Saturday , August 8 2020
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McCarthy: 'The Nation Is Weaker' Because Democrats Focus On Impeachment | NBC News

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., criticized Democrats for putting the impeachment inquiry over passing other legislation he believes would benefit the country.
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McCarthy: ‘The Nation Is Weaker’ Because Democrats Focus On Impeachment | NBC News


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  1. It’s funny how all the republicans people in the hearings, didn’t hear nothing trump did..smh

  2. Isn't this the fool who didn't even read the phone transcript before he bothered to try and defend Trump?


  3. McCarthy: 'The Republican Party Is Weaker' Because Democrats Focus On Impeachment

    There, I fixed the title for you!

  4. If you guys would do your job instead of kissing Trump butt.

  5. Kevin, do us all a big favor and switch sides! You are a great guy but you wasting your talents with donaldo!

  6. Senate needs to vote on hundreds of languishing bills passed by the house.
    -The people

  7. Your salty peaches will give him another election.
    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🤘🇺🇸😛🇺🇸🖕

  8. Hundreds and hundreds of bills waiting for the senate… only ones not doing their jobs are Republicans.

  9. This dude was DRINKING!!!😁😎😁😁😁😁

  10. Its rock and roll, cha cha cha, in the heavens. THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of God works. SHUT UP!!!!

  11. Barack
    you see what

    My mom always told me to be careful what ask for.

    Now the World Leaders are laughing at him and is not 44’s fault lol

  12. I explain to my kid’s all do the right
    Every dollar is not for!!!!!!

    I’m sitting here listening to the crooks try to make it right!!!!!!

  13. The Republican making it weak.

  14. The world leaders are mocking trump, so how does trump make this country stronger ??

    Trump is a joke, and so is McCarthy.

    This guy is a "party over country" threat to democracy.

  15. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. Republicants have gone, no Salvation for U!

  16. Obama overthrew the Ukrainian president in 2014 causing mass chaos and a civil war to break out.
    The dems say nothing
    Trump talks to the Ukranian president- and the dems call treason
    so stupid

  17. does this guy not realize TRUMP is the president and all those failures are the FAILURES OF TRUMP the leader

  18. Curious what he would be focused on if Obama was in the hot seat???

  19. to funny America is weaker because of the level of corruption within government – Trump is doing a great job destroying America.

  20. he's a disgrace to us here in california!

  21. America is weaker do to the actions of the president and no one else and the GOP is making it worse by following the self proclaimed King of the United States Donald Trump !

  22. i liked this video because it shows a clear case of "projection" from McCarthy!

  23. Trump has made America weaker.

  24. Your President is a cheater and a lier. He has breached his oath of office.He is the one holding up the work that needs to be done.He must be impeached.

  25. The nation is weaker because Moscow Mitch does not table the 275 bills sitting on his desk passed by Dems while ALSO working on impeaching your Dear Leader. McCarthy has 0 credibility. They will be playing this tape in schools 50 years from now as an example of when government is corrupt.

  26. Mhm, keep vote Republicans so they can keep the averange Joe poor and stupid

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