Saturday , January 16 2021
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Lou Dobbs: The federal government has left us zero confidence

‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ host Lou Dobbs reports the latest on the cyberattack. #FoxBusiness

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  1. If they can get into our government that easy, what about Dominion voting machines.. piece of cake 🍰

  2. Lou Dobs …perhaps Trump is actually keeping the info on his respionse is from the LEAKERS , globolust news, deep state domestic terrorrists, etc etc….so many treasonous anti Americans everywhere. Fox is part pf sound just like them!.

  3. You love to point the finger of scorn don't you? Why are you pointing the finger of scorn at the president? And this is different than Pearl Harbor in Pearl Harbor people's lives were lost it was a physical attack. Cyber attack is much more complicated Japan dropping bombs on Pearl Harbor. That is very simple. Japan drop some bombs we drop some bombs back. And it's very easy to accuse people of cyber attacks because you never seem to be able to produce any evidence of that. Is ridiculous to give your battle plans out and tell the enemy what you're about to do.

  4. What else did you expect after 4 years of trump?

  5. Well the 2 nd wave is going to really make a difference for the Good and honest truth seeking people who believe that they have been abused by the media by the left and those who are in federal positions. We have no choice but to prepare for worst and pray for the best.
    President Trump will protect this country because we have to many people who are selling out our country and our freedoms. Good luck to all of you and let’s hope for a better new year

  6. Lou Dobbs on point. Thank you sir

  7. Everyone around the world can see the fraud in America. It's a corrupt state just like the rest.

  8. Sounds like the Manchurian Presidents last hurrah. He's scuttling the entire system before he 's kicked out.

  9. I’d be SHOCKED if this attack were really from Russia! I’d bet almost anything it came from China or from the “inside!”

  10. Hey Lou you had retract your dominion voter machine lies 😂😂😂😂😗


  12. Hey Dobb's. Trump put out an even more lame message. …. " Fake hews ! " He said this immediately after Pompeo stated that it appeared to be his Russian friends / handlers !

  13. China, Russia blah blah, when it comes to cyber attacks the main thing to be concerned about is our own governments using cyber attacks on us own in order to prevent people recognising that the real enemy is global fascist technocrats and the politicians that have sold out to them. Once we mobilise, it’s all over for them, so every distraction will be put in place by the mainstream media.

  14. thank you LOU for being emotional about this con. believe me when I tell you Washington and his troops were emotional too. go gettem LOU.

  15. What happens to our Supreme Court? Why John Roberts and the other doesnt resign? Shame on Justices.

  16. You realize Trump is the head of the Federal government? Zero confidence is right!

  17. Russia or China. We have so many in our government that are in bed with China.

  18. So everything that the NSA has collected on citizens of this country may very well be in another country's hands? Sweet. Not!

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