Thursday , December 3 2020
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McEnany slams Portland mayor: ‘It’s up to the mayor to control his streets’

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany talks to FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs about police funding and Operation Legend. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Seattle needs to stand up and fire their mayor and governor. Why aren't they doing something? It appears they have been brainwashed into the dem party so hard they cant see the truth and light.? Sad . Its not about left or right anymore its about freedom and our constitution . People in seattle wake up wa wake up .they are leaving by the 1000s to other states . Why not stand up for what's right? I don't get it 🤪

  2. Mayor Wheeler will not end the violence, he wants the violence. He wants the police shut down. He wants the city to no longer be in charge of law enforcement. Leave that to the poor communities to figure it out for themselves. Er, "community policing."

  3. Literally, the mayor's job is to do two things to take care of the city and its people. Instead, he went rioting with the people.

  4. It is up to the mayor's to control the street's, but when they don't or aren't, someone else needs to step in and remove that person pronto!

  5. Coming to your town if biden win

  6. Chicago downtown does need a new mayor

  7. lets see if her answers are scripted like at the press conference

  8. Ok seriously
    Does Juan Williams have a caregiver ? If not SOMEONE needs to hire one for him because it's clear he is mentally unstable. No one can be that stupid and still make care of themself

  9. I live just outside Portland. It's a hell hole.

  10. Go fix your eyelashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The people that voted these liberal so called leaders in office r just giving up and moving to more stable areas of the country. They r not welcome to come and ruin the next place.

  12. Do not help Chicago, do not help Portland, do not help Seattle. Do not send federal officers or the national guard to any city leadership that voted to defund the police and stand with maxist protesters and anarchists. You just enable the idiots that voted the horrible leaders in. Cut them off. Like junkies. Let them change, or let them burn.

  13. What good is it doing arresting all those violent protesters when it was just recently being reported that many Hollywood elites and Democrats are all pitching in a lot of money to bail them all out shortly after being arrested so they can go out on the streets and commit more violence again!

  14. спаси́бо…здоровье Komrad 😀

  15. Isn't crossing state lines to commit crimes a federal matter?
    Please come and get these californian rioters out of our homes!

  16. I love her I wish she had up in a bun

  17. Who has convinced the federal government that it doesn't have legal authority to to protect its citizens from domestic attacks, from domestic enemies?

  18. While it's true that people generally don't know what the Constitution says, from generations of educational dumbing down, but PLEASE don't let that stop the federal protection of citizens and states who depend on you to protect them from domestic uprisings and violence! These same citizens all pay taxes for the common defense!

  19. The courthouse is NOT their only jurisdiction! The federal government is responsible to protect the states from DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

  20. In Chicago, we see a mayor that's unlawful, and fails to protect the people and communities.
    A DA that's irresponsible by allowing fellons go free too, unaccountable for any crimes. She wants to see chaos and violence in the street, because she's apart of BLM terrorist organization. ANTIFA terrorist are of same class of Thugs, violence, and killings. 🤦✝️ 😷 Pray for U.S.

  21. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE review the Constitution Article 4, Section 4! Protect citizens against domestic VIOLENCE!! YOU ARE NOT LIMITED IN THIS!!!

  22. At least we can more clealy see who people are; the lines are more clear now.

  23. Let's play, "What if?" What if Biden and Harris win the White House, but the riots, burning, violence and looting don't stop? The Dems have already given their tacit consent for the anti-social behavior.When President Biden turns on the fatherly charm and begs the antifa people to settle down, do you think they'll listen? Or will antifa just say, "They said it's ok because BLM. bro."

  24. Every one of these idiots should be held responsible & be put in jail

  25. WHO would want ALL flowers to be WHITE!

  26. TY-PLEASE DON'T HATE!'they' want that-Agree to disagree,WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS not labels,WE ARE NEIGHBORS-Hold tight to your LOVE&FAITH

  27. Amazing. Watch my YouTube channel

  28. No it's not up to the Mayor anymore he violated laws broke his oath and subjected people to individuals choosing to take the lives of others his ill mind has no place in politics nor any other position…..It would be rightfully justified to arrest him for tyranny………

  29. There is something about Lou Dobbs’ head that is out of proportion with his body. What a huge head.
    As for airheads, Kayleigh McEnany, tap dances around Trump’s made-up issues as much as she can.
    But McEnany looks nicer than that White House West Wing hag Kellyanne Conway.

  30. Harris was the one running for president AGAIN from the beginning and Basement Biden was her front because of his MENTAL incompetence

  31. The Blonde Bombshell ! W O W ! ! !

  32. Trump 2020, McEnany 2024

  33. What does she know about anything.Go back to waiting tables.

  34. She is even worse than Biden! She has NO presidential qualities whatsoever!!!

  35. AMERICAN SOCIALISM:  50+ million unemployed, many with no healthcare, and the Administration distributing crumbs to people/small businesses but corrupt tax breaks and trillions for the wealthy and corporations with no OVERSIGHT. In this broken capitalist economic system “WINNERS Take All. The ELITE Charade of Changing the World.”  For those who read…

  36. Tell me: what real Christian would support someone who flaunts Tweets referring to himself as "the second coming of God?" Or who calls himself "The Chosen One?" God used many imperfect people in the Bible to perform His will. But there is one type of person whom God NEVER used: Arrogant people. God states very clearly that He detests the arrogant and proud. Even Samson lost his strength after bragging about it. He only got it back AFTER he was humiliated and humbled. You all can continue to fool yourselves by erroneously believing that God sent Trump (just because he picks conservative judges). But God ALWAYS punishes the arrogant. And the US has become the most arrogant country in the world. . We will lose a military engagement and an ally will betray us. That is how you will know that Obadiah 1:2-7 prophecy is meant for the US. Let us humble ourselves before God Humiliates us.

  37. Get trumps balls out of your face so you can see the light.

  38. That's so much is a Lie Im in a Republican state and there are killings everyday

  39. This goofy Privilege woman don't know nothing about. Struggle .

  40. There is an evident need for The Punisher to make an appearance in dem cities.

  41. Can someone get her an honorary black belt for being such a Badass?

  42. I am a total fan girl…..doing the whole doodling her first name and my last……sigh….

    POMPEO – McENANY 2024


  44. Looter lives don't matter. Mayors and governors who facilitate the destruction of private and public property through the inspiration by Antifa and BLM are the scourge of America

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