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  1. Think maybe Alan’s story wins.

  2. Everybody wants someone to look at them like julian is looking at Matthew

  3. It's so odd that weight can turn ultra handsome man into ugliest man.

  4. Julianne rictus grin and bulimia……., awesome…

  5. Julianne Moore is just so gorgeous.

  6. Why in the name of God and all that's Holy Can he not speak like that in his movies !!! I swear to god at times I wish for subtitles just to understand what he is saying. Not everything he does but most

  7. diets like this are almost entirely will power and habit beats the daylights out of will power.

  8. Those are rookie numbers.

  9. Juliane is thirsting hard for Matthew

  10. 47 pounds those are rookie numbers

  11. Merely losing weight? What a lazy coward. If he really wanted to go method he should have contracted AIDS. That would be dedication.

  12. Creepy way he turns away to speak to the others on the sofa. Very contrived, and a bit disrespectful to Norton.

  13. Julianne Moore reminds me of what I imagine Ginny Weasley would be like all grown up.

  14. You have to eat LESS calories than you BURN. that is it people. There is no magic remedy or diet. That is the only way our bodies burn the fat inside. πŸ˜‰

  15. Julianne Moore is always such a good listener, she seems really care when other guests are telling their stories which is really nice.

  16. I was driving a handicar, way before I got paid to drive one. I just like how it feels

  17. Matthew describing his diet to Juliana is charming in itself .

  18. I can have little orgasms looking at him and hearing his voice.

  19. β€œI could drink as much red wine as I wanted” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  20. i lost 5.57143 stone in 1 year so far

  21. The canned laughter is so annoying.

  22. My God She is a beautiful woman

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