Meet the Press NOW — May 25

Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith discusses the future of artificial intelligence and guardrails for AI tools like ChatGPT. Former Head of Sovereign Ratings at S&P John Chambers warns a debt default now would be like “Lehman on steroids.” Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul discusses Russian mercenary leader Yevgeniy Prigozhin’s warning to Moscow.

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  1. Hey Chuck, why not report how a group of over 100 Republicians in Congress have already signed on supporting legislation to cut taxes for the wealthy by 3 trillion? They plan on introducing the bill mid-June, as soon as they finish cutting services for Americans. So they plan on increasing the debt by 3 trillion.

    After that you could talk about how speaker McCarthy is winning the PR war.

    Also, why not report how no one ever suggests cutting military spending?Another 1 trillion being given to defense contractors this year.

    I guess the corporate news has an agenda when it comes to all this, I wonder what that agenda is? I just cannot figure it out. LoL!!!

  2. If recent polls about raising the debt ceiling are accurate and Americans agree with the Republican wing? This is the ultimate proof that Americans have lost not only their brains but their ability to think logically.

  3. There are plenty of rich people in the us that don’t need all of it just saying

  4. This video is mostly propaganda.

  5. why did they cut the minority leader, he said something not good for mainstream

  6. Everybody knows that whatever is going on in this country is not sustainable and will explode eventually, however nobody wants to do anything serious about it, at least not in their life time, amazing!

  7. If the Reps want cuts that's fine…they should negotiate for them during the BUDGET process in the fall not when it come to raising the debt ceiling, which is to pay for spending that was already VOTED ON in the last budget process.

  8. Reducing the deficit is important, but spending cuts only addresses one side of the equation. Increasing revenue is the other part of the equation. This includes closing corporate tax loopholes and increasing tax rates on the top 1%. Any responsible solution must address both sides of the equation.

  9. the far right wants theocracy in America. Yet they want immigrants to not come here. Where do they think they will find new Christians to vote for them in the future? it wont be domestically the data is clear on that. Also, when all the boomers are old and can't work, where do you think we are going to get our labor supply from? Its called Mexico. My theory is they can only deal with issues in black and white, and nuance is a bridge too far.

  10. Hey Chuck. CNN and Fox News poll says that because both stations have Republicans on and used a talking points facts….. and I still didn't hear you mention that the Republican when on vacation now the Democrats would have went on vacation all your news Outlet will be going crazy where's that same energy right now why the Republicans left😮😮😮

  11. Chuck Todd needs to retire, clearly is no longer a legitimate reporter, spews garage so easily, clearly just for more views tying to get folks worked up.

    Had to do a double take…Is this fox?

  12. That 60% is the newscasters and networks Fault. They have been showing Kevin instead of actually explaining debt ceiling vs debts due.
    The ceiling is a made up number approved by both sides.
    The ACTUAL DEBT is monies ALREADY agreed upon by both parties in both houses which are bills DUE.
    This bs from Kevin hurts the people while only corporations and wealthiest benefit.


  14. Canada has OFFICIALLY classified The Proud Boys as a Terrorist Organization based in the United States of America, they are right, check it out.

  15. Trump was about to plead the fifth at the debates!


  17. Chuck Todd there is no such thing as a black man only African Americans and they are brown dark brown and light skined ! The color black was used by king Solomon to describe his own sinful heart that lusted after 1000 wives! Please stop using black to deceive people because people are not BLACK OR WHITE! People are identified by origin of their ancestors country ! British American people are NOT WHITE PEOPLES AND AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE NOT BLACK PEOPLES THEY ARE ALL AMERICANS WHO CAME FROM GREAT BRITAIN OR AFRICA! Get it straight NBC!

  18. SLASHING MILLIONAIRES BILLIONAIRES AND CORPORATIONS Taxes is the equivalent of making smaller payments on a Credit Card, it's impossible to pay it off by spending less money. The one and only way to pay it off, is by making monthly payments BIGGER than than the ammount the intrest is raising it

  19. Create Alphabet soup? Chuck Todd you hear yourself you sound off balanced.

  20. Elon Musk and DeSantis were great!!!

  21. Chuck Todd your talk of boiling frogs has confused Congress with thoughts of eating frog legs! Lol Chuck Todd you think you should use these words to describe debt limitation?

  22. Have we boiled that frog? What is that to do with debt ceiling crisis?

  23. Heavenly Father please help the democrats see their SINS AGAINST CHRIST! In Jesus Christ of Nazareth name amen 🙏 thanks Jesus.

  24. Democrats don’t want to pay bills they only want to spend wasting money on the queers and the minority groups that live off the democrats handouts for generations! Democrats have ruined America with their lack of prudence and modesty in their financial spending plans. Democrats are spoiled rotten to the core! !

  25. Criminal Genius gets AI and takes over THE WORLD AND STARTS THE MELTDOWN!

  26. The incompetence in and of the inability of both the House of Congress and the president in agreeing upon a budget and keeping America from defaulting on it's debts are nothing short of an embarrassment to the American public, American Veterans, and to other countries around the world. Our government needs to get it's $#!t together, otherwise there just may be a rude awakening when "We The People" will be voting your sorry a$$e$ out of office, as you are not only playing with the livelihood of American people and their financial stability but the economy of America and it's stability as a country on a world stage. # New blood for Representation # Gavin Newsom for Presidentt # Jared Huffman for Vice President # # Tulsi Gabbard for Secretary of Defense #Oust McCarthy, McConnell, Trump, DeSantis, Abbot, Graham, and M. T. Greene

  27. Poverty isn't that we can't feed the Poor !! It's because we can't satisfy the Rich !!!

  28. This is all just theater for the average Joe in the street. Everyone knows a deal will be done at the last minute

  29. Congress hired a Africa General cheif of staff to take blame the lost of jobs.While the cheif of staff profit from his grieve,billions of Africa suffer to devolp new history.The decided will temporarily make a inflation reliefs,only to condense job title.

  30. I turned 65 last October, one of the EXTREMELY rare times in my life that I totally agreed with Mitch McConnell.
    He actually said that there were going to be MAJOR problems with the House of Representatives for the next 2 years, it's NOT because Republicans took it back, it's because of WHO they elected to do it.
    Like I said, he was right.

  31. How about we stop using the tax code to subsidize the Fossil Fuel Industry and the Financial Services Industry?

  32. IF those TRAITORS crash our Economy over Political B$, they won't control the White House or either "House of Congress" for at LEAST 50 years.

  33. Governments plan to used Artificial intelligence to test experience humanity,blaming machines in future lost sessions because of pattern information and intelligence behavior.

  34. If DeSantis win presidential election,the national debt will come from foreign Brazilian.Slaughtering Latinos with promperaganda of Anglodesh mistakes at the suprme court once called Casa Blanka.

  35. Trump want to be re-electioned to take blame for the national debt.Continueing the slaughter of Canadian-Soviet in Europe.

  36. When asking if people want spending cuts, you must also canvas where should cuts take place. I'll bet that republicans are unwilling to raise taxes on the wealthy and end trump's tax cuts.

  37. Every presidential term leave their problems to the next,explaining penacostos whom seek the prime world leader.

  38. Pray to god there is a deal before the country goes into default

  39. Bank credit percentage decline,forceing higher monthly payments.

  40. Both Musk and DeSantis want free speech to be a one way conversation, not an open dialogue. In Musk's case it's because he frankly sucks at speaking; he can only effective make prepared statements. But DeSantis has skills; he doesn't need to avoid his opponents; he shuts them down or ignores them.

  41. No worries good people. There’s not going to be a default.

  42. Omg this restriction willl destroy open source ai