Millions at risk amid poor air quality due to smoke from Canadian wildfires

Millions of Americans are at risk as smoke from wildfires in Canada is drifting into parts of the East Coast, including New York City. NBC News meteorologist Angie Lassman has the details.  

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  1. You know what forest can’t burn down?

    The ones you cut down to build houses!

    Which would also lower housing prices.

    But no, we rather end in the same place, with less trees, with the bonus of air pollution and without the houses. Cuz politics.

    Clown world. 🤡

  2. It might have been a good idea that some of the Hundreds of Billions that the Canadian Prime Trudeau spent during the pandemic that the Parliamentary Budgeting Officer claimed were "non-COVID" related were spent on forest fire personell, equipment and mitigation.

  3. Quick! Throw your gas stove out the window! Meanwhile forest fires are like: “hold my beer” 🔥 🌲 🌲 🔥 Maybe we should just ban forests? Joking obviously. I hope those with respiratory issues are okay. I’ve read some comments about responsibly removing hazardous brush from forests. What caused the fires? Let’s be smart and measured in our responses and reactions. 🙏

  4. LOL we all got masks handy now 😷 😅

  5. I hope it's what Canada says it is. At this point, I don't trust anyone.🤷🏾

  6. Resignation of Prime Minister Trudeau right now! incapable of asking for help from to the United States of America Air force and, worse still, total inability to send the royal canadian air force to put out the wildfires.

  7. God both responded to the provocative actions of these two robber nations going to Taiwan😂

  8. The sky went dark in New England May of 1780. Forest fires in Canada are believed to have been the cause. There would have been similar conditions back then.

  9. California: First time?

  10. Very suspicious fires. Why do I feel like the LEFT is involved.

  11. Send Democrats outside take a deep breath in and it will all be gone!!

  12. And Joe Biden disappeared! 80 million Americans are now blanketed in Canadian hazardous smoke and not a word from Biden. Nothing comforting Nothing reassuring, Nothing a real leader would do.

  13. it smells awful and there forcing me to school anyway

  14. This has been going on for weeks now in Minnesota from fires in Saskatchewan, it's nasty. But, it hasn't made the national newz…

  15. I live in Lake George NY. Some haze but no smell. Looks like light fog. So far no big deal.

  16. Nature is so wild seeing smoke from a country away is a first for me

  17. New York City currently 224

  18. 😝 Canadian Rag Weed vulnerability and New York doesn’t understand 💨 💨 pass! Like 👮‍♀️ & 👨‍🚒 engaged in supply chain disruption or conversion therapy on behalf of pro-liferZ ⚡️ 🪑

  19. Will this effect my anxiety? Because i have a mental illness

  20. stop complaining and "sending prayers to those affected" unless you start doing your part to help fight climate change. hypocrites 🙄

  21. Great video… we have hazy sky but air quality index is in the 70s

  22. Where is Brooklyn this playing next what I was like I don't like it show me where where do like to the air quality has never

  23. I hope you guys are safe unfortunately im dealing with it directly as i live in canada

  24. It’s crazy how in 7 hours the nyc air quality become 385

  25. Probably not going to mix well with the concrete dust already in my lungs…

  26. I didnt realise the air was bad in California but after reading the comments below im like yikes!!!

  27. How come this never happened before. The wind bought this here in Ny ? I don’t trust china

  28. Typically CLUELESS Amerikan news.
    There are massive fires in Nova Scotia further east and Oilberta to the west.

  29. A real reason to wear a mask

  30. Its just a wild fire and some smoke

  31. We used to blame Commifornia, now it's Chinada's fault .

  32. Don't put out the fire.dont use the national guard . don't hold politicians accountable.

  33. I'm inside and can smell smoke even though my windows are closed. You can't see far, and there is literally yellow soot on the street of NYC. This is freaking nuts.

  34. Great. I'm in harrisburg..😩😩

  35. This is California's world. 2years ago we woke up to a sky so orange it looked like Mars. Sending prayers and.good wishes to the east coast and Canada!