Monday , January 25 2021
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Mike Pence publicly receives COVID-19 vaccine

Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence will publicly receive the COVID-19 vaccine as a way to ‘promote the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and build confidence among the American people.’

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  1. The Syringe looks empty. And the second Guinea pig the nurse broke it with her arm. This is not proof that they really took it

  2. The nurses/doctors never thumped the syringe to get the air bubbles out ? Maybe they didn't need to because it was a collapsable kids syringe with no vaccine in it !!! That guy that supposedly injected Pence looked like he had Parkinson's, he shook so bad.

  3. 😃😃😃

  4. Wasnt it said on a hot mike, months ago they all already had the vaccine?

  5. Does the vaccine protect against hoaxes?

  6. no need a vaccine for population control

  7. Good leader example from the VP of USA Mr Pence 😁👏🏼

  8. Why did Rupert Murdoch already get vaccinated?

  9. (15994) Nurse Faints After 💉 – YouTube Did Pence get a water pill vaccine?

  10. crap fraud show for the sheep.

  11. Now Pence is gonna be immune to the Democrats leadership steal lol.

  12. plot twisted, black guy was the only one who received the vaccine!

  13. WE need a vaccine against believing FAKE NEWS! That will be even more valuable

  14. There is a virus taking over the world, and I’m not talking about Covid. I’m talking about the virus of sin. But there is a Vaccine for it! His name is Jesus. Not only that, but He took the piercings for you, to release the healing power and life which is in His blood. It’s the cure to depression, anxiety, fear, anger, etc. Salvation and healing are available for all who receive Him…

    Repent & turn to Jesus and put your trust in Him. Believe in the Gospel: Christ died for your sins, was buried, and rose on the third day so that you would be delivered from the fires of hell and have eternal life in Him. Jesus loves you!!!!

  15. Oh B.S. optics! Great advertising… not buying it. That does not look like Mike Pence. Where is the President we elected anyway? W-T-H is really going on here?

  16. Does the over the counter test include completed results at home, or do you have to mail in your dna/saliva to some lab who records it?
    Why does everyone keep wearing masks when it's been proven they lower your resistance, like in Sweden, their positive cases skyrocketed?
    Distance of six feet does nothing. The CDC has some shady people in it.
    Doesn't the "vax"have three needles, two that give an electrical charge to connect to dna, not blood? They should have explained what's in it and how it works and why two.

  17. Ammo is a great investment mam.

  18. I'm by no way an expert on vaccines I am a very simple person that's why I will take one of the vaccines this is old technology that has always worked there are very small risk. But there is also very small risk with other vaccines the only reason it took so long on the other vaccines is all the red type plus the Food and Drug Administration milks all the money they can out of the Laboratories that created

  19. He doesn't have to point out so many time that he is black – I can see that.

  20. Chose the lethal injection just like Pappy and NoName.

  21. Why and what do you think your gaining by publicly getting the vaccine. You want it, go ahead go to a CVS and take it. Your free and it's your choice. I don't want it so I won't get it. My choice. When people start trying to promote to you that you really need to get this safe vaccine tells me there's something wrong.

  22. Thanks to VP Pence for leading the way in our victory over the Wuhan bio warfare virus.

  23. Yeah sure promoting not wearing masks and saying the vaccine should be promoted. Who do you think you are?

  24. It's was a fake syringe with a spring loaded needle, look at the guy giving the shot look down to make sure the needle didn't stick inside the syringe, then showed the syringe. Black Magic Trickery

  25. Are people this gullible?

  26. May God bless each of them and protect each of them ! They put their life's in danger, but God will protect them and nothing bad will happened !

  27. Everyone remember that opinions are just that opinions…and the left is driven by opinions, not facts.

  28. Good to Go Boys and Girls Sound like a Cape Canaveral Space Shuttle Launch. Do they truly believe that we believe he is getting a real Covid Vaccine. I bet it a Water shot.

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