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Man accused of allegedly plotting next US massacre is charged

Rodolfo Montoya faces four felony charges; Montoya, a California Marriott hotel cook, allegedly told a coworker that he planned to attack coworkers and guests, authorities said.


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  1. nice to hear that a massacre or 2 were avoided!

  2. You guys are the worst reporters I’ve ever seen so what he had illegal firearm. Your argument about gun control is the same as if stopping all vehicles on the road because people drive drunk and kill other people so to start that let’s ban all cars from the road so we can stop people from Diane from the Y racks which by the way our way out and number to death by guns than death by DUI accidents

  3. They’re out arresting people for words what happened to the rest of people for their actions

  4. OK so before he does anything he lets his fellow workers know that he’s going to kill everybody that sounds totally possible nothing fishy to this the story. So what was he arrested for and what probable cause did they have one person’s word and you’re able to go in and search a person’s house. And then some wrong with this story looks so little so pushy

  5. So what he had a A.R. 15 was that really a point that had to be made David

  6. To all you punk ass cowards that are planning to do a mass shooting think again. I've heard many people carry their guns now, so they are going to shoot you back. We should have done this, many years ago. We will be damned if your going to shoot up our families friends and ruin lives.. many are taken to target practice.. Its been said they may just shoot your legs so you get to hear your fate of being known as a punk ass coward. You will have that on your thombmstone. Thats how you will be remembered by,
    Your full name and identity as a PUNK ASS COWARD.

  7. Good im glad he was taken off the streets. Mass murderers should be shipped in the luggage compartment 🤥of the next space shuttle and droped off at pluto, mars, moon saturn.

  8. 700 comments so far… 600 red flags… thanks for letting us know where you are boys. makes taking your guns away that much easier…

  9. That is not an assault rifle that AR15 the AR stands for armor light nothing else that was the original manufacture and I highly doubt he had an arsenal and arsenal consists of many weapons of the same type example if he had 100 AR15s and 100 Glock 17s that would be considered an arsenal Arsenal consists of several hundred weapons or more not five or six weapons

  10. Off to rape world they go… Im hate hearing about this stuff. Where do they get these guns Black market or something? 🤔

  11. Guess what Commiefornia "Strict Gun laws" wouldn't even prevent this in the first place.

  12. The us is planning to do nothing about gun violence and yet we still have monsters planning to kill hundreds of people

  13. Those look like military equipment it you ask me . Where he get those and ever since the epsteins case "all these other stories been coming non stop"

  14. Authorities have been uncovering and preventing a lot of planned massacres recently – kudos to the hard working law enforcement officials.

  15. I guess mental health issues excuses wouldn't work for a Latino😳

  16. Wondering where a person gets an AR-15? OMG, virtually anywhere in USA. Guns are available all over the USA…legal, illegal, doesn't matter anymore.

  17. Guns, guns everywhere in USA. Crazy land!

  18. I never thought I'd see a time where so many young American white males would turn to terrorism. It's terrifying.

  19. They should make that employee an millionaire, that person save some lives

  20. You go Amerika nip it in the bud nip it in the bud I just took a job. At a high school here yes I'm scared to death am I armed I can't say but what do you think

  21. ABC CORPORATE COCK SUCKING NEWS. FUCK ABC. Again wrong targets. Get it right American warriors.

  22. Your not even save any where it’s scary just like nipsy husle shot outside his home

  23. It’s embarrassing to be the same species as people like this. WTF is wrong with people? Could it be satan?

  24. Great job on the hotel. But this isn’t good for the hotel’s image. They shouldn’t have mentioned it’s name.

  25. Go to work make a paycheck, now go to work pray you come home

  26. Back then it was go to school get straight A’s, now it’s go to school and stay alive

  27. 0:49 an AR – 15 is not an assault rifle, love the news

  28. "an ar 15 among the weapons" what

  29. “He’s 15 he’s a little boy” fuck ur kid, he deserves the worst punishment for even saying he’s going to take other peoples lives

  30. You see something say something… Hmmmmm…

  31. Guess I’m the one that acknowledge it..white males finally gone nuttier than squirrel 💩

  32. It shouldn’t matter how old someone is when their talking about mass shootings. It is very serious like that 15 yr old boy he’s a coward and a dumbass little boy

  33. Lock em all up and throw away the keys!! Mom hes 15yrs old hes just alil boy??? Nxt wk on the news 15yr old boy shoots up school and kills classmates!! Lock his 15yr old Ass up and throw away the keys!!!!👍👍👍

  34. DAMN ☠️! He was going to Break'em off something!

  35. Nobodies who want to be remembered for something.

  36. If you hear something, see something, or know something, call the police. Good job.

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