Friday , January 22 2021
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Live: New York Governor Cuomo Holds Briefing | NBC News

Watch coronavirus livestream coverage of the outbreak as COVID-19 spreads, impacting markets and daily life across the U.S. and abroad.
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Live: New York Governor Cuomo Holds Briefing | NBC News


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  1. and the absolute IDIOTS of NY will re-elect him AGAIN. Bet me!

  2. Cesspool of democratic agenda drivin politics,,,,Dont believe a word governer corona says ! Fake news ! Fake Virus ! He
    defunded the police,,already 70 people shot n killed on the weeked
    alone ! Crime rate is skyrocketing ! He will add the crime related
    deaths to the fake virus as well ! research for yourself ! listen to
    anything but the fake news on TV,,they are run by the CIA,,agenda is to
    get Trump out of office. Trump is DRAINING THE SWAMP ! VOTE TRUMP
    2020 MAGA !

  3. R. Lalbiaktluanga

    ​Look at this Miracle and think. = Rebounding in Life – It's a Miracle . = All life matters Black or White, peace for everybody. PEACE. (please share on every groups you are in) 😃

  4. Chinese Coronavirus spread is due to the rioting and crazy protesters part of the black lives matter nonsense. All lives matter in ✝️ God’s eyes 👀

  5. Why do you financially motivate hospitals to put death as Covid19??? Any reason for that? Hmmmm, how come deaths from cancer and heart disease are at all all time low… its a miracle everyone dies now from Covid 19. Keep up the pressure Cuomo, keep people scared , so that at the flick of a button, somewhere around election time, you can lockdown again, to enable postal voting…easy to rig and cheap Trump out of the Presidency he deserves, but hey guess what the people are waking.. if you cant lock down with a BS virus, how abou some more psyop riots… your plan is as transparent as a cheap book! If these trusting people cannot see the truth, let me help to open their eyes. I can tell when you are lying, its the minute you open your mouth.

  6. He keeps it one hundred and one…from what i see

  7. Hate me don't care am poor like everyone body life matter

  8. I CUOMO but I don’t support him with the new plan for the police . They risk they live every day keeping the city safe . Every body have the same opportunity in this country just you have to educate go to school , look Obama was president that is an example that they can change their life. But other just chose the other way , the easy one .

  9. This guy loves to hear himself talk

  10. I love this guy. He has "bigly words" and knows how to use them. Not surprising what states are escalating. All the repubs who refuse to use science to protect their constituents.

  11. Racial Tension more like Civil War

  12. Get Him and His Brother off the air.

  13. Sorry, Al Sharpton does nothing but race bate & stir up trouble. Shutting off press briefing now.

  14. Keep selling it. Getting things done. Action. Time to listen some more. Only Dr. Cuomo know best.

  15. So when do food courts in the mall open ?!

  16. How IT is possible some people like cuomo can be so blind

  17. Sharpton is a fraud and criminal. Shocked to see him up there. In 1991, he led mobs of rioters, inviting them to violence through the streets of crown heights. Police sat and watched under dinkins. A teenager was stabbed to death and others injured. This man is a criminal

  18. This man just lost 50k+ votes from NY police with his anti-police stance

  19. By gee, America does have some bright and articulate leaders! I am not American, but we were all starting to think that everyone in US are as thick as Trump., I suggest that you all got VOTE!

  20. Congratulations on a Job well done.

  21. The governor got more popular than he have ever been. As a artist, I just did a portrait drawing of him. I hope he likes it. 😊

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