Sunday , November 29 2020
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Making Healthy Beautifying Snacks with Madeleine Shaw! | Fashion Mumblr

So you guys know how much I LOVE Madeleine Shaw’s recipes, well, today’s video is a collaboration with her – and we are making some delicious healthy snacks! A filling and delicious Energy Bar, and some tasty Hummus.

Make sure you head over to Madeleine’s channel for lots of beautiful Wellness, Lifestyle, Beauty and of course, healthy eating videos. I absolutely adore her meditation videos – SO relaxing!


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  1. Really loving your videos Josie

  2. Are these recipes good when wanting to lose weight? ☺️

  3. Loved this video 🙂 What are the quantities of the ingredients so I can make them at home?

  4. This was fab! Just hope my blender can do it… also no pecans where I live 🙁

  5. Great idea this video!😍👍🏽

  6. Loved the collab! 💐🌸🌷🌺🌻🌹

  7. Love this and going to subscribe to Madeline now

  8. Where can I get the recipes from?

  9. It looked like a fun video to make,Madeline is so funny and natural,Great video,will try the receipes

  10. You both look lovely and the beauty bites look so tasty! 😍
    Would love to see more vids like this. I love both of your chanels, great video!

  11. Great video I love the look of them bars ! Xx

  12. where can I find written recepe?

  13. Off to look at Madeleine's channel! I love homemade hummus and raw cocoa bars or energy balls.

  14. Going to have to try both of these! I need to get a food processor lol. I really wanted some of that hummus. Off to watch the other video on Madeleine's channel! 🙂

  15. Yum those bars are to die for 😋😋

  16. Such a nice video, Madeleine is really lovely! Really liked this collab and must say I have really been enjoying Vlogtober. Hummus is so good been doing my own for years its so easy, i also like to add a little garlic and olive oil and serve it topped with some chopped parsley, tip: if you want to have a super smooth hummus its always nice to strain it, takes some time but its so worth it 🙂 Xx

  17. Hello Josie! YUMMY 🙂 I love dates and hummus is such a great snack.  xoxo

  18. Do you know where the flowers in the intro were from? odd question i know! x

  19. I clicked on this thinking it was freddy my love! you look so alike 😱 love your videos! new sub here🤗

  20. Gorgeous! I used to make hummus a lot but haven't for ages. You've Re inspired me! X

  21. Would love to see more videos like this 🙂

  22. I would love to see more of these collabs!

  23. You guys are so cute! Really enjoyed this collaboration!

  24. Love it, definitely going to make these! Does anyone have the recipe, or know how much of each ingredient to use for the chocolate bars? X

  25. Really have to try that.
    You both look so lovely!

    Btw wanted to ask in another video already: what is the gold nail polish you wearing Josie?

  26. These recipes are great, I will be making them for Thanksgiving!! 🙂

  27. I love this!! My two favourites in a video ☺️ Josie, I love how you didn't know what crudités were and you admitted it 😂😂 X

  28. Enjoyed the collaboration! Will have to try the beauty bars, I love dates.

  29. It looks very tasty, have to try the recipes : )

  30. Great video! I'll need to try these energy bars as I snack on too much unhealthy food.

  31. Love your videos!! do you by any chance know the model number of your tortoise shell prada sunglasses I cant find them anywhere! xx

  32. Such gorgeous ladies and I can't wait to try both of these recipes out 🙂 xoxo

  33. such an amazing video like usual 💗💓💗

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