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Massive tanker fire shuts down highway | ABC News

Thousands of gallons of fuel exploded into a fireball, bringing traffic to a standstill for hours.

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  1. Wow, witnessing that event in person must’ve been a blast…

  2. Trucks (18 wheelers) need separate routes from passenger cars in as many places as possible.

  3. Trump is blaming an Iraqi missile strike…..but he thinks it happened in Oklahoma city!

  4. Water doesn't work use a bomb of baking soda.

  5. And they are now allowing 19 year olds to get their commercial license

  6. It's another fallen angel that is a Narcissist that did this.

    These are the facts and the truth.

  7. Trump 2020 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺👍

  8. Just a bunch of pussies 😂😂😂

  9. Hope everyone was okay and glad nobody was killed

  10. This why our fucking gas prices are so high. You guys keep blowing up the tanks and it’s getting wasted

  11. Allot Of These Trucks Tvl @ Nite😈

  12. M l k. J f k malcom x. Abe Lincoln just. A. Hint. He b gangster let's. Do gangster. Shit

  13. More hwy just for trucks only is needed. Bad enough we have more traffic and notorious drivers cut too fast in front of them causing accidents.

  14. Oh my God this is the most most dangerous in a traffic I guess nobody was die because the traffic this is so sad 😭😣😭 why

  15. Hah that twirly light pinwheel on the firetruck at 23 seconds though 🔥 🔥 🔥

  16. “Overnight” looks like the middle of the day

  17. Man the people stuck in that traffic got fucked over big time lol

  18. That's horrible! Imagine being the passenger car….


  20. That roadway won’t be open for quite some time. There was a fuel truck that overturned in a rotary close by to Boston some years ago, took weeks to repair the damage to the guardrails, re-pave and re-line the road surface.

  21. Good job shorty driver whoever it was smh. Learn to drive people

  22. Three trucks trying to put out a fire that is fueled by fires best friend, GASOLINE. …..HOW LONG WILL THE HUMAN RACE CONTINUE TO BE SO IGNORANT? It’s really kind of embarrassing.

  23. CNN CNBC Breaking News: Tanker explodes made by Trump! Investigation will be started.

  24. This reporter is stupid, replace her.

  25. I shot a missile at a Tanker Truck in "GTA5" last night…….

    Uh Oh.😓

  26. Can everybody involved with reporting the so-called news of this situation be more fake on camera lol Jesus, Seriously

  27. All that smoke going up in the sky, big air pollution

  28. Let's stop using fossil fuels, they are too dangerous to handle.

  29. With electric cars you won’t have this problem, no tankers just charge from solar at home. Of course if you get in an accident the battery will catch on fire but at least it’s not a huge tanker truck transporting fuel as you would get it from the grid or off grid.

  30. Oh shit where is Greta!!!! Put it out with your tears!!!

  31. Gas burning like crazy and I still need to get my car smog checked wtf

  32. This wouldn't happen in Europe due to laws about stronger vehicles that carry dangerous goods. Europe cares about its people and environment, the U.S. is 110% run by corporations that pay for elections.

  33. I see these Hazardous Fuel Trucks Speeding and Driving unsafe all the time. Tankers should have Speed limits of 65 mph. I see some doing 70 plus MPH and I think to myself Wow a Bomb just waiting to Explode. Hauling fuel should not be doing over 65 mph NEVER.

  34. That happened by my house, my mom was stuck in that traffic and by there when it happened .. smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ thank god everyone ok

  35. I dont see why they can make a different route for the semi trucks.The amount of damage they do is crazy.

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