Live: McCarthy visits with Border Patrol personnel

McCarthy visits with Border Patrol personnel.

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  1. McCarthy stop whining like a little baby. You are doing this o get freedom caucus support for your run for speaker. You can’t impeach someone because you disagree with policy. What a joke you are.

  2. The fentanyl alone is enough to end that border yet this administration continues to insult America intelligence !

  3. Haters of America are paying sick diseased people to come here Biden Administration is allowing it!

  4. These people are coming here sick they are so full of diseases their not making it it germ warfare they know their sick that why their sending them to make us sick.

  5. Wouldn't you like to know who told ALL those people that our border was open ?!?! C'mon, do you really think they pay attention to our daily politics —–etc?? This was perpetrated on PURPOSE for a DELIBERATE REASON !!!! Pray 🙏 for the lost !!!! Thanks & Gods Blessings to those fighting for our Country !! May The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY WATCH OVER you, give you Wisdom, Bless you, and protect you and yours 💕✝️🎺🤗🙏 ❣️

  6. If leadership continues to fail keeping our country safe at the borders, then America must protect our borders and show the world how America will do it, with the help of our CONSTITUTION.

  7. I lost my brother to Vietnam .my Dad gave a leg in Korea. This administration is nothing less than treason to this country . I would never let my son fight for this country because this country has become not worth fighting for. This administration is bad enough. But the American people to let this happen makes me sick.

  8. I love, good, honest people….thank you for staying with it. We recognize your efforts and accomplishments.

  9. We have liars and criminals in our government. Justice first, mercy later for the criminals who come across the border. And what about those in the government??

  10. It’s Biden turn for impeachment. Openly violating federal law. Not some phony phone call. Hey dummy secure the borders.

  11. Impeach the Dems .Maybe the Dems are on the take with the Cartel,movies are out there .

  12. They don't leave the camps without doing background research, right?

  13. impeach biden he did all this. impeach impeach.

  14. The sooner they impeach Alejandro Mayorkas the better.

  15. Ship them all to New York, California, Chicago, San Francisco, that’s what they want anyway. All while 2-300 Americans die from fentanyl daily.

  16. Boycott the purchase of goods and services worldwide from all the states in the U.S. where Republican, hateful, and deranged Nazis call the shots. No support for National Socialism on our planet.

  17. Now, Republicans, be firm and unwavering and keep your promises to take acting against all the liars and cheats in Washington politics

  18. Finally the adults are back. Hopefully they can make some improvements and fix what the democrats have messed up.

  19. biden for treason as well, and his gaggle of dem goons

  20. mayorkas needs to be tried for treason, and suffer the old day punishment for treason

  21. Send all illegals back
    What a shame of the demos 🤮🤮🤡🤡🤬🤬🥶🥶

  22. Send all illegals back
    What a shame of the demos 🤮🤮🤡🤡🤬🤬🥶🥶

  23. Cannot hear message. Almost mute

  24. So if you get rid of Mayorkas, what are you going to do to prevent Biden from putting another Mayorkas in his place? We need to get back to remain in Mexico and SEND A MESSAGE that they'll be sent back if they try to enter.

  25. The entire Biden administration should be charged for treason and genocide!!

  26. I can't wait to hear of Jan 3rd as being the day that…
    America Stood Proud Again!
    Jan 3rd, Jan 3rd, Jan 3rd, that sounds nice and should be celebrated!

  27. We want Treason charges brought against all of them.
    You can have your investigation, but when you fade them out and no one is held accountable.

    We, the Voters will not forget.
    Who is sitting in the wettest part of the swamp…

  28. Show me all the bus loads of the thousands that are at the borders being sent back across the border. I haven't seen any. Anyone else see them sent back. Where are they being delivered to. I'd like to see border patrol sending them back on camera where this is happening. Anyone else want to see that for themselves?

  29. How many ou our Children need to Die over the Drugs being Smuggled by Illegals,for them (The Illegals to have a better Life?)So the wokes care more about Illegals To have a better Life?Excuse me!We need this so called leaders be imprisoned!They took an Oath,And wiped their B.tts.With it.They have Mocked our Nation
    Revoke The secretaries immigration papers and send him Back to where ever his from. He does Not Deserve to be called an AMERICAN.

  30. I lost my stepdaughter operational at about 33 years to fentanyl and fire shots several years ago when I went on full alert to end this fentanyl poisoning and end the prohibition on the one good herb for pain, discomfort, and many good uses cannabis hemp 🌱🌱🌱 End the prohibition on God’s gift. APR4USA 🇺🇸

  31. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸APR4USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  32. You should know that they turn your volume down so many of us cannot hear so you just don’t get heard

  33. People killed by illegals we need to hold Biden accountable

  34. Something about a horse and a K9 comes too mind,

  35. America I'm looking at some prison time for these people who was accountable for this crisis they're in trouble trouble trouble trouble and they might as well just go home and put on that cat Stevens song remember that song America from cat Stevens the name of the song is called trouble I think a lot of them will go home and hear that song

  36. McCarthy when you take over the house all you have to do is start the impeachment process to get rid of sleepy Joe and a laughing hyena, Harris then you can start doing some things cuz once you impeach sleepy Joe and, Harris you will become president and then you can start doing things the changes country and to close the wall the built the wall and go after the people that are accountable of this mistakes

  37. I shead no tears for those who don't listen about the drugs, their own blood on their own hands and Bidens responsible for it all.