Thursday , September 24 2020
Home / News / Lori Loughlin Pleads Not Guilty To New Charges In College Admissions Scandal | NBC Nightly News

Lori Loughlin Pleads Not Guilty To New Charges In College Admissions Scandal | NBC Nightly News

Actress Lori Laughlin and her fashion designer husband both pleaded not guilty to a new charge of conspiracy to commit bribery in a superseding indictment. Laughlin waived her next court appearance in a signal she is heading toward trial.
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Lori Loughlin Pleads Not Guilty To New Charges In College Admissions Scandal | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Strong as the case may be, I'll reserve opinion until verdict is in. All of U.S. has seen how unfair courts are especially for the affluent. Epstein perfect example.

  2. $500000 up in smoke. Jail in her future.
    I hope the kids at least get degrees in engineering or business instead of underwater basket weaving, video gaming or ethnic studies.

  3. They thought they were applying to USC: Use Scam Cheat. Google "universe of use scam cheat"

  4. She should have pled guilty because she is guilty… she could have served her time by now…now she's running the risk of getting more jail time than the other parents… not a good strategy!!

  5. She will go free. Just like Trump did even tho he colluded with Russians. Or Giuliani did even tho he paid hush money to stormy daniels (the third rate cheap prostitute, you remember her…). That's the joke that is the US justice department.

  6. Something is wrong with her, and the only is years in prison.

  7. Lori who taught you to not take accountability this is going to cost you a lot! Very Sad someone gave you the wrong advice for EGO!

  8. Her only hope is to find an ill fitting glove

  9. As expected when you don't fall for the gov's line, they will add more charges. They did in my case and I went to trial. The gov is nothing but a pit of snakes.

  10. They are going to love her husband's apple cheeks up in the big house.

  11. Come on guys now—Rich, white, famous and living in America. Might get a week or two if that and in some high end comfortable prison. Let’s be real this sh** has been happening for years. I wonder how many people are in sweet jobs making nice incomes and their degrees were “earned”* just like this. Nothing new here.

  12. There going to crucify her….

  13. Lori should be locked up for several years. Her 2 daughters should do a " semester " in jail as a lesson.

  14. So Arrogant! Another one "Above the Law!!"

  15. she's getting bad advice from somebody.

  16. 45 years isn't bad. Time flies when you're having fun.🎶It'll go like dusk to dawn 🎼

  17. Crimes of the Rich and Famous

  18. In a Clear signal her and her fashion designer husband are going to need him to design their prison outfits

  19. Its too bad that she is making things worse. If her daughters have charges, then its possible the family will spend time in prison! Maybe they could buy each other a candy bar from the canteen for Christmas. How sad to possibly destroy four people's lives! Just take a darn plea deal, serve a few years and then get on with your life.

  20. I’ve never seen anyone not be convicted for conspiracy. Never.

  21. Martha Stewart will write to her.

  22. NBC's comment section is turned off on the dim candidate clown show, and we all know why.

  23. Real criminals out there pursue them instead of wasting time here

  24. Do not pass go , go directly to jail.

  25. She better pray and hard for white priveledge leniency.

  26. She is Soo going to prison.

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