Thursday , May 13 2021
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Minneapolis On High Alert, Prepping For Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial | NBC Nightly News

In Minneapolis on Sunday, windows were boarded up with National Guard members on nearly every block. As the case against former officer Derek Chauvin is about to close, cities around the country are also gearing up for possible protests. The jury will hear closing arguments on Monday before they begin final deliberations.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Minneapolis On High Alert, Prepping For Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Please make Derek Chauvin pay for tormenting, aggressive force, mocking, and murdering this gentle giant George Floyd. 🙏

  2. No Civil War Rest Easy America

  3. Whatever the verdict is there will be rioting, looting, and burning.

  4. When will LEADERS get this fact: in America —- it is the People here who are SOVEREIGNS, not the Government. Look up the word! We rule here, not OUR hired Govt employees or elected REPRESENTATIVES- who we elect to do OUR bidding. If it doesn’t work THAT way, then we have lost the real America, the idea it was founded to be – where there are no Kings and Queens EXCEPT THE PEOPLE themselves. So- if we riot for a WHITE murderer of a Black man being let off Scott free, then WE KINGS N QUEENS riot! WHAT do you leaders expect – for us to lay down and take your bad governance forever?? Not happening.

  5. Can the Biden voting cultists start looting and burning yet?

  6. I love how all of my negative comments about fentanyl floyd gets deleted.

  7. Making communities feel as unsafe as minorities do walking down the street, walking near a cop.
    That’s how I view the riots. Making people feel the terror of being a minority in this climate.
    Stop black and brown hate

    Stop Asian hate !!!
    That’s all we are asking for to be treated equally to be viewed as people who also matter.
    Our voices have been dismissed for far too long!

  8. Let get a NOT GUILTY! Derek is innocent

  9. What's funny is the police picked a fight, and now they're too weak and scared to fight the fight so they call in the national guard to protect them.

  10. They already know he’s getting off

  11. Nothing like rioting for a junkie criminal lol

  12. America has your back Derek!!! 👌🏻👌🏻

  13. Россия безопаснее! Убежище из США!

  14. 🇷🇺 Russia without discrimination is better

  15. Why is it people involved in illegal activity would rather fight and resist when confronted by the law.
    Many would still be alive today, both Police and those illegal activity offenders that wouldn’t obey at all.
    It’s being responsible for our actions, not race, nationality, political affiliation or even the color of our skin.
    Police, Military and First Responders keep us safe, respecting these dedicated men and women is where it must begin.



  18. They are pulling all the strings!! Believe that!!

  19. As always happens in those cases Mr Chauvin will be exonerated and will be returning to his job in 60 days. Of course if he wishes so. He can retire with Taxpayers full paid pension to Florida keys and forgot his fateful nightmare for later tell his grandkids.

  20. Chinese and Russian trolls well active in the discussion comments.

  21. Biden sends the national guards…. trump was condemned for this. But maintaining law and order is also a democrat privilege. Its time that this arrogance is smashed and punished.

  22. Gotta say the fact that everyone says just do whatever they (POLICE) order you too is exactly why there is rogue cops out there with GOD complexes who feel they can do whatever to whoever and wherever …

  23. y'all when does the riots begin .

  24. The jury must find Mr. Chauvin "Not Guilty" unless they are able to overcome all reasonable doubt as to the cause of death and Mr. Chauvin's intent. If they believe that the State proved his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, then the Jury will find him "Guilty."

  25. When the left protests the national guard is called in and the windows are boarded

  26. Time for the Koreans to get back on their roofs.

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