Miranda Devine: Here's the one missing link in the Twitter files dump

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine discusses the FBI’s role in the Hunter Biden laptop debacle, as well as Jack Dorsey being ‘blindsided’ by his company’s ‘censorship’ of the matter.

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  1. Maybe the FBI were trying to make up for harming Hillary Clinton's chances?

  2. So the FBI has weekly meetings with ,oh I'd bet ,Jim baker , and baker had an engineer in his pocket and lo and behold hunter disappeared.

  3. Don't hold your breathe waiting for the GOP to get "something" done about anything. The WEF has opened up their wallets to all US politicians so no one in DC is looking out for American interests.

  4. What vane person would allow his personal photos be taken, preserved and distributed so widely?

  5. And all the lies they told about Trump while was in Office…
    Someone should burn in he'll for that!

  6. Taibbi is covering for Dorsey

  7. Haven't heard a peep from Lara Logan in a while. I always liked her reporting.

  8. Jack needs to be in prison!


  10. This is good stuff. Too bad nothing will probably happen with it. It appears the rule of law no longer applies. This will probably disappear in 3-4 news cycles.

  11. What family thinks its okay for the young son to sleep with the widow of the older brother? Oh, the Bidens!!!

  12. That was among the first acts of destruction towards our country IT continues to this day and must be stoped.

  13. More gutter-snipe "journalism".

  14. Your polls are wrong. It would have changed nothing. We would have elected Jeffrey Dahmer over Trump. Still would. Too bad Biden was the only alternative but against Trump,Charles Manson would have done just as well.

  15. Wow what a fabulous woman. Like a pitbull with a bone. Glad she's on our side. The Biden Administration certainly is not on our side. Who can say otherwise. Will certainly the corrupt media will try to make this out as insignificant

  16. God protect Elon. This man is a stud. Pure and simple. BIDENS for prison. Elon should work as intelligence for the Trump administration in 2024.

  17. Some random women claims to possess missing information links. Oh yeah, how did you acquire the information, osmosis?

  18. Careers politics in the FBI has been unmeaning US 🇺🇸 America constitution independent governments and we people should 🧼house.
    People should allowed stay in position for salary, bonus, and privileged bubble 🥶

  19. Jack Dorsey is a pedophile protector who lie's like the MSM.

  20. The constitution must be saved

  21. Honest Gov. The FBI must have misunderstood something.🦘