Thursday , September 16 2021
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Mercedes Schlapp slams Biden inflation remedy: 'You can't spend your way out'

Former WH strategic communications director Mercedes Schlapp and Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt discuss inflation on ‘Kudlow’ #Kudlow #FoxBusiness

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  1. Mercedes is a very sexy and smart woman awesome job girl

  2. Let's ,Put President Trump 👏 back in there, wake up American..

  3. Great talk people tell it like it is.

  4. Only a HIPPOCRATE will believe that from Democratics.

  5. I have an uncle who told me 40 yrs ago that "you cannot spend your way to prosperity".

  6. It china and iran paying democrats and any one that would act like they believe this crap and push it through. Those need put in prison for money laundry and treason by bribes.

  7. If they really was trying fix economy, they stop the regulations and the stupid therrory of climate change crap. And not higher minumum wages and high taxes.

  8. More spending will fix inflation, said no one over, well except joe

  9. Mercedes said it right you cannot spend your way out inflation, sleepy china Biden is a financial dummy who has been a politician all his life who does not
    know how economics work.

  10. Biden is mentally deteriorated from a very low baseline.

  11. I think the strategy is to devalue the dollar so much that the national debt doesn't look as bad anymore because the dollar isn't worth anything anymore.

  12. I am the regular person and I am not a fool…all I know is 2022 is not soon enough. Biden need a mental physical I’m worried he will completely lose it and make us vulnerable

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  14. We’re going to inject 4X more cash than last year – and Uncle Joe – “ah, prices will go down down down – ask the man in the moon, or other kids”.

  15. We have now let a million illegals in our country and many thousands have COVID! The government is spreading them out all over the country! So why is COVID making a come back? Biden is doing this on purpose and we all KNOW IT!!!

  16. These Democrats are extremely pathetic.

  17. Tax payers are paying for illegal immigrants to fly to their desnation

  18. Son of a beech, do we not have articles in place to Kindly remove Biden.
    You people "Managing" him and hiding his major illness are committing FRAUD to 330 million people !
    I believe Nancy and a few close ties to The Cabinet are running America and that is WRONG, in my opinion.

  19. Stop saying that Dems are dumb and do not know what they are doing – they including Biden know exactly what they are doing. Every step to this disaster in every corner of this country is very well calculated and brilliantly implemented. They would deserve a credit for this if it wasn't an evil plan. They certainly have an agenda and they are following it while the rest of the country is trying to get to their senses – it's a waste of precious time, and they are laughing at us.

  20. America is getting just what it payed for

  21. Margaret Thatcher was right about Socialism. "Eventually you run out of other people's money."


  23. They just keep making the same mistakes over and over and over !

  24. I did not vote for Biden.


  26. Go to your lender & explain “I can’t pay what I owe but give me more & I’ll pay it off….”

    This is ALL about crippling business & make people dependent on the government to secure votes

  27. Kudlow has a leaf blower outside

  28. Tell Biden Chocolate chip ice cream 🍦 is more expensive

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