Thursday , August 11 2022

Meet The Press NOW June 27 — Rep. Nikema Williams, Leon Panetta, Pete Williams

The fallout from the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe resets the calculus in Washington and in key races across the country. Josh Lederman and Dasha Burns report. Rep. Nikema Williams (D-Ga.) explains why she signed two letters calling on the White House to do more on abortion. Pete Williams shares the latest in the court battles over state trigger laws. Scott Wong reports on a new January 6th hearing that was added to the calendar. Leon Panetta talks about military recruitment and Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

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  1. There's no question to me that the Constitution must be amended to, among others, be able to recall/impeach Justices who operate in partisanship, or simply do not serve the public in good faith. SCOTUS has become a joke with these GOP justices running the show over there!😡😡 Between them, the GOP in Congress, and the damage caused by the Trump administration, the whole country's become a joke around the world!🤬🤬 Shame🤦 And don't talk to me about this hypocrite po💩 NANCY PELOSI!😡 SHE fiercely campaigned for ANTI-ABORTION Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas; against a DEFENDER OF WOMEN'S RIGHTS Jessica Cisneros!🤬🤬 Now the greedy witch wants us to believe that she supports abortion rights??? WE have to vote out ALL these corporate establishment politicians to protect OUR rights, and freedoms!

  2. What is he saying if a woman goes to another state and has an abortion and then comes back to a state that she originated in then she's potentially can be prosecuted for going to another state and have an abortion is that what he's implicating.

  3. The justices MUST hold accountable for Lying to Congress! Just like everybody else would

  4. nobody can do ANYTHING SIGNIFICANT about the roe stuff now so how about we all take a deep breathe and SHUT UP

  5. It looks like the democrats don't mind the right kind of dictator…

  6. Preachers have used this holy god crap scam like the 'Phone Scammers' in India use Norton! These greedy evangelicals use Christmas as a big selling point. Believing in Santa Claus is no different than believing in the camel herder's story about God. Everyone knows there is no Santa Claus and God has never saved anyone from anything that can be proven. It's like all mumbo-jumbo double talk from guys like Rev. Tilton blessing prayer clothes, it's a SCAM! You can pray until you are blue in the face and no one hears it but your tiny little brain. I know because at five years old, I prayed for months for my dad to stop beating and torturing my mom. I never heard a single word or helping hand to stop him. 6 Million Jews prayed and then died by merciless torture and starvation!. Americans and people around the world prayed for protection from Covid 19 and then they died. God ignored the 9/11 people stuck in the burning buildings, God didn't help the 52,000 soldiers screaming in a Vietnamese jungle from wounds in combat. Life is death and death is life. If there is a God he has never done anything but help these 'GODAM Plastic Cable Preachers' rip off the worshippers! Religions has never saved anyone from anything. I'm sorry he hasn't helped because I sure could have used him to save my mom.

  7. Christians once again imposing their views on other ppl… so much for the separation of church and state!

  8. Pence is going to testify against Trumpy Doodle Puss Sore tomorow finally!!! WOOT

  9. And Nancy says Drag Queens are all what America is about!

  10. Mashed Potatoes are not in the constitution either. That doesn't mean the framers wanted them to be illegal, nor that they'd have tolerated laws against eating them. Abortion wasn't mentioned because it was ORDINARY and not worth consideration. We've been able to make it safer. That's not a reason for it to be illegal.

  11. Good work Rep Williams. Keep the options on the table and agree a Healthcare crisis is exasperated.
    Yes, it's worth it❤️🤗🙏✌️

  12. Donald Trump and Mike Lindell are going to reveal election fraud proof and the identity of Jean de Lancie. 🤣🤪😂

  13. The only reason they even took up the vote in the 1st place was to try to draw attention from the hearings. Republicans Are sob's.

  14. Why can’t they just put this on the ballot in November. Let the USA citizens decide. Majority wins!

  15. Pack the Court add more Justice's

  16. I don't get it. The Trump Justice's committed perjury when they lied about "Roe V. Wade" being settled and past precedent set. So, shouldn't they loose their jobs? I'm sure that was a tipping point for some.

  17. Leave these babies on the porches of these Racist Republicans. Let them raise these babies.

  18. I am motivated to vote only Democratic from now on.

  19. The dem.should make the republican take care of all the kids they force these family that know they cant afford to take care of of that kid !!!!!

  20. Everyone knows these “ public” decision polls are a fraud manipulated by the Democrats to suit their agenda. Especially this one concerning Roe v Wade decision. You aren’t fooling anyone. Actually the majority of the population support the Supreme Court decision based on what I have actually experienced at protests and rallies.

  21. This decision will motivate voting blue? Why not losing our democracy to fascism? Isn’t that enough? What about losing our wealth to the top 1 %? Isn’t that enough?

  22. Judgment Day is coming for the Democrats

  23. So y'all can execute people and put down the animal after the attack somebody but y'all trying to tell a woman what she should do with her body you're weird

  24. Why not higher tax for those who vote against abortion? Tax raised to support child care.

  25. Could this also be cleverly done to save Trump by diverting public opinion?

  26. Welcome back to the Qunited States of Fascism, Racism and Conspiracy! You know, when we were "great"!

  27. Votes for women. Oh got that now votes for the unborn.

  28. Its not right to be upset about the ruling Abortion is not a constitutional right. Roe v Wade was an individual case. So bring your individual cases to the supreme court just like Roe v Wade. She didn't get an abortion.

  29. VOTE BLUE… Meanwhile, prepare for the HORROR STORIES that are to come: the abused, mentally ill, addicted, and homeless women who are about to give birth to babies they can't care for.
    Get ready to see babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome and other birth defects because they didn't get proper prenatal care. And don't forget the suicide and homicide rates that will increase as a result of the desperate situations these DRACONIAN LAWS place women in.
    Life is not kind for women in rural America. It just got much, much harder for them.

  30. Beta Democrats go RRRRRRReeeeeeeee. When do we get on top?

  31. Courts have the right to take away our rights. Tear up the constitution & put the Orange Clown back in office. Putin & the courts want to have total control. Abort this court.

  32. Re: Jan.6 hearing Breaking news! Emergency (unscheduled) hearing on Tues. Jan. 28 @12:00 noon. New evidence found. Who is new person coming forward?

  33. On the coach praying in public after games, SCOTUS says it's ok, but a woman can't breast feed her infant on the bus or subway…, WTF ???

  34. Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuider donde quiera que vym.Monster encantan tus videos.

  35. Basically an old Supreme Court Judge has told the women of America that they will have the baby that is in their stomach whether they like it or not.

  36. I wanna know why the ethereum free pass speech and the on going connection that Bill Henman had with his law firm isn't being investigated? And the emails that went around the SEC about the ETH free pass speech, well one person in that email list is married to someone on the ETH foundation… that alone is enough to call for an investigation…. this government is the wild wild west

  37. The Supreme Court Judges have gotten old and greedy. I can guarantee that somebody is probably getting a certain amount of money for passing these kind of screwed up laws.