Thursday , January 28 2021
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Lou Dobbs slams Chief Justice Roberts over DACA ruling: He's 'lost his mind'

FOX Business host Lou Dobbs discusses the Supreme Court upholding the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with Republican National Lawyers Association vice president Harmeet Dhillon. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Roberts has not lost his mind, he is obviously being blackmailed, he is dirty, his name is on Epstein’s flight logs, which means somebody has incriminating photos and video tape of Roberts doing something berry berry bad, likely with children.

  2. Chief justice Roberts is the virus in the Supreme Court. Don't trust anything about him.

  3. I'm sure Justice Roberts is losing sleep over Lou Dobbs' opinions.

  4. A judge should never be elected for life , you are stuck with a useless corrupt senile judge for many years.
    And those swamp creatures are employed to work for the people , they are making their own law.

  5. JackA had one? Now that's news!

  6. Robert’s is nothing but. a Weak Spineless , Rhino…..

  7. The smirk on his face reminds me of how Comey used to smirk – like he know he was untouchable. What a disgrace.

  8. Roberts is bought and paid for.

  9. Looks like to me that judge Cavanaugh, is another judge Roberts!

  10. She made a mistake about Michigan

  11. Congress can “solve” this DACA issue that Obama put thru by “Executive Order” which is illegal. Somehow one has to believe Congress enjoys issues rather than just fixing the problem.

  12. Roberts plus Lolita express and other perversities! Please get rid of this Scumbag !DR SOLHEIm Norway!

  13. He hasn't lost his mind. The deep state has something on him. Watch, more and more people will vote in unexpected ways. Everyone who seeks power, has skeletons.

  14. God please watch over her as she helps us all. ❤

  15. Judge Roberts is a far left sewer leftist. He lied when he was sworn in. Thinks he is pulling a fast one with his dirty trick.

  16. Roberts is a lier peace of crap

  17. Jusice Roberts has a big health sizears , so this may affect his judgment.

  18. If we can get this legitimately pulled off re-election of Donald Trump I want to know where ghislaine Maxwell is being sequestered hopefully Trump has her safe in a bunker somewhere and when he gets re-elected all of these demons will be brought down

  19. I've got a feeling but somebody has some severe serious dirt on this guy or he's been groomed from a young man to make his way through the back door as a sneaky Democrat liberal communist Manchurian candidate kind of supreme Court Justice

  20. You know what I don't understand these judges get an office in their Supreme Court and their lifetime judges until they die or retire my thing is if they're corrupt blackmailed or compromised by Foreign entities with money bribes not following the Constitution that they laid an oath to with their hand on that Bible they can be ousted out of their seat for not upholding the Constitution which is the law of the land of the country rule of law you can be prosecuted and sent to prison under the Military Tribunal for treason peace

  21. The California state legislature has no interest in changing things if it means that the Democrats lose one iota of their power. I am quite surprised that the Trump DOJ has not stepped in (I did not expect such from the Obama DOJ, and won't expect it from a Biden DOJ).

  22. Mucho ojo en California hubo mucho fraude
    Honestamente debe alunarse las elecciones
    En este estado

  23. jayshetty nelly timconway andioop

  24. Roberts is now 65. He should retire if he cannot do his job without compromise….

  25. Justice Roberts is a traitor

  26. No way California will go for Trump.

  27. Lou Dobbs knows better but he is supporting the lies and cruetly and voter suppression of Trump.

  28. They sent me double someplace is triple balance

  29. Roberts has become a major problem! He needs to resign for overstepping his boundaries by changing wording to make it work how HE wants!

  30. agree, vote President Trump for 2020

  31. Rental properties get multiple ballots from former tenants that did not change their address with Supv. of Elections.

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