Saturday , November 28 2020
Home / News / Lori Loughlin Hit With Another Felony Charge In College Entrance Scandal | NBC Nightly News

Lori Loughlin Hit With Another Felony Charge In College Entrance Scandal | NBC Nightly News

Prosecutors say Loughlin and 10 other parents are now facing conspiracy to commit bribery charges. If convicted, it could mean even more prison time.
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Lori Loughlin Hit With Another Felony Charge In College Entrance Scandal | NBC Nightly News


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  1. This Privileged People Problems.. 😒

  2. Shes going to the "full house".

  3. Why is the actual collage not in the spot light. She just wanted her daughter to live the high life. How much money did these scam collages take from other celebs? She might of did wrong but to say she should be on jail for up to 45 years is unjust. The collage should face reprimands. BS

  4. Spoiled rich people “IS NOT NEWS”…..this is a subliminal mind implant from NBC News to turn folks against President Trump….WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  5. Once again you're rich liberal socialist Democrats from California thinking the rules don't apply to them ! Sort of like a Gavin Newsom !

  6. Wow! Something finally knocked that smarmy smile off her face.

  7. what loathsome wretched arrogant pigs. PIGS. PIGS – PIGS – PIGS – PIGS – PIGS.

  8. Spoiled rich people 👊👊

  9. She'll get 1 day in prison 🤣🤣

  10. hope she beats it… if only to balance out the disproportional hate from the hypocritical press and public…

  11. Sweet! I'd love nothing more than see those two snotty stuck up brats mommy put in real prison…not jail … prison

  12. The worst that will happen is that they do a deal where the husband carries the can (as men always do) and she gets off on a lesser charge. And I mean I don't even know the details of the case but that's how things work.

  13. Meanwhile, a black woman gets sentenced to 5 years in jail for giving a false address in order to get her kid into a better school.

  14. She's been pooping her pants

  15. Does she realize how very serious "Conspiracy" is?
    Five more solid years!

  16. Lori you and your husband broke the law .You are caught you cant pretend your not caught .Just peed out and accept your fate

  17. Unlike Felicity , Lori is going to spend real time in a real jail. She deserves it.

  18. Row row, row the boat, gently up sh*t creek.

  19. Criminal charges against the parents for bribery, I am not saying what they did was right but the punishment is not fitting to the crime, The tables have turned and the wrong has been exposed now where to draw the line and set boundaries that even the rich and famous have to follow (right), should it include jail or prison and what about any other person that has cheated on a test (Pay fine's and penalties) don't pass her kids unless they retake the tests and pass .. It's that simple … Right ?

  20. it's hard to conjure up any sympathy for her.

  21. USC + MASSIVE entitlement…PUULEEEASE make it a minimum 5 year sentence of REAL jail time. Otherwise, there is no hope for the system.

  22. 'Rick Perry’s replacement, Dennis Rodman charged with battery' – NBC website 🤣😅

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