Thursday , September 16 2021
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More Restrictions To Come With Delta Variant Surge

President Biden told Americans to expect more restrictions after new CDC documents show that the delta variant is surging and the vaccinated can spread it. The U.S. is averaging more than 70,000 infections per day, a 62 percent increase from the previous week.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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More Restrictions To Come With Delta Variant Surge


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  1. Fox News has live cameras at the border talking to border agents one of them said at least100,000 illegals have gotten through many have the virus

  2. Don't get stuck in stupid, kiddies…Just be prudent, mask up, get the CDC recommended sequence of TWO vaxes that are available, and chill. Jesus H, you people….

  3. Mandate vaccine will cause a civil war or is that what they want so they can have a excuse to get rid of the opposing side the USA should be just as responsible for the deaths from covid and for all the hardships falling across America they had intel that could have stop all this and they did nothing and now the rigging the system to get out of blame it's plane to see the biggest cover up of the century yen time bigger than Watergate

  4. PCR tests don’t show variants

  5. Divide and conquer.

  6. The delta variant will spike – deaths will not – and will end quickly. Look at other countries

  7. Restrictions are not the solution. Refuse to follow them

  8. The saying many years ago was said , never believe a politician and don't believe everything you see on TV. This generation seems to forget that , this is how they combine to push out big lies and people fall for it, I'm talking about the fear mask wearers and those who ran to get the jab

  9. Lots of lazy Americans want more lockdowns because they falsely believe their "stimmy" is free money.

  10. JPost today folks read it they are pointing out some interesting points of how covid is being framed. Despite major American media claiming that the rise in cases is primarily in states with low vaccination levels, in fact there are large numbers of cases in many states across the political and vaccination spectrum. This is because the US doesn’t want to have a healthy media discussion, with actual experts, about what is going on.

    Some media in the US prefer a simple conclusion, blaming unvaccinated areas for why the pandemic isn’t over, and concluding that “in the United States, this pandemic could be almost over.” There’s no evidence it could be over.

    AS USUAL in the US, they are concerned that “messaging” might lead people to do something that is not in their best interest. This is why America also issued misleading mask guidance early in the pandemic when they claimed there were shortages of masks.

  11. More restrictions I expect more stimulus checks to hit as well…..

  12. Most wont get vax .so get over it

  13. You’re full of shyt a surgical mask is not to be confused with a respirator and is not certified as such. Surgical masks are not designed to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne bacteria or virus particles and are less effective than respirators, which are designed for this purpose. Collection efficiency of surgical mask filters can range from less than 10% to nearly 90% for different manufacturers’ masks when measured using the test parameters for NIOSH certification. However, a study found that even for surgical masks with "good" filters, 80–100% of subjects failed an OSHA-accepted qualitative fit test, and a quantitative test showed 12–25% leakage. Modern surgical masks are made from paper or other non-woven material and should be discarded after each use.

  14. Not everyone in Colorado are vaccinated. I think people in Colorado are in danger of the variant too.

  15. Hand picked people to push Democrat narrative, we have seen this side show before!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Propaganda posts, anything to distract America from what a mess Democrats are making of our country…….

  17. Fake news selling propaganda for Democrats everyone in America knows this and laughs at them really loud and alot…..

  18. They claim the vaccine prevents you from hospitalization or death. We'll see how long that argument holds up within the next 3 months.

  19. Gavin Newsom: Pull your mask down in between bites when you eat at a restaurant.

    Also Gavin Newsom: Caught at a fancy restaurant not social distancing and not wearing a mask. 🤥🤥😂

  20. No to the vaccine
    i dont believe the cdc
    thats a hill im willing to die on

  21. Mask up, both inside and outside, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

    Sounds ridiculous and doesn't make sense, but it's the truth. Vaccines will not protect you from getting it. Repentance and asking for forgiveness will.

  22. After 9-11 it took years for people to wake up to the reset.

  23. This time I'm quitting my job to make more sitting at home! Winter vacation here we come!

  24. The corrupt Biden administration is a disgrace

  25. I can't believe we are having big events after all we been through. We should make these states pay the next stimulus if we have to shut down again.

  26. More fake news at 11
    Only pandemic is on tv

  27. Texas border nothing needs to be said

  28. дельта вирус гавориш ..мальчиш плахиш

  29. The real pandemic is stupidity all sheep get a shot. And then boosters then a tattooed number on your foreheads

  30. What a happy woman I am now being free from HSV Is a great testimony for me all thanks to Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for curing me from HSV only by using his products which he sent to me

  31. Why bother getting the vaccine if you're just gonna get infected and hospitalised anyways?

  32. If kids go to school, if young adults party and get sick they pass this lab creation to their friends. The virus now has a pool of people to mutate in. There is no middle ground with this virus, we cannot live with it because it will mutate till it is capable of killing the healthiest of people with the latest vaccine. The only option for our survival is a serious effort to stamp it out. This necessitates a strict combination of vaccination, lockdowns, and the development of advanced testing technologies.

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