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Man arrested after doorbell camera captures terrifying kidnapping

He was seen allegedly grabbing his estranged girlfriend by the hair, dragging her away and holding her against her will in his home, police said.



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  1. we don't know the context of any of this

  2. that's how cavemen used to choose a mate

  3. Ladies he single and ready to….wait… Nevermind. Lol. Bubba got to him first. Sorry. 😵

  4. Oh man how I wish she would of kicked him in the balls 😤😤

  5. Glad the neighbor didn't ignore it

  6. Fucking asshole!!! I hope he gets rapped and rots in prison!!!

  7. Death penalty for that motherfucker abuser !

  8. he's going to b famous n PRISON! coward woman abuser.

  9. Big man he is dragging his ex around like a toy. There will be new toys for him soon. I don't like male/female violence never will.

  10. Damn, he even looks like the typical sociopath killer. Fuck this guy

  11. Typical violent machismo Mexicans who's bloodline go's back to blood thirsty Mayans or Aztecs.

  12. Why do peoples mug shot, always screams….I'm guilty.

  13. Best ring commercial yet. Also hang the cockroach.

  14. Wait i don't see her kicking🤔 I know i would f##k him up!!

  15. Can’t wait to see what he is going to get in prison 😂😂😂

  16. Keep that scumbag locked up he will do it again

  17. 0:55 this is a bullshit story. Total propaganda/PR for in-home police surveillance. Don't buy it.

  18. What a piece of shit! He’s a monster

  19. What a piece of shit! He’s a monster

  20. I just pray she stays far, far away from him after being saved! I see soooo many women get beat nearly to death, and the very next day go right back into the bastards arms.
    I just pray this was enough for this lady.

  21. I'm a gun owner, yet I do condone these surveillance practices, because most of the time, when an armed individual rescue a domestic violent victim, they intend to feel sorry at the suspect, and backfires at the hero.

  22. The headline says Ex-Boyfriend……
    He better be

  23. Welllll…………..she wouldnt get up. And now that i know that RING shares video with police FUCK YOU RING.

  24. If we had GPS implants in kids til they were 18 and had that kind of technology 50 years ago so many kids lives would have been saved and so many creeps would have been caught before their little creepy rein of terror…..FACTS

  25. Hopefully one of the inmates in Prison will do the same to him😜

  26. May God bless this home owner for saving that young womans life. Get better soon dear.

  27. She must have been scared to death of him, you can imagine what her life was like living with him and you can say “ wth didn’t she leave him “ easier said than done ! As “ they “ say .hope she’s recovering well .

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    cleaning woman, son as
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  29. Wtf is wrong with people these days?! should never put their hands on a women..fucking pussy.

  30. He is a bitch ass hoe!!!!!!! I hope he go to jail for years !!!!

  31. I’m almost certain that bitch deserved it

  32. Is it just me or, am I the only one who is concerned and thankful that the young woman who was dragged Away by that psychotic ex boyfriend of hers is recovering and hopefully will be okay?

  33. throw that piece of shit in the garbage

  34. this guy has dead a shark.glad to see the girl is ok.

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