Thursday , January 21 2021
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Live: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing | NBC News

Watch coronavirus livestream coverage of the outbreak as COVID-19 spreads, impacting markets and daily life across the U.S. and abroad.

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Live: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing | NBC News


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  1. Can you imagine if he would be the President?

  2. Gov CUOMO, THANK YOU for SAVING MY LIFE! IGNORE the HATERS!!! Keep up your FIGHT for us!!!


  4. Cuomo wants to place blame on everyone except himself and his administration for the mess New York State had with the Coronavirus. He especially wants to blame President Trump. He constantly cries we need this we need that. He is the one responsible for New York State and that includes health matters. Trump brought in the hospital ship Comfort, set a emergency temporary hospital, ordered GM and other companies to produce ventilators. Cuomo got what he asked for, then he says it is all Trumps fault and New York needs more. Cuomo claims the virus came from Europe to New York. Was it not Trump that shut down flights from China then
    Europe in spite of so-called experts like WHO that said it was not necessary? Now that Trump has passed a presidential order to extend benefits and the States would have to shoulder some of the cost Cuomo says that is "laughable". What New York home to Wall Street and all major banks is broke? I can see why the Democrats want to delay benefits to Americans in a time of need. Create as much pain and chaos before the election in November they can. Then say it is all Trumps fault. Cuomo needs to man up and take responsibility and stop blaming Trump for all his problems.

  5. Look at the rest of the world and see the difference! Everyone wore masks, they kept politics out and Health experts and scientists in the forefront. Masks work! Quit your belly-aching people! As a nurse, I wear a mask 13 hours at work and outside of home.

  6. Dont believe a word governer corona says ! Fake news ! Fake Virus ! He defunded the police,,already 70 people shot n killed on the weeked alone ! Crime rate is skyrocketing ! He will add the crime related deaths to the fake virus as well ! research for yourself ! list to anything but the fake news on TV,,they are run by the CIA,,agenda is to get Trump out of office. Trump is DRAINING THE SWAMP ! VOTE TRUMP 2020 MAGA !


    How is Contact tracing valid/ scientific…test results can/do change each day for same person?

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  8. Fireworks are especially challenging for veterans with PTSD.

  9. CNN is a joke. Nice paper mache mountain. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  10. I want to know when the Egyptian Pyramids will be torn down as Eqyptians are know to have been dark color people because slaves built the Pyramids! My ancestors were those slaves!!

  11. I call this “Transparency Hill”. Como’s decision to put Covid patients in nursing homes caused a huge spike in cases and deaths. Then the public found out and demanded they stop, the curve strayed to slowly descend. Without transparency who knows how tall this mountain would have been.

  12. Let's have a good laugh … and imagine Biden meeting Putin.

  13. Utah was the #1 in Economy in the Nation, in the last five years. Now to recuperate is going to take years. You have to accept that this is a HOAX.

  14. Please, stop the LIES from Dr. Fauci. So, don't listen to CDC. THEY ARE LYING. Governor CUOMO please, don't let them deceive you. They did with several governor including The Utah Governor Gary Herbert.

  15. Cuomo is a magician. He could lecture anybody … even to Obama !!!!

  16. I’m so glad to live in New York tbh

    Please call for study of 80%+ Blacks dying on ventilators as opposed to Oxygen, Hydroxichloriquine, and…
    research the following to Strengthen Immunity and Save Lives.
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  18. If you test more you will get more positives. What is happening is Herd Immunity!!!! which we should have done from the beginning.. and what was done for hundreds of years..currently …Yes, you test positive, most get well, less then a week sometimes you don't even know you were infected. This virus dwindled to a flu like or cold..and some with no symptoms.  
    The lockdown was wrong you NEVER lock down the healthy!! only ones with a compromised immune system. You never put Covid patients with the elderly!! Shame on you!! These rules are crazy with restaurants.. wear a mask when you enter a restaurant, get seated , when you get to eat you can take your mask off.. Tell me,, Mr. Cuomo what viruses are left at the entrance of a restaurant. ?? The people of New York want our lives back!! I see why people are leaving this state to relocate. people are committing crimes! let out of jail with no bail!! what are you thinking? how is this better?

  19. Don’t do indoor dining please. It’s nice weather. People can wait…

  20. God Bless u governor u did 👍🏾🙏🏿🙏🏿❤️

  21. Swallow your pride
    Let Trump handle things

  22. I think a way to solve the indoor dining situation might be to give owners a choice to get a HEPA filter for their air conditioning or to possibly convert their restaurant to be open air, ie, opening up all windows and using fans to ventilate instead. Perhaps that will help owners who have problems changing their air conditioning system cos I'd imagine many of them are already struggling. They could also explore setting up dividers to shield groups from each other and where each space is disinfected after groups of customers leave and before new customers are allowed in

  23. Look at all the photos I have of real meat market in China, killing dogs and cats. anyone for Chinese food?

  24. Look at crap China eats= root of outbreak.

  25. omg…gotta see what stefanik has got to say about the nursing home deaths…better see whos in denial then

  26. I’d vote for this guy regardless in our current choices or presidential nominee,,, Let’s all write in his name instead of troll. Or creepy joe

  27. He said the New Yorkers did it and he did nothing. ha ! He's been awesome. He governed and people from all over the U.S (including me in utah) watched his daily briefings for info, support and guidance. You could see how tired he looked. No wonder so many people love him. He's one of us… I'm proud of him.

  28. Thank you for your leadership! We live in Hawaii and have listened to your daily reports as a sense of what is really going on. Thank you for giving it straight up! We have had to wear masks here for months too and it WORKS along with all the other measures!!!!

  29. Did Cuomo enforced the mask wearing during the riots?

  30. "The nursing home ripper" Cuomo

  31. People pls look at the death rate in NY from Covid compare to other states.

  32. Thank you for continuing these wonderful addresses, Gov. Cuomo! You give me hope for the future!

  33. You lier cdc shows over 36000 new cases for you

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