Thursday , January 28 2021
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Miami Residents Wait Hours In Line For Grocery Gift Cards As Food Insecurity Grows Due To Covid

The city of Miami is giving out grocery gift cards for $250 to residents who have experienced food insecurity in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, some families waited in line for hours only to be turned away. NBC News’ Kerry Sanders reports on how many people they were able to help.
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Miami Residents Wait Hours In Line For Grocery Gift Cards As Food Insecurity Grows Due To Covid


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  1. I'm not someone who is against saving pets, I think we all should be more responsible when adopting animals and we should be very aggressive in making sure NO creature is harmed or mistreated. But for the life of me, I don't understand why there are so many more save animals sites or posts than there are to save people? Why can't we as people be as aggressive about the homeless, hungry, mentally Ill, and desperate people who are just trying to make it as we are about animals? I drive through DC every day the American capital, and not far from the white house, there are homeless living on the street. How is that possible in the richest country on earth? I was raised in the midwest and always thought DC, the white house was the "Emerald City" of American. But there are so many people in food lines. If we can find mistreated animals, why we can't find hungry and helpless people? I think as people we can chew gum and walk at the same time. I plead with the animal activist, states, and the government to widen and or include in your endeavors PEOPLE!

  2. Why don’t you just say famine
    Which would be the truth

  3. Meanwhile are politicians are eating very well smh God Bless America

  4. Why is she laughing at the end? Did she not hear the entire piece and how devastating that is??

  5. they voted for trump, they should ask trump for help

  6. The U.S senate is an Organized crime! No stimulus relief to tax paying Americans but the senate can pick & they choose where our tax $ go!!! All these politicians are completely disconnected from reality!

  7. Germany has giving an average of 7,250 euros per month for the last 7 months

  8. Pandemic and republican fiscal ideologies at their best 🇺🇸.

  9. Very poor video,….People are struggling and the anchor in her home happy and laughing. No responsibility

  10. Look at this in America…heartbreaking! If trump had taken coronavirus seriously and told everyone to wear masks a year ago we wouldn't be in this position and with almost 300,000 Americans dead. On top of that, congress, especially the Republicans and McConnell, should be ashamed for collecting their big salaries and ignoring the evictions, the loss of jobs, the hunger that people are experiencing.

  11. The rich got trillions. The Poor got a $250 gift card.

  12. I didn't realize it was that cold in Miami that people have to be all bundled up.

  13. Canadians get $2000 a month and free healthcare. America has one man in the Senate blocking help for millions of its citizens. How is that ok?

  14. This trump's home state why isn't he there giving assistance to his constituents or is he treating them like the rest of the country and dosen't give a dam because they didn't vote for him enough to win the election!

  15. Welcome the Communist party

  16. Line is full of whites and hispanics but you go up to the black woman first for comment, trying to make her the face of this.

  17. This will be the rest of anerica under a communost biden rgime

  18. Wait, and florida is a republican state?!?

  19. And Americans were told to go home during pandemic, Americans need to sue Congress

  20. It's very SAD to See these people have no job and Not Enough Food to Eat.
    Ironically, at many companies Not Enough people to do the Jobs and very Stressful.
    WHY, WHY and Why .. ???????

  21. This country isn't rich anymore. The DGP is down over 30%

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