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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – April 11th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Sec. of State Antony Blinken discusses vaccine diplomacy and world hotspots in an exclusive interview with Meet the Press. Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.) explains why he vetoed a bill limiting health care for transgender youth. Peter Alexander, Helene Cooper, Ashley Parker and Amna Nawaz join the Meet the Press roundtable.

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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – April 11th, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Covid section – Chuck spot on – but doesnt do follow up
    China Section – purely aggressive – Chuck Talk to Fareed about China. This was very cheap negative talking points. Lost oppty to ask real penetrating q's

    Russia section. Chuck is essentially requesting heightened tensions w Russia, again a total lack of context, people would learn nothing. The Russian perspective should be included but its political suicide. (Crimea was a ethnically Russian state not a ethnically Ukrainian state).

    He leads his panel asking what the pentagon would do if China attacked Taiwan. Chuck should listen to Kishore Mahbubani, the former FM of US ALLY SINGAPORE

  2. It's funny how we've got many Americans complaining about Biden's plan to send out some of our Covid-19 vaccines to other countries, when many of these same people are saying that COVID-19 is not real and refuse to take the vaccines themselves!

  3. How about Hong Kong? Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Xinjiang are in a package. The most important is on the value threat of world democracy by world communism autocracy which uses threat and corruption to melt down democratic world bit by bit. Drill these.

  4. Frank Lautenbreg is probably rolling over in his grave on this Infrastructure. Smh

  5. Too much in vaccine arrangement. Expect more focus on China’s responsibility on this pandemic. Don’t let them slip away.

  6. Chuck Todd -claiming Brazil is like we were 4 months ago – is either ignorance – or a teleprompter – Brazil is per capita 300X more severe than US ever was

  7. There is estimated that 1000 or more people of unknown status slipping into our country daily. https://youtu.be/okegFQuqNgU

  8. The root causes of migration as a study? They been doing it for decades.

  9. BLM ,ANTIFA,AND ALL RIGHT extremists are domestic terrorist organizations.The left can not exempt none of these them.If so the right will design BLM and ANTIFA domestic terrorist organizations once the regain power and congress.

  10. Thanks to the Trump administration we are leading in the COVID-19 vaccines. Didn’t happen during the Biden administration and we would still be in lock down printing money. Just give Biden more time and money and see the country vote republican again.

  11. The Mayor of Atlanta and Pelosi are racists!

  12. racism is here to stay . I say access n racial equity . good show

  13. I don't remember him asking these hardline questions these last four years. He makes me suspicious of his motives. We had a leader who didn't act at all. That should be taken into account first and foremost.

  14. Racist idiots make this country worst even immigrants come here racist but not against the ppl screaming build a wall you see how ignorant racism makes ppl how does a immigrant come here in the USA racist plz make it make sense to me

  15. "Divide to conquer America" is the tool and strategy that are being used by the racist democrat party AKA the party of hate.This an observasion coming from the politically educated Black America.African american culture is a sub culture of american culture and has nothing to do with african culture.A nation is defined by its borders,language and its culture.Third world nations have corrupted cultures.Mexico and Central America are corrupted .We,Black America, know Africa is corrupt too.Liberal racist white Democrats want to destroy american culture..,its borders and its language……….Time to vote them out.

  16. The people who visited the capitol on 6th were not white supremacists, that was a racist lie made up by the news media. It was not a group of white supremacist at Charlottesville either, that was a lie by the news media as well. show me the proof otherwise, the news media is racist Liars. They know what they're doing, do you know what they're doing? Or are you just so blind that you watch this news program and think it's truth?

  17. For starters, it's not named "The Infrastructure Bill", it's actually named "The American Jobs Act" and experts predict it will create up to 11 million jobs. Traditional infrastructure happens to be part of it, along with many other items we desperately need. The bill addresses areas that will make America more competitive, and help prepare us for the future. Republicans need to get with the times. If they weren't so busy denying climate change and trying to win through gerrymandering and voter suppression, and came up with modern policies that are popular with today's Americans, maybe their numbers wouldn't be shrinking. If this was trump's bill they wouldn't hesitate. Even though the bill is popular with Republican voter's, they only want to obstruct, like they did with Obama.

  18. The people's that's in and running the treasonous domestic terrorists GOP'S Republicans senators party is a clear and present danger to majority of Americans who voted for Joe/Kamala and this party don't have the peoples of color best interests at heart in fact they probably would bring back public execution on alot of the majority if given a chance

  19. When did Trump say he did not want the National Guard there?

  20. What a joke yall are fake news

  21. This guy is such a such joke. He’s essentially just one degree away from being as moronic as the people who are completely anti-transgender. I love how he invokes the name of science in his antiabortion argument. There’s nothing scientific about being antiabortion. The public health data and medical data are all against the “pro life” (anti-abortion) point of view. Arkansas is a backwards state, with a bunch of morons running it. Republicans are anti-government until they’re not, which is when they want to impose their ignorant social beliefs on everyone else. You can’t be anti-government and then demand that a woman doesn’t have the right to choose her own medical care in terms of abortion rights. You can’t be anti-government but then decide that the government can reject medical care for transgender people. That’s not anti-government, that’s the use of a government for abusive purposes. Republicans are an anti-government, they are pro government for using it as a tool to bludgeon minority groups of people and women.

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