is not an embarrassment. I like it. Republicans are showing how the tough majority in congress do it behind doors all the time. It doesn't look bad, but honest.

  23. We don't want another lame duck

  24. The Democrats are going to block the people from getting a investigation of The binding administration so this could go on forever on the way we can take this country back is by force

  25. Everyone knows McCarthy will get what he wants for the simple fact that great majority of members of the house are for sale. They always have been. That’s how Washington works. That whole town is for sale. You can’t depend on most of them to keep their word. There’s no such thing as loyalty in the house of reps. The trick is to find the of each individual. McCarthy simply has to find everyone’s price. This scam is a sham. Shows how corrupt American politics have become. Nobody stands by their beliefs anymore. They are all for sale. Be prepared to live with McCarthy as house leader. Bunch of bums , if you ask me.

  26. What a farce this leadership race has become. McCarthy has bargained away what exactly. He is wheeling and dealing powers that don’t belong to him as we speak. There is nothing Democratic with what is going on in The house of republicans. Hopefully Americans realize that many of those same republicans participated adversely in the January 6th assault on the Capitol. What a sham. What a scam. I wonder who McCarthy has to suck up to, to get his dream job. What’s he willing to do. How far will he go. What will it cost Americans. You need to ask yourself these questions.

  27. No to McCarthy! People are tired of business as usual!

  28. bogart and gaetz quite the team … that guy should have been in jail a long time ago ——– loonies

  29. Biden is a walking embarrassment

  30. Is it debate or just you have a wing in your party that just doesnt knowwhat they are doing and just stalling because its a hamè to them! GOP is just inept period.

  31. 2022 Who knew…the year that all congressman show up for a vote and actually work! Too bad it's self-serving.

  32. Iam an outsider who loves USA so much and pray for many friends up there. On this house speaker disputes, im thinking that Mc Carthy is still the best one for this transition process after the past January 6th saga. In the long run, let the Republican prepare the next candidate after McCarthy is step down. This is not for one person or for the one party glory but for America and the world. America's role is still need in the world. May God bless America.

  33. What's the 'over-under' on McCarthy I wonder? Will he go under 200 or over 204?

  34. the republicans are not in disarray and the embarrasment is Joe and the sheep that voted for him,and that is on the world stage

  35. The way ABC News is labeling Republicans:
    McCarthy and co = "moderates"
    MTG Bobert Gaetz etc = "conservatives"

    None of them are moderates. There are roughly a dozen moderate members of the GOP caucus in the house. 150+ votes to overturn an election based on absolutely no evidence and against all common sense.

    The news media has learned nothing. NOTHING. They are normalizing all these extremist idiots at light speed. Pure political oblivion.

  36. So now a deal or bribe is ok?

  37. Biden got the nerve to call someone embarrassing 😭

  38. That's all BS… 21 congressmen and women are cleaning the swamp.

  39. That's all BS… 21 congressmen and women are cleaning the swamp.

  40. Away from the subject: Biden made it with the steps this time.😬