Saturday , January 22 2022
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Mark Morgan: Border still in ‘full blown crisis'

Customs and Border Patrol Acting Director Mark Morgan on the state of the border crisis.

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  1. Thats what a army of mercenary voters looks like a war of votes


  3. Mark there's a blow,fly,on, your, lips,U, fuckwit🤐🖕


  5. I understand that these people want a better life for their family and children but if you can't feed them don't breed them!!!

  6. Catch and release….America is finished. No balls.

  7. You can justify it in your mind however you see fit. One good way is to say "Hey, even the president wants these people gone and do millions of other Americans." Even your church might help you justify it. Here's the truth and the truth STANDS. You will be judged by the stand you take on these poor refugees that have fled their countries, mostly in a state of disarray because of our CIA. Now , being ignorant of all the facts, doesn't excuse you. Christ was clear about how to treat the sojourner. Turn them away, and he will say to you ,I NEVER KNEW YOU. Good luck in the battle between you and you.

  8. He is right about the Dems, they will do nothing to help at the border!! I remember when Schumer and Pelosi said " Mr President there will NEVER ever be a wall " I'm sure hoping they are proven wrong!!! TRUMP KAG

  9. The brown supremacists invading our southern border need a clear message that they are not welcome. Build that wall President Trump.

  10. Looks like Mexico welched on the deal and it's time to close the border and shutdown ALL new immigration applications. Mexico is just going to keep flooding us with every bit of trash from South America!!

  11. No countries citizens should be asked to provide care and needs for these numbers illegally entering the country. Europe and now even Mexico are seeing the reality of it all. Oscare el Blue just did an excellent video on this immigration crisis. It is destroying good countries.

  12. it will only get worst until the wall is built. America will fail soon without this wall!

  13. omg those poor kids… democrats you are horrible people for letting this happen..just gross human beings..

  14. Those kids and mothers have clean, brand new clothes, jewelry, cell phones and look refreshed and vibrant! Something fishy here. They're being sponsored, paid and promised something by some agency or party. And we only talk about the useless issues!

  15. DEW the Illegal Invaders. 🔔🔔🔔🔔 Presiden Trump, your voters want you to secure our borders. 🥊🥊🥊🥊 Do you want to score SIX times with one stroke?

    President Trump, consider the following: Train our Border Patrol to use Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), and do the same thing that California’s Rothschild-controlled Electric Utilities, PG&E and SCE, has done on several occasions, in the past four years. 🛎🛎🛎🛎

    Those utilities cranked up the level of radiation being emitted by their DEW’s to a high enough level that when they squirted them at about 7,000 residential electric meters, the wiring inside the dwelling exploded, causing the entire residence to become immediately irreversibly fully inflamed.

    Why did they do this to innocent citizens? Ask Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, and Gov Newsom.

    Squirt DEW’s at the illegal Border Invaders.

    🥊🥊🥊🥊 When/if DEW’s are applied at our border, there is a multiple benefit: (1.) This will almost instantly remove the threat of invading illegal immigrants penetrating into the USA. (2.) This application of DEW will occur with little injury or loss of life to our courageous border patrol agents, and such (3.) will occur resulting in lesser injury, or loss of life, to our nation’s extremely vulnerable US citizens.

    🥊🥊🥊🥊 With the tactical use of DEW, (4.) the resultant total combined monetary benefits are expected to be enormous. (5.) If you simply borrow these PG&E and SCE Rothschild Utilities DEW’s, while being used against our enemies at the border, at least the evil utilities DEW’s are not being pointed at innocent vulnerable California residences.

    🥊🥊🥊🥊 (6.) President Trump, by your neutralizing some of the evil being acted out by these two California Rothschild controlled Utility Systems, you may be able to save the State of California from total collapse.

    🥊🥊🥊🥊 Thus, President Trump, you will easily get the 6 for 1 benefit, as suggested above. 🥊🥊🥊🥊

    A Brief Period of Adaptability

    🔎🔎🔎🔎 Of course, there may be a brief period of adaptability…invading illegal immigrants may stupidly unwisely try to bluff the border patrol agents…Of course, the agents must make the invading illegals pay for such poor judgment. Thus, initially, there may be a high rate of casualties. So be it.

    🔎🔎🔎🔎 Eventually, setting the squirt levels appropriately, it will become like herding cattle…easy to do. 🥊🥊🥊🥊.

    And, the bottom line, harm to helpless unprotected US citizens, living nearby to the border-barrier, becomes

    President Trump, go for it.

  16. Allow the Militia to guard our borders. I believe it is Constitutional to do against foreign Invaders.

  17. Pelosi is working on increasing then number in Guatemala while restocking her alcohol cabinet.

  18. Good its going down. But that is NOT enough!!!! 82, 000 a month is still way too much!!!! needs to go down to 1,000 or less!!!!

  19. Employers everywhere in this country hire illegals. They act like we need to let them hire these people illegally or else they will not be able to make a profit. If the only way you can be a successful business owner is to have illegal ALIAN labor then may the business burn.

