Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Media platform calls out 2020 Dems for trillion-dollar plans

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell discusses the 2020 Democrats’ high-cost plans.

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  1. Sanders just had a Heart Attack.
    Call it what it is.

  2. here, take my money, save the earth lol

  3. They can't seem to figure out that the free market and capitalism is the best way to ensure a cost-effective solution. Sadly, that just doesn't give them enough control over other people's earnings, ensure their own personal power, and stroke their oversized egos.

  4. the demon-crats is whats wrong with this country m.a.g.a TRUMP 2020

  5. Keep these demons out please. It will be the end of life as we know it

  6. For years theyve used media as their weapon for to make people believe what they be selling just watch the channels how they run crap to the ground and using f-ers as comic crap abc nbc cnn people arent stupid. So so desperate

  7. Free everything!
    Who pays for it?
    Free everything!

  8. The three stooges: Bernie Jo Jo and she dances with socialism

  9. Decades and Decades of these pieces of s*** running our country in the ground and they opening up our borders and letting these anti Americans live in our country time for them to all go back to to the shitholes they came from

  10. Not only is this a bad idea for America, the Democrat party is the biggest Crime Ring in America. Donald Trump is a Republican not a criminal and they want him out so they can remain in control of our country and it's wealth. 🆘

  11. Majority people on here probably live in trailer parks and are stupid with pet chihuahuas


  13. Media Dems the bankers of stolen Billion's of dollar's.

  14. need to put these democrats in jail done nothing for american people

  15. Sorry Dims, private sector for you…
    Best of luck

    Luck won't do ya any help

  16. Because the wealthiest country in the history of the world can afford to pass the largest transfer of wealth to rich people ever, but not healthcare for the poor…

  17. Come on! The Democrats always say the will tax the rich. But, when it turns out there are not enough rich to cover the bill, the middle class ends up picking up the tab. That is the reason there is no more middle class in America. The Obama Administration destroyed the middle class in America. That is why Trump was elected. Trump is rebuilding America's middle class.

  18. Trump didnt care how he gave the rich a 2 trillion dollar tax cut now the gop care about the debt and deficit democrats need to reform the tax code so amazon and Wal-Mart can pay taxes for the first time or send them to prison

  19. Socialist commies should not be eligible to run for any position in the U.S government. Period.

  20. BERNIE….BRIBED by OBUMMER to cave in to Hillary Clinton
    Warren….Stole TAX dollars in a slush fund!

  21. What about fox or anyone talk about our trillion dollar deficit this year under trump the media was silences last week when trump signed another big govt spending bill

  22. Fox doesn't care about the budget deficit is at 1 trillion dollar under trump and the gop but wants to cry about democrats spending ideals

  23. People forgot that trump has a trillion dollar deficit this year

  24. More like 2020 Dumbs….
    What a clown show those people are. Thankfully none of them will EVER be President of this great nation !

  25. It would almost be worth it to implement the Dems Green New Deal and free everything. Within 6 months there’d be anarchy followed by a violent rebellion after all the dumbshits figured out they’d been duped

  26. If anyone is worried about any democRAT winning the Presidency your just as delusional and braindead as these left-wing liberal idiots !!

  27. Bernie is out of the race.
    FEC complaint.

  28. Does it involves "building the wall and Mexico is paying for it"?😂😂 Who was the idiot that said that?

  29. Trillions mean nothing to Democrats because they have no real plans to carry out any they promise anyway.

  30. Will the American People actually let these people steal more tax dollars than they already have done?

    Paid trolls are commenting in this video-NOT REAL USERS. Send your thanks to the group paying for this: The Trump organization.
    They must think YOU are an idiot.

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