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Man's racist rant about coronavirus and Chinese people caught on camera | USA TODAY

A woman says she felt under attack when a disorderly man began ranting about coronavirus and Chinese people. The rant was captured on video.
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  1. Dude’s got some seriously low self esteem!

  2. OMG look et your self nasty dud🤬

  3. Why is some transient drugged up loser on a bus a national news story?

  4. This is bio …this is another examples of Fools expressing their feelings onto an asian woman ( non Chinese ). This fool need to be famous and let’s give him the attention he needs . An earthling that needs an education . Where is his Mother ? Who’s child is this !? He needs a hug , he have low esteem and he’s projecting his Feelings . People of Los Angelos let’s bring this person to Light . Let his mother n father or employee know the type of person he is…People have to be accountable for their words n action . He needs to reprimanded ASAP . I have never been an interviewer or journalist nor post videos on YouTube but I want to interview him .

  5. He’s kinda right. The Chinese will eat anything and everything

  6. “Hygiene” as he swings on the grab poles, which have been found to have yeast flora among other things growing on them.

  7. fat loud man talking in the train about hygiene and sanity. Ok.

  8. he is criticizing the chinese especially in front of a chinese person 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i bet this dudes mouth hygiene is bad and stupid for criticizing Chinese people god damn !!!! 👿👿 he is one bad ass

  10. The guy was just expressing what lots of Trump supporters feel.

  11. whats the big deal? hes saying the truth. aren't Asians the ones spreading the corona virus around the world? what did he say that was incorrect?

  12. He is right a lot of the plagues did originate in China first before going to Europe. This virus has a segment in common with the aids virus and the rest is like a common cold corona virus. Thai doctors have been able to treat it with a combination of aids medication and flu medication. The Chinese have a research facility about 20 miles or so from the food market they say the virus started at. Some speculation that it was either a bio weapon that escaped or a vaccine they were trying to make that escaped.

  13. He's entitled to his own opinion.

  14. Don’t just says expletive words infront of a filipino because you might find yourself in big trouble.

  15. Dont hate China but hate their gov.

  16. I like seeing MAGA hatters because I know who the klansmen are. Especially, on mass transit

  17. If I was that driver I woulda brake checked that fool.. then remind him passengers need to be seated..

  18. That was just disgusting display.. not all white people act like that.. some of us got sense

  19. He is drunk, Same time s Chinese should stop eating unsuitable stuff.

  20. Everyone talks crap all the time, I been around Asian they talk shit about fat Americans but greet you like you a friend. So just know we are all people and we can’t be control. He has his freedom of speech. Remember China silenced the doctor from speaking just to warn everyone. Speak your mind

  21. The truth has become a sin! Those in power will tell you not to believe what you see or hear. They will tell you to listen to them. We all know men don’t lie right?

  22. China sucks. Stop all visitors from China to the US.

  23. We can't Ignore the Ugly Truth…But it's not that Person(s) Fault ..Right!?…
    We should all Blame The CCP(Goverment) for not being well Prepared after the SARS outbreak decades ago & Ban: Unhealthy Foods/Stuffs for local people to buy/eat or even Sell them!

    Honestly I don't Think: This Virus outbreak has alot to do with that Local Market there…I think it is mostly a containously Virus in the Laboratory itself/Facility in Wuhan!
    Ofcourse there are no Evidence so far….Whoever got a Brain & watched Resident Evil should know…Outbreak of Virus comes from somewhere…:)

    Damn Xenophobia makes people really Sick….Educated or not!

    The best way to have Pre-Cautions of an Outbreak is being on an: Uninhabited Island, just like Robinson Cruise….It safes alot of time/trouble/etc etc…and ofcourse: Pain & Misery like now

    Maybe they shouldn't have experimenting on Dangerous Virus like these….But who am I telling to?????

    Maybe the world needs A.I. better then Human now …without Feelings/Ignorances/etc etc…kind of like: Terminator lolz:) I'll Be Back…Someday:)

    I think this is just the Beginning….WW3 it seems like….War against Virus/against Human Races on Planet Earth!!!!

    2 Songs: Linkin Park-What I've Done & MJ-Heal The World…Peace Outz!


  25. SARS virus came from china in 2002 and due to SARS virus more than 750 died that time and now Corona virus also from China and so far more than 1365 people died . Is it coincidence ?

  26. But he is so right. I totally agree with him

  27. The man's reaction is normal. Plus, I hate to say this but half of what he said is true! Chinese culture doesn't practice good hygiene. Especially, serving food. Avoid Chinese restaurants!

  28. Well he talks about everything disgusting comes from China…….Dude, where’d you come from? I’m sure it wasn’t China and you’re as disgusting as anything can come. You get the award for most disgusting. Say hello to Karma when it comes to pay your ass a visit.

  29. He's just a Mexican retread!

  30. He is not wrong they eat anything and spit everywhere

  31. Racism is a sickness and something we need to get rid of by educating those dumb ass people.

  32. He looks diseased mentally, emotionally & physically. And He doesn't realise. People would avoid him too.

  33. What's the point of making this national news? This guy can think how he wants. Feeling a group of people have bad hygiene is not racist. Even if it were what purpose does this serve? You are the real problem.

  34. This guy needs his own podcast

  35. FACT!
    If this guy was talking about a Black man …this would have been a very different story….
    Lucky for him he's "White" in Trump's America talking about a Chinese Person!

  36. A Mexican sounding man insulting an Asian looking person.


  38. American education seriously failed the Americans… We will only see more of them

  39. They do eat anything bats and snake is what caused crona virus

  40. Lol he got a point nothing good comes from that country

  41. Blacks: Welcome to our world.🤔

  42. How is this racist rant?

    Seems like hes just venting in general. Not racist at all. I agree with most of what he is saying.

  43. He seems drunk or he's on something.

  44. Honestly , hispanics from central American countries and American blacks in general are so ignorant. Just plain ignorant. Sex , drugs and voilence that's all they know and genertions are brought up in that culture alone. Sorry i just pity 'em. 🥱

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