  20. Who is bringing these children to the border, take them home this is sick. Mexico protect your children.

  21. this is all planned out with the no borders by the United Nations one world order starting in 2021 if you think this is bad now 164 Nations sign the United Nations immigration pack the floodgates open up and millions upon Millions upon millions of immigrants will be traveling throughout the world to bombard countries where there be no Sovereign countries or nations left and once we're all diverse with the 5G technology and the collapse of the banking system rising up to a cashless Society we become their slaves! Communist socialism Democratic party at its best!

  22. If USA will end capitalism, then those millions starving could stay in their own country! They come for wage jobs, and US thinks that’s a good system, but that’s the cause of world poverty! US has been forcing every attempt at Socialism to fail! “Rogue State” by WmBlum.

  23. exploit them how about us, Our schools our entire system , this keeps wages down so the rebublican want it & the democrats want the supporters the American is the BIG LOSER

  24. Most of these comments sound like El Paso Walmart shooter’s manifesto

  25. I X it by the year and those numbers say over a million a year so stop ALL LEGAL IMMIGRATION FROM Latino COUNTRYS!! THIS CHANGES OUR ENTIRE SYSTEM.


  27. US gross incompetence is at display here at every level while managing only one land border !
    Now imagine being Russia or China with multiple land and ocean borders !
    Every strategic move they make might look reasonable and logical now !

  28. The Democrats and their disgusting media propagandists have been threatening to increase their attack on America by funding hordes of people to swarm into the US from its southern border. As this gentleman clearly warns, the current success is no guarantee the Democrats will give up their war on America. The insane desperation of the Democrats and their drug cartel sponsors, as well as Communist support through George Soros, shows this war is far from won.

  29. Listen to the Cowardly Joe Biden.
    Listen to the Reason of Joe Biden, the Coward.
    He wants to get votes without telling how he intends to implement his program. No voter knows his fictional plan, because it only comes when he is elected, a politician of the old stamp, who comes with sweet talk to sell his story for the title. Joe Biden as President will strip every voter of good health care, and betray the people abroad. Joe Biden is a burned-out Politician. He is extremely good at lying and twisting the facts as if they had printed. Joe Biden has to take an extended vacation because his brain can not bear the President's job. He is a traitor.

  30. This does not seems like much of a drop seeing how Mexico was suppose to stop this! It seems to me they are still letting people in if they pay the human smugglers they are in partnership with the government. Come on Mr Trump show Mexico you mean business stop this mess more people are coming in now than when you promised to stop this!!

  31. Good but need to get it down to about ZERO%.🤔

  32. We the people know that the politicians and the media are not going to do anything to fix the problem that's why where we go one we go all we will deal with it ourselves more than likely we would have had to anyway God Bless America God bless patriotic nationalist Americans 100% proud to be one have a Q day

  33. That's still too many. When will this stop.

  34. Close the border, arrest and deport illegal And families. I am sick of the dems and the churches And activist. Arrest them all, and should down the employer's and put them in jail.

  35. Congress will come back from their break and then…… Go to lunch! The fix is simple. BUILD THE WALL!!

  36. Sure the border is a mess, Democrats want cheap labor, illegal votes, infrastructure/healthcare/educational systems overloaded while they collect salaries and take lobbyists $$$ and do nothing but promote divisions in this country. Castro just incited folks to punish and hurt other Americans because they donated to the political candidate of their free country choice.
    What a rotten party the Democrats have become, look at their records not their rhetoric the proof of their deceit is in their records. We got just a snippet of Harris corruption during the debate. Biden is out for the $$$ proof in his China deal. And nothing much accomplished during his decades in office. I am glad President is not a politician, I will take the crap he says because of what he does, prison reform, jobs, economy, better deals with Mexico/Canada, getting us out of the lousy Iran deal, my 401k is booming, on and on while congress sits on its behind pointing fingers, pulling racist card, and investigations🙄

  37. Trump needs to bring in the military. This is disgusting. Our nation's sovereignty and culture are being destroyed right before our eyes.

    This will not stop. There is an explicit UN population replacement plan for the US and Europe with tables full of numbers detailing how many tens of millions of additional immigrants the US is scheduled to take in in the near future (look it up; it will sicken you). Corporations back it because of cheap labor, and the Democrats/Communists back it because poor immigrants vote for socialist politicians. I am not convinced Trump is serious about fixing this problem. This is an existential threat to the nation. This problem is too important to play chess over with the Democrats. It either has to be stopped really soon, or America is headed for the history books.

  38. Why are the CBP releasing the immigrants, and more importantly, where are they being released??

  39. This is a national disgrace! To hell with the democrats! The companies that hire the cheap labor pass the social costs on to us taxpayers, schools, medical care, state welfare, crime, the list goes on and on. The owners of these companies should lose everything!

    I love America, but I'm ashamed of the government. Most are nothing but a bunch of selfish crooks. What happened to this country?

  40. Who is on every street corner in america? Panhandling for drugs and alcohal? White scumbags like those who are commenting for the the white nationalists! We got your number too bitches.

  41. What´s wrong ith this ultra left crazy demokRATS?

  42. Lead flying at a very high velocity can stop invaders. Rubber bullets will also take the fight out of invaders. At the moment an invader steps on US soil they should be shot. Rubber or lead, doesn't matter. When you show the invaders that you mean business they will stop trying to invade.


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