Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Man gets 100 pound growth removed from scrotum

A Michigan man is over 100lbs lighter after having a large tumor removed from his scrotum.

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  1. The surgeons ballsed up on that one

  2. He looks happy good to see him.smiling

  3. May God give you the desired strength that's needed for you Dan.

  4. Way to go, the worst is behind you now. Onward and upward.

  5. I thank God he well help you dan and your wife and family my prayers are with youll

  6. I hope he is better
    Long surgery best wishes

  7. This man has been through so much 💞

  8. He should sell his old ball bag on ebay

  9. He resembles that Steven assanti Guy

  10. Do you know these video titles that make you click immediately? Yeah.

  11. He’s such an inspiring person. This man has to be one of the many definitions out there for perseverance. ♥️

  12. I always wondered what happens to all the mass and stuff from people when done with surgery, do they burn it or? Idek u know

  13. A man fit to be the protagonist of the Book of Job.

  14. Praise God he made it through & he will get him through the nerve issue as well. Man 16 hrs of surgery that's some hours right their to be under!!

  15. Let us in the UK be very grateful for our NHS, this would not have happened in the UK, but happy for you to aT last be treated

  16. What a title. Can't not click on this. Now he needs to loose a mass of weight.
    Show us your ball bag!

  17. I just seen this video a couple days ago. Hope he's doing well. Best wishes.

  18. What the hell did his mom smoke? Like whats the hardest drug out there? She probably smokes all of them good lord. I though the guy would be the odd part of the video never did I imagine his mother be the weird part. I mean it looks like she smoked plastic or something.

  19. I just finished watching the video showing his original malady. I guess I can no longer say he has plenty of balls talking about it publicly.

    Kidding aside, I hope he's treating his wife to whatever her favorite things are and regularly praising her for never giving up. She's a rare human being in today's politicized, media controlled world.

  20. omg you deserve to be happy god bless you man

  21. Ummm, WHAT ? They present the story as if this guy just woke up one day with this freakin' large lump and OH-H-h it's so sad for him. NO ! It didn't happen that way. He had to have notice this growing larger over time. Frankly, the story doesn't seem believable. They won't show us the ACTUAL over growth given to it's region, so I'm calling this story BullSHIT !

  22. Oh, I thought this guy busted the fattest nut and got 100 pounds lighter.

  23. Good Luck Dan with everything you do deserve a great life. God bless you.🙏💞🦋🌠☘️🌈

  24. He has to loose the other weight now…

  25. I am happy to hear that there was a doctor able to help him get rid of the curse God put on this man as punishment for who knows what. These doctors are the true heroes in the world who can really change a life for the better when they try. They need more credit than some magic man on the sky who most likely gave him the growth.

  26. Great guy, now he can move forward in life. 😀

  27. If he lost weight, he’d be a very handsome guy

  28. It's been almost 5 years since his surgery. Is there an update about him?

  29. Congratulations, Dan Mauer. 2019, five yrs post removal.

  30. Good for you glad you got it removed skin also wish you all good luck for your future

  31. You rock dude!! 😁 for real….you've had battles, me too. Mine are much different battles, but hard none the same. As I listened to you talk about how you would call friends and family and you would cry and tell them what's wrong. How lucky you are.

  32. God bless him i hope for him yo have an amazing future

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