Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Louisiana AG: Our concern is protecting the consumers

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry on the concerns of states attorneys general over big tech.

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  1. Tell 'big tech' they're not law enforcement nor dictators. This has to stop now, not drag out for years until enough attorneys have
    filled their pockets with big tech bucks.

  2. These media/social companies share everything with the NSA. They made money doing it, it was our tax dollars that paid them.

  3. Let's sue them on an individual, state, and federal level. Crush bug tech

  4. Break them up and stop all personal data sharing. Eliminate targeted advertising. And create a secondary internet that is ad free and focused primarily as reference for education and public debate. They think they are god and they can recreate society in there preferred image.

  5. They are PUBLISHERS, not platforms. No more protections.

    Break them up Now!

  6. If you are a Globalist, Socialism is what they want for the USA… Google backs the Globalists 100%..

  7. Facebook is a spy, Twitter is a tracking geo location tool, and Google is Global Political Espionage..all three trace roots back to CIA/Darpa.

  8. In a nutshell: platform vs. publisher They have to pick one and follow the rules for one or the other. If they want to censor, they are a publisher and are open to lawsuits like a NY Times or a WaPo. I like the anti-trust idea personally. Break them up like they did with the telephone industry.

  9. Tech companies should be FORCED to honor the 1st Amendment. In the 21st century social media platforms are the public space, they should be regulated as such.

  10. Also persecute those bastards from Autodesk!!

  11. We will take it in the shorts in the end. You watch. Cannot turn it off. They are globalist and a propaganda arm. Screw you people.


  13. Big tech must be broken to small tech and be regulated for their bias against conservative voices.

  14. Break up Google, Facebook and Twitter. NO MORE INFORMATION MONOPOLIES! That's how Conservatives are silenced, liberal information monopolies.

  15. Thank goodness Louisians is still making sense. Utah got bought out my Google so we cant expect any support from Sen. Lee anymore.

  16. Break them up, they want to control everything,,theymdont need any part of our governments,

  17. Why do FOX NEWS have a large number of EX WH, Judges, Senators, etc Because they Failed in their jobs

  18. Use the Commerce Clause. You can get anybody using the Commerce Clause. As these companies are engaged in Commerce…And people are the Product their selling. To 3rd Party companies. Up to and including Wire tapping their Costumers. Which is a Federal Crime. So now they fall under the R.I.C.O act. They used deception to circumvent the law.

  19. Barr could go down as the best AG we have seen in our lifetime.

  20. Anti-trust laws are socialist! Republcians are embracing socialism! It's still socialism, even if you don't use the label 'socialism'!

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