Matthew Perry talks about fighting addictions | night line

Matthew Perry speaks candidly about his years of alcohol and drug abuse in an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer. WATCH EPISODES OF NIGHTLINE: ALSO AVAILABLE ON HULU: #nightline

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. One's b junk… another an stupid jealous mo'faka

  2. Ohh dear…spouting the AA crap. I so feel for Matthew P. What I feel really sad about having watched his episode 4 ( I think) was where he so intensely identified with the character of Chandler, in getting married and he himself wasn't. I think that speaks volumes on where he is in his emotional state. I wish so well Matthew.

  3. First world problems… 🙄🙄🙄

  4. He said he took 55 Vicodin a day? Yea that isn’t possible. You’d be dead in 3 days. Vicodin even at the highest dose has 325mg of tylenol per pill, so he took 16,250mg of Tylenol a day? You’d be dead after a few days.

  5. This guy wrote a book and asked why Keanu Is still alive and his friend isn’t.

    Don’t care what his life story is. Complete garbage human being

  6. Matthew Perry saw House M.D. and was like "Hold my beer…." 🤣🤣

  7. I’ve had addicts in my family and I work with an addict ministry. I’ve been an addict..literally the only people I saw stay free are people who know Jesus Christ..the original chain breaker

  8. I am sure George Stephanopoulos is friends (at the end)

  9. Who cares about this liberal elite loser. We should all say oh wow “so brave and strong… for being a junkie”.

  10. It shows You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Awesome he has shared

  11. He talks like this artist I know.

  12. It takes a lot of courage for a celebrity to speak about this in public…thanks for telling us your life story.

  13. He's got over $100 million dollars

  14. I pray he finds Jesus.

  15. And then he randomly attacks Keanu Reeves?

  16. Washed up broke actor looking for both money and praise. Ugh…

  17. Is it me or does he seem slurry here?

  18. Wait, that’s not his house. Why is he pretending that it’s his own house ?

  19. I have struggled with addiction for a couple of years and this is very inspiring

  20. Addiction is HARD for us non-addicts to understand. His honesty is going to help a lot of people – and hopefully de-stigmitize it further. Thank you Matthew for sharing your story coz often, the truth is not pretty. That takes courage.

  21. Love love love Matthew Perry…bless his heart…I hope only the best fir the rest of his life..and thank you for giving us all your talent..

  22. I would be the same way if I had to hang out with Ross everyday.

  23. ENTP Philosophers always have it the hardest

  24. This is what actors do. They sell every part of their lives willingly. They need the attention. Fame is an addiction. He as a man knows what he's gotta do but right now… He's selling a book. This way it gets an actor the attention they need and they get a nice pay check. I like Matt and I myself was/am an addict and I can tell he's not doing this for his physical or mental well being. Its a financial well being situation.

  25. what did he say as the punchline after the i am cured part? did not get the words he said

  26. bless he was a severe alcoholic

  27. I watched the entire show… From season 1 all the to the last one. I cannot believe you were through all this at the time…. We love you Bing!! You'll be okay 💪🏾

  28. Ure a addict because of ure choices

  29. I knew dude looked different every season you could tell when he was on drugs

  30. He looks and sounds high and what a cop out not saying how long you’re sober for.

  31. A little late with this Story. Overwhelmed overdose of are Young Folks.. Where was this STORY When Perry went through he's Recovering.. He was talking Vicodin. Not Fentanyl.. You people are Hipocrits ….

  32. Fighting for his Life? BS. The studios were one big party, actors, producers, crew. Some defy the odds, some don't. Lost many a friend to the prevalent drug use in the studios. Now He needs money? Lacking discretion, telling all of his conquests. What a loser. Cocaine was everywhere. Now you hear of actors with late in life diagnosis of a variety of nervous system conditions. WELL?

  33. I grew up with addicts. My dad was into alcohol and drugs. My mom alcohol her ex during my teens alcohol… I watch it consume these people in my life and I thought I don’t ever want to rely on drugs or alcohol to make me stable. And it’s not like: oh get help. Because they don’t think they need it. It’s very hard to be in their life especially if they destroyed yours.
    I’m glad I never been addicted to anything but I wish all the best for those who are. Don’t be afraid to get help. Don’t be afraid of getting sober.