Wednesday , August 10 2022

Meet The Press NOW July 1 — Gov. Jay Inslee, Cheney’s Wyoming Debate, State Abortion Battles

Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee (D) joins Meet the Press NOW to talk about his meeting with President Biden on abortion rights. Kansas City Star’s Katie Bernard, Louisville Courier Journal’s Deborah Yetter discuss the abortion battle in Kansas and Kentucky. Eugene Daniels, Symone Sanders and Sara Fagen join the Meet the Press NOW roundtable. Michael Gerrard, professor and climate advocate, talks about the impacts of the Supreme Court’s decision reducing the EPA’s authority to regulate carbon dioxide. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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MTP NOW July 1 — Gov. Jay Inslee, Cheney’s Wyoming Debate, Abortion battle moves to states


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  1. Donald Trump will be president 2024! The election was stolen. Liz Chaney is a disgrace to the Republican Party. It is going to take President Trump to get this mess Biden has got our country into fixed. Trump will fix it all he will send those immigrants packing he will restore Keystone pipe line our gas and food prices will go back down. Then you will all see how the Biden administration is trying to destroy America! I love President Trump he can’t get back soon enough for me. Oh Biden is now secretly trying to close down 40% of our oil our gas prices could jump as high as $12.00 a gallon overnight! Do your research people this administration is doing it’s best to destroy America!!!

  2. It’s interesting that moderate Democrats are sensitive about federal taxpayers having to pay for abortions. I’ve seen federal money pay for wars I oppose all my life and I understand I don’t have any control over it.

  3. Write,


    What happened to the EPA?! Will the same thing happen?

  4. Supreme Court Approval Rating.. 25% BLUE WAVE AHEAD..! 100%

  5. what's wrong with the lady in blue? where has she been?

  6. WEST COAST.. We back a Womans Right to choose for herself..! 100%

  7. "The West is the best, get here and we'll do the rest" ~ Jim Morrison

  8. Throughout this country, if you care about Women's Rights or reproductive Rights, which includes men, VOTE BLUE. Let's flip State Legislatures Blue nationwide for the sake of women!

  9. Food and Gas prices up under biden

  10. Thank you, Governor Inslee. Best governor. 👏🏆👏

  11. Where did the WH dig out the child sized desk for Biden.

  12. I don't like how disingenuous the Republicans are on the issue of abortion and other civil rights. How can you say that "no one is talking about" taking away contraception or other rights when Thomas very clearly is talking about those things? How can you say that democrats want "abortion at all costs" when, as was rightly pointed out, that is NOT where democrats are?

  13. If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press, even if it’s Friday.

  14. What good are abortion rights if women can't afford the gas to drive to the clinic?

  15. You know at the time of this posting, a box of condom will run you roughly cost you about $15 dollars. Just say a little personal responsibility, and preparation can save you on a whole lot trouble.

  16. Pleae vote blue 💙

  17. The problem is that democratic votes have gone out, we’ve voted and the Democrats never play hard ball and vote for the policies we wanted. The Democrats are weak and we voted for them anyway. More voters than ever before voted for Biden. He got the most votes than any other President ever but he and the Democrats won’t support the people.

  18. how will the states be able to arrest anyone crossing state lines?

    only way is if the legal state calls the police because to the police officer it will just look like a normal travel trip

  19. Gov Inslee should run for President!

  20. where are individual rights if a person's body is politicized?

  21. B_ll_hit! Any reasonable adult who doesn't want to live in an autocracy is paying attention…Fk the gas prices and food prices too! Corporations are price gouging…nobody is stupid! Who wants to live in North Korea..

  22. If people just remembered it's the Republicans that own the oil companies…

    So they're making profit off the American taxpayer while blaming President Biden for the gas prices…

    They've done this it's time of democrat wins the office of president..
    check out our history we will find that…
    But even with them hampering the Democrats they still had a stronger economy than the Republicans…

    That's in your history books as well…

    The numbers don't lie…

  23. Get rid of manchin and sinema. They’ve grifted enough as fake democrats and are holding up the democrats. legislation in our government has no time to be stalled at this point. Impeach or force resign. Get THEM 2 out of the way! They’re worthless to the democrats!

  24. I don't believe you're going to get the Republican vote to ban abortions…

  25. Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barett – all committed perjury.
    This is why it's necessary to go back to the 2016 Presidential election & confirm that it was "won" via a candidate cheating – committing felonies (hush money) & treason (inviting foreign intervention into an American election) compounded by the protection of a desperate-for-control GOP in Congress who cast a blind eye to the criminal activity (and ultimately aided in it).
    As of this moment, the GOP is operating with the assumption that no matter what they do – cheat in elections, steal SCOTUS seats, attempt a coup, incite insurrection, commit perjury, sedition & treason – they will not be expelled. That needs to change – ASAP! They are "unfit to hold public office." And the Majority Party is doing NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL to change that totally insane & unpatriotic perception.
    It doesn't matter how many votes Dems gather for the Nov vote. The GOP has already put laws & people in place to assure GOP "victories". That's why the Majority Party must execute penalties & consequences against GOP actions (past & present) before then. And sooner is better!
    Bottom line, the last "Administration" was invariably illegitimate & corrupt. And negating any judicial (including SCOTUS) appointments to the judiciary is warranted & necessary.
    After Watergate & the Iran-Contra episodes, the GOP had earned suspension from participation in elections. Now with stealing the 2000 Presidential elections, 9/11, lying America into a war in Iraq, 4 years of doing their best to dismantle democracy & install fascism, the GOP has earned expulsion under the 14th Amendment (Sec 3) – members of a DTO masquerading as a political "Party" doing their best to undermine & sabotage – we are way past suspension because they've NEVER paid consequences equal to their atrocities. And it will take decades to repair the damage the GOP is responsible for.

    The GOP "Long Game" has consisted of lying, cheating, stealing, desperation for power AT ANY COST, favoring fascism over democracy. There's nothing resembling fairness or true compromise in how they approach governing & politics in America.
    The reluctance or inability of "Conservatives" to acknowledge facts, truth & reality in a timely manner is what makes them a Clear & Present Danger to the safety, security, health & public welfare of America.
    The GOP brand has been damaged beyond redemption & rightfully so. They are responsible for the downward spiral of civility, ethics & morality in American politics over the past 60 years. They are the primary source of disinformation, distortions, distractions, subversion, obstruction, sabotage, and selective "law" that only benefits their party in spite of what's best & desired by the majority of Americans.
    They have poisoned & polluted the political process by polarizing & politicizing everything they can to try & divide. They've diminished the legitimacy of Congress, the Presidency, and the SCOTUS & just about every federal agency & department imaginable.
    Decent "Conservatives" need to find a different Party to join that can legitimately participate in American democracy. This means they must be willing to lose gracefully & accept the peaceful transfer of power IN ADDITION to demonstrating a connection to truth, logic, facts & reality – MIA from the GOP which is now a DTO worthy of expulsion via an attempted coup resulting in insurrection – both acts of sedition – and treason.

  27. If they come after mail meds for abortion, shouldn’t they go after mail meds for impotence?

  28. Kansas has a chance to protect women’s rights. Sheesh, I hope they take it. GO KANSAS!