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Megan Rapinoe Speaks Out About Gender Discrimination, Equal Pay | NBC Nightly News

U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe testified at a House hearing on equal pay. She speaks exclusively with NBC News’ Stephanie Gosk about the fight to close the gender pay gap.
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Megan Rapinoe Speaks Out About Gender Discrimination, Equal Pay | NBC Nightly News


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  1. But they get paid on how there league is doing that’s every sport and US men’s is way more popular brings in way more money

  2. this is what happens when you get hit on the head a lot…

  3. Is she dumb? She literally not only she but the entire team gets more money then the men if anything the men are underpaid

  4. In every sport, pick the best players/team and do women vs men. Go off of the percentages of wins and losses between the two genders and with the statistic end result, decide if equal pay is a fair/equal move!

  5. the quality of women's football is woeful compared to men's football plus women's football has nowhere near the interest as men's football

  6. I thought gender wasn’t a thing 🤔

  7. More "WOKENESS" from those repressed $Millionaires.

  8. Even mens games with empty stadiums bring more revenue than women’s games!

  9. So ya the final numbers are 24 million for the woman and 18 for men. 220 thousand per game for woman and 212 for men. So after you made a deal and decided to sue you still made more then men even tho 3 ppl watched the woman’s World Cup.

  10. Like Serena they don't play the same game. It's soccer but none of these talented women could even make a college men's soccer team and possible not even a large high school team. This isn't a knock on them or their game it's mainly due to the men are stronger, faster, ect facts. Men's soccer draws in vastly more revenue, again facts. I can go out and play soccer but I don't think anyone wants to pay to see my 54 year old butt trot down the field again facts. But just because I can "play" the game doesn't mean I should get paid like they do.

  11. With the contract they negotiated, they get paid more. Just like the GA voting law, no one will take time to research the truth

  12. Sit down, pink haired moron.

  13. Why is a man talking about women's pay inequality

  14. Her father abandoned her leaving her with issues with men but becoming a homosexual and dying her hair for attention wasn't enough for Megan she has to get involved in politics to try to get more people to pay attention to her.

  15. You want men's pay then start competing against the men.

  16. It isn't even about who draws a bigger audience. This video explains the deal the THEY chose. THEY are the dummies that don't know how to negotiate "fair pay".

  17. the only fans they got blow out air.

  18. Throw 10X the money at women's sports, it won't change the interest gap between men's and women's sports. I'm ready for the backlash!

  19. Get over it! An ur still not going to get it dumb bish!

  20. I'll give a crap when she starts speaking bout against the sexist domestic court system and what they do to men every day. I'll bet if she added all of the money that the courts steal from men that the pay gap overall would be equal.

  21. And they wonder why nobody takes news outlets seriously anymore

  22. When will she bring up about revenue?

  23. US Women’s and Men’s soccer team negotiated a different CBA, neither was forced and both received what they wanted. This is the first and most important thing to understand.

    Key difference between the male and female CBA lies in wages and benefits; Male athletes who plays in far superior leagues do not need benefits(health, dental, paid leave & etc) and guaranteed wages, because they receive those from their respective employers. Therefore the male negotiated for a pay to play structure and bonuses based on achievement, all in the form of cash on hand.

    The above is important because the key numbers being spread around the media as proof of discrimination is the total amount of bonus for a World Cup winning roster. The US women team received approx. $1.8m collectively after their last World Cup victory, whereas the same victory for the Men’s team would have netted them bonuses of approx. $5.4m collectively. At a glance clearly something is amiss here, however remember that the men’s team do not receive ANY guaranteed wages or benefits, all of their pay is tied into whether or not they play matches and how well they perform in a competition.

    By now we can see the difference in how the CBA was negotiated; Women wanted more security in the form of guaranteed wages and benefits, whereas the Men preferred a lump sum payment based on appearances and performance. Both are fine, some people prefer stability while some seek larger one time payoffs.

