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Man walks into Walmart with rifle, body armor l ABC News

The white male, in his 20s, was stopped by an armed off-duty firefighter at a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, officials said.

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  1. The dumb-fuck-OathKeeper:"Fuck you! I have rights! Honor your oath!" (So-on and so-forth…..)

    All of us 2A supporters know what he was doing, but he's a serious asshole for doing it, now and in this method! He deserves jail or maybe even prison, but not Terrorism charges.

  2. The eyes of the rangers are upon you

  3. News states that the man was wearing a bullet-proof vest, "body armor" for people that don't have any knowledge about the terminology, but he wasn't wearing body armor. The man was wearing a plate carrier without plates. Why than the news would mention he was wearing a plate carrier and refer to it as body armor leads me to assume they have a motive. Of course it is interesting to note that Chuck Schumer the racist recently told media outlets his intention to introduce legislation that would ban body armor. Let me make something very clear, body armor primarily has always been a self-defense tool. To say that these mass shootings where the assailant was wearing body armor could have been avoided by eliminating their ability to wear body armor is dishonest. Or to say that body armor is causing all these shootings and crimes across the US is also statistically false. In fact, criminals that have committed a crime while wearing body armor makes up less than 1% of all crimes committed. Most criminals do not commit a crime wearing body armor, and that is true also for mass shootings. Believe it or not, hundreds of mass shootings occur every year; most from gang related shootings. Of these hundreds of gang related mass shootings that the news never talks about, most of the assailants weren't wearing body armor. This means that out of the hundreds-of-thousands of body armor plates and soft armor bought every year in the civilian market, less than 1% of them would have been used to commit a crime. The 99% of body armor sold that wasn't used to commit a crime was bought for the purpose of self defense. You know what other tool is misused often but not in regards to general every day-to-day use… vehicles. Vehicles are used for transportation but they are also used to evade police, as a get-away car, as a car bomb, to smuggle drugs in between Mexico and the US, to kill large groups of people, to kidnap people, etc. In other words, vehicles, like body armor, have a separate purpose but are also used to commit crimes. To ban vehicles would be counterproductive just as baning body armor would be woefully misguided. You want to prevent deaths as caused by mass shootings, well getting rid of the people's ability to wear body armor sure isn't doing them any favors.

  4. i mean it's a green walmart so wha can you expect

  5. Did he hurt anyone, or do anything illegal?

  6. What has happend to our species? Why the hell do idiots keep wanting to copy other shooters? Our species might become doomed because of these jerks. Copycat shooters are multiplying like rabbits. What is wrong with you people!? I am not shopping at Wal-Mart as much as I usually do. I think Satan has implanted demon juice into people's brains so there could be more violence. All we need is tighter gun laws. I am so angry at trump. He won't do anything to stop these from happening. He is focused too much on other nonsense that is not important.

  7. Tactical weapons: when assault deadly shoot shoot weapons aren't enough.

  8. Vote #JoeBiden To Stop All Hate And Violence That Trump Got Going on

  9. Although stupid the kid didn't have body armour or an assault rifle or a military uniform. The kid that surrendered to the police in the video. How much faker can you get?

  10. A firefighter with a gun.
    Only in America😅.

    Puts out fire by shooting it.

  11. So what's the deal? Was he just out of ammo for some games going on in the bush or wherever and foolishly thought it was a good idea to just go to Wal Mar for more ammo or was he planning on shooting people?

  12. Imagine if there was a shooter when that man was in there, THEN they would be happy

  13. Idiots, he is trying to make a point, Gun laws in the US are insanely stupid. Everybody should do what this man is doing for a change to take place.

  14. How dumb do you have to be to think it was a “prank” or an “experiment” god save America

  15. They should've slaughtered him

  16. The white people are the ones who need mental help name the color of the last 3 or 4 shootings that & when shit like this happens do you here the word WHITE in the reports I could be wrong in some reports it's like you don't wanna exknowledge your selves as if coloured people are that stupid he definitely was gonna kill people with the amount of amonition he was carrying you white people are losing face in the world
    Remember word WHITE in the next shooting that's all I have 2 say

  17. this has communist democrat swamp patsy written all over it

  18. The manager pulling the fire alarm caused the panic, the firefighter pulled a gun on someone who wasn't breaking the law or a threat. Sounds like if anyone is guilty of breaking the law it's these two.

  19. He probably change his mind and was going to kill people

  20. Someone should shoot him next time .

  21. Do not try this if you are black

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