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Massive storms hit country from coast to coast

A storm tore through Southern California, flooding highways and knocking over power lines. Across the country, a flash flood watch went into effect in New York.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  5. What if HARP is real… it’s just not from the US …

  6. Will this storm help with the drought and wildfire in California ??? Just curious .

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  9. Maybe all the rain can put out those fires that California always has. Whatever happened to those fires I never heard anymore?

  10. All fear mongering. In the purest sense. Storms are nothing new. The cities are fragile and poorly designed.

  11. More floods, need more floods.

  12. Oh boy, the world keeps rumbling & grumbling. The result of breaking moral, natural and REVEALED laws ?? The result of TRUTH being persecuted and deception being praised ?? Seems like earth is mimicking us, without prejudice. What's next, world wide civil war and or a cosmic event ??

  13. Looks like the aliens are here.

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  17. I don`t Look see Jesus present when natural disaster and apidemics ravege in all the World

  18. East coast media: it’s “the Sierra” not Sierras. Sierra is already plural.

  19. Kansas City In the house 👋

  20. The millinials are gonna be sad when their parents house gets flooded. This is just going to get worse. Global warming is real!

  21. I'm in southern VA and we just had a tornado warning and a lot of heavy rain.

  22. Praying for these areas 💚

  23. Maybe you shouldn’t build your houses out of match sticks…

  24. The sky is falling, the sky is falling! And in other news, the first black, transgender, lgbtq, non-gender woke soy farmer said we're in for even more lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

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