    However you can’t get the best of both worlds. The Women want all the benefits and guaranteed wages AND the same amount of bonuses as the Men! Worst of all they were the one who negotiated the CBA, in fact Rapinoe was part of that negotiation! To now come out and cry because their bonuses is less then the Men’s team without detailed explanation of how their CBA is structured is downright malicious.

    Now as a Cherry on top of this shithouse sundae that is US women’s team equal pay fight, guess how much money was paid out in total to the Men’s and Women’s team last year?

    US Men’s national soccer team received collectively —> $18,000,000

    US women’s national soccer team received collectively in the form of wages, benefits and bonuses —> $24,000,000

    How this is an issue is beyond me and to have a president not understand something this simple? Biden is no Better than trump, he’s just a better liar.

  24. Maybe bring in more money and you will get paid more. If you don't think your getting paid fairly then don't sign your contract. Simple as that, their is no gender discrimination it's called revenue and net profit discrimination just basic business.

  25. Jesus…millionaire and oppression don’t go together.

  26. Look, whatever sport you play, if you bring in the fans and the viewers on a consistent basis, you'll get the money. The vast majority of women's sports don't do that in comparison to men's sports. You can try to narrow that gap, but don't expect a free ride to pay equality when it comes to professional sports. Selling tickets and viewership matters. If the women's national soccer team meets the standards for equal pay, then great. But don't tell me that WNBA players or NWSL players deserve equal pay. They don't.

  27. i am a women and i will choose to watch mens soccer anyday over womens soccer

  28. It's hilarious how stupid she is. Hahahahahaha

  29. I’ve actually watched many women’s World Cup games it’s like boys high school level talent

  30. Using your gender to sue US soccer to try to get out of contract that you negotiated for is pretty shameful.

  31. Like my old pappy used to say….stupid is as stupid does….Meghan is a whole lot of stupid but she’s a lefty so no surprise she’s right at home with the other crazy’s 🇺🇸🧑‍🦯

  32. They should ask Mia Hamm to buy the league or wait can't they pull their money together. Oh yeah, they do not want to take that risk! They could always ask Oprah or Lebron for $$$

  33. Do one. When you make the same money for sponsors you'll get the same cut. Until then do one. A judge dismissed their case because they had already agreed to a contract and wanted more when they won the world cup

  34. No fans but want the same money, cheater.

  35. 1.6k dislike hahahaha and they want to get equal pay 🤣 🙃 😂 💀 please

  36. Rapinoe honestly does more to hurt her LGBT lifestyle and misrepresent her demographic than any other female athlete in US sports. She opens her mouth and woke stupidity spews forth. Just a couple years ago when the WNT signed their current CBA, she was all proud and happy getting a guaranteed base salary, signing bonuses, 100% medical and dental, guaranteed time off, guaranteed recovery time, guaranteed money for specific tournaments along with game pay. Meanwhile, the MNT under a separate CBA get paid more money per game, but do not get anything else guaranteed.

  37. Womens soccer is remarkably inferior in skill, strength, and speed to that of men….And it's often AWKWARD. …Like watching a bunch of handicaps. ….and it always be this way…Get over it!!!

  38. Me and my friends have a Rolling Stones cover band, we demand to be payed the same as the Rolling Stones. EQUAL PAY EQUAL PAY EQUAL PAY!! 👅

  39. The woman’s national team lost to a team of u/15 school boys.
    It’s a wonder that any of the women get paid at all

  40. have you saw women's football/soccer, it just needs benny hill music played for 90 minutes, its a right spectacle.

  41. This is sexist. Abolish the womens league and they can all play in the same league. Good luck.

  42. Time to revisit the 19th amendment

  43. Gender pay gap is the liberal equivalent of flat earth. No matter how many times you present the evidence, you can't change the believer's mind.

  44. Average woman's soccer attendance is 1/3 that of male soccer attendance (in the US). Every male soccer player should be advocating for 3x Megan Rapinoe's pay. It's only fair.

  45. Rapinoe demanding to make as much as male pro soccer players "because they do the same job" (play the same game) is like someone who builds government housing in Detroit demanding they get paid the same as someone who builds custom luxury condos in Beverly Hills.

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