Thursday , January 21 2021
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'Maybe they should have': Ponting dissects key moment | Vodafone Test Series 2020-21

Cricket legend Ricky Ponting shares his thoughts on the moment Australia opted not to review a close call for caught behind when India skipper Virat Kohli was on 16 during the opening day of the first Test in Adelaide.

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  1. But India’s 2nd innings was very good

  2. Difference between Kohli And Sachin

  3. Haha .. Australia looking for reasons.. If India would have caught all dropped catches ,Australia score card supposed to be at 120 only…

  4. It's part of the game, ye bakwas ha sabb

  5. Ponting called out that useless walking wicket Prthivi Shaw dismissal right a delivery before he was cleaned up. Who selects some useless backyard cricketer for a test match????

  6. Sachin would have started walking with his gloves in his armpit and all of us indians would have been "ye tendlye ko badi chul hai imandaar banne ki" 😂😂😂

  7. today we will see bumrah 50 😊😊

  8. If India could not drop all might me all out under 100😉😁😂

  9. Sydney test….after that you aussies shouldnt analyse games…And I can clearly see that in his face ,what a billion youtube comments will be…:)

  10. Great. Now Ponting should dissect the Wade lbw by Natarajan in which the DRS taken by Kohli was rejected by the umpires….

  11. A Ridiculous Joke by Aussie YT Channel , LoL Ponting be Like
    Hey Paine Captain of Australia i used to Take One bounce Catches On the Ground , & Yoy aren't Taking a Review with Reviews Left in the Pocket Mate ?

  12. Bring sachin and posting chat…

  13. TBH Ponting has become the sage of cricket since retiring. He is a great ambassador for the game.


  15. Umpire is duffer, when Australia is batting, he immediately gives them out when Indians appeal.

  16. aus: is there anything
    cameraman: nothing just a key momen….
    aus: don't say more…just upload it

  17. This video proves that you work in favour of Aussie

  18. Ponting and other legends just come to the screen when something wrong hapens or unfair decisions are made against Them!!but if it is in their favour…they are the most happiest in the world 😂😂

  19. Ricky ponting was a shameless cheater himself …why he is talking on that

  20. Kohli never walks out even when he is out

  21. Real thoughts of ponting: This Australian side need a new buckner…😉

  22. Australia obbesed with kohli.they try to show india negetivly🙄. As much as they can

  23. So Kohli got 50 runs he shouldn't have and India are leading by 50 runs…

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