Monday , November 30 2020
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Mnuchin threatens sanctions against Turkey

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held a press briefing on possible sanctions being imposed on Turkey. The briefing comes in light of the recent attack on Northern Syria after President Trump announced he would be pulling U.S. troops out of the region.

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  1. Who initiated the coup in Turkey circa two years ago? The Kurds?

  2. They are doing the same thing America keeps doing. Unfortunately, America does it on a larger, more destructive level.

  3. That fellow uses too much hair dye

  4. Sanctions will be responded with sanctions. You will lose Incirlik air base. Kürecik Radar base. Turkish land, sea and air space will remain closed to US military. Corrupted individuals from Obama Administration and US military will be sued in international courts for supporting internationally recognized terrorist organization PKK. 10 civilians, 2 little children have been killed today by PKK in Nusaybin. "Your Kurds" (PKK terrorists) leaked into borderline for purpose of targeting civilians. Americans armed and trained them by instructions of Obama Administration. Thus they are now cooperator of these terrorists, and share responsibility of their crime. Do not think we will not avenge our baby Mohammad (9 months old) and our girl Elif (11 years old) – EVERYONE RESPONSIBLE WILL PAY. BEING AN AMERICAN POLITICIAN WILL NOT SAVE YOU.

  5. Trump 2020, 2024, 2028 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If Turkey attacked Syria from behind, do you think Greece would help? 🤔

  7. Great job Munchin!!! Shut the press DOWN WITH needless questions unrelated! YESSSS THATS THE WAY TO DO IT

  8. Turkey is being supported by globalists!if

  9. I would shoot trump… just to get the world back to normality…

  10. Turkey is an interesting country, kind of sad to see it get gobbled up by the terrible politics of countries around it…

  11. “We can shut down the Turkish economy if we want to”. I’m not quite sure what to make of that but that’s as powerful a statement that you could make about an supposed ally. Not sure if it’s true either but sadly this might’ve been the best thing trump could do bc of the mess past administrations have gotten us into.

  12. Mnuchin was an excellent choice for Treasury Secretary. I like him, he grows on you. It took me a while, but now, I can see the real person behind those glasses.

  13. do your best. we are independent states. we are not afraid of anyone.


  15. Terorists ypk pkk the aggressive group harms the Turkish nation.

  16. Interresting, to not betray the allies of 5 years, the YPG a marxist terror organisation, you betray an ally of 70 years the Nato member and brothers in arms in the Korea- and Afghanistan Wars, Turkey. Well everyone sees now how reliable Americans are, unilaterally canceling international treaties, sanctioning allies and adversaries alike. And sanctioning Turkey for what, for trying to keep their southern Border save? Trying to chase away a terror organisation who is responsible for the killing of 40.000 turkish citizens in the last 30 years?

  17. So why our brothers in arms are being slaughtered by the Turkish military, trump is threateening them with closing one of several istanbul MacDonalds. Pathetic and shameful – lock traitor Trump up.

  18. Vote Turkey out of NATO, see if the islamist erdogan shoots down anymore Russian jets.

  19. The wheels of our US government are turning heavily against Turkey. President Trump doesn't draw silly lines in the sand. He acts like a seasoned businessman, not whining like a greased politician, be their grease coming under or over the table!

  20. It doesn't matter the tribe, folks in the Middle East just seem to love killing each other. Let's build a wall around them and throw in ammo until it goes quiet. NOthing there will EVER change until they get sick of killing each other..That prtobably means none of them live thru it but let that be THEIR choice WITHOUT our interference.

  21. Turkey will push right to the point of ‘ retaliation ‘, WHO is behind this incursion? WHO benefits? WHY now? WHERE is NATO pushback? WHY is NATO silent?

  22. TSrukey operatesas an antagonist while relying on the NATO umbrella for protection. Turkey is a 3rd world Schiff hole and it is hugh time we stopped propping up their various dictators

  23. Hey media the US is not World Police. We are no longer exposing our young men and women to unnecessary risks to appease the war profiteers.

  24. ✝️🇺🇸WWG1WGA🇺🇸✝️

  25. Govt criminal fraud!!! I their war efforts to the world!

  26. Threaten?!!!
    The civilians are slaughtered by Turkey, you just threaten!!
    Trump is bluffing!

  27. Sanction Saudi Arabia for genociding Yemenis for five straight years. Oh wait, we don't because we're hypocrites.

  28. Great example of why we are the big bully of the world. Bad reputation

  29. The American government disgusts me

  30. NATO is a threat to global peace, the criminal gangsters of turkey must be put to an end

  31. The Press playing freakin stupid over religious wars…

  32. …in summary: bending backwards to fix the mess created by an impulsive and uninformed decision to pull the troops out…

  33. what a circus this trump administration is

  34. Maybe the kurd's will ask china for help?

  35. This is great news all around. Erdogan and Belial never went into Syria while the U.S. was there, and the second the U.S. leaves, they invaded Syria. That's like a spit right point blank in the face to the U.S.

  36. Every year close to Thanks Giving people remind of Turkey. why I love chicken more

  37. The European Countries are sitting ducks now , its only a matter of time that these COMMUNIST will exploit this simple fact.
    Erdogan needs to break free from Putin's influence.

  38. Primary Sanctions.
    Secondary Sanctions.

    Executive order with very severe sanctions.